How to Organize Paperwork Before the Move

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    Moving your home or business can certainly change your life. but there is a whole process ahead of you before it. No matter of distance or amount of items you will need to pack, organizing everything is more than important. You may choose to get some professional help from one of the best moving companies Orange County or you can do it on your own. Usually, when it comes to documents, you may ask yourself how to do it? Since all the items require a different approach, let’s see how to organize paperwork before the move.

    Collect all of your paperwork first

    By this, we mean school and medical records and personal documents provided by the government. Although it may look like you have plenty of time, it is much better to deal with this as soon as possible. If you are moving to a different state, packing paperwork starts with gathering it first. Do not forget about important memberships too, there is a chance you will need to extend them in advance and save yourself lots of time.

    person trying to organize paperwork before the move on the table
    First, categorize all the paperwork that you have.

    Start with categorizing

    There are many reasons why this should be your first step. When the time for unpacking starts it will be a huge relief to know which document or paper goes. But on the other hand, not every document needs the same protection. You can start with getting plastic folders and label each one of them. In case you are moving to a different state, it is a good idea to include professional movers. Commercial movers Orange County will provide great assistance when it comes to packing and transportation. Keep in mind that documents like medical records, personal documents, and others should stay close to you.

    If you are organizing your business paperwork before the move, then you should include your team and assign them with sorting out different categories.

    Fill up the boxes

    Although organizing may be difficult, packing paperwork before the move surely is not. When you find proper boxes make sure to fill them up. Folders will fit in nicely and every inch of the box will be used. This will help you by having fewer boxes for documents and paperwork. You should avoid storing paperwork in books or other items that may look suitable for it. There will be a huge risk of damaging or wrinkling the paper itself and all those boxes you spare will be in vain.

    If you own a bigger company that has a bigger record as well, you may want to consider more solid folders or even hanging folders. Boxes should be bigger as well, so you can avoid separating categories. It will take some time to organize paperwork before the move but it is worth every second of it! As one of the leaders in this business, we advise you to give us a call, and we will come up with some pretty good solutions for you.

    stack of documents
    Get rid of all the excess you won’t be needing.

    Getting rid of the excess

    Yes, this should be on your mind as well. Everyone loves keeping memories but try to be real when it comes to what do you need in your new home. Old utility bills, cards, and expired memberships should be left aside. Not only it will take extra space for your new home, but will also make packing harder. If you are moving locally, then you should ask your local movers Orange County for extra advice. They will probably suggest using storage units that will allow you to keep your memories as long as you want.

    When it comes to excess paperwork in business, storage units are an even better option. You never know which document you will need so it is better to keep them close to you, but also properly stored. For those that you won’t be needing at all, you can follow your company’s policy.

    Organize paperwork before the move with precautions

    Unfortunately, accidents happen, and losing or forgetting important documents is more often than you think. That is why it’s strongly advised that you take extra precautions when organizing paperwork before the move. This is easily done by setting these documents aside and possibly scanning them. After that, you can store them on your email or cloud and be assured that they are safe and stored. You can also consider simply photocopying them and separate into different boxes. Leaving an extra copy to a friend or relative can also be a good option.

    Since companies usually have more experience with storing and categorizing paperwork, taking precautions is usually a routine. Make sure to double-check it with your staff.

    Financial paperwork needs a special approach

    Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time when it comes to organizing financial paperwork. Much important information is at risk, that is why you should organize and pack this section as soon as possible. If your personal or business financial paperwork is large, then consider getting lockboxes meant for moving. Many moving websites advise using lockboxes for many precious items and they are widely used for documents as well. Since there may be lots of rush and stress at the time of transportation, you should be at peace when it comes to the most important documents.

    colorful paper folders
    Organize paperwork before the move using paper folders.

    …And finally, do not stress out

    Once you get into it, moving is not as scary or stressful as one would think. By organizing paperwork for the move, we assure you that you will come across many lovely memories that will make this process both fun and interesting.  As you progress with filling up folders and then boxes you will fill much more eager to continue packing the rest. Once again, keep personal documents close to you so you do not worry about their whereabouts while moving.

    Bottom line

    Many friends and relatives will probably have a bunch of other ideas on how to organize paperwork before the move and you should check them all out. You may also include them in helping you go through this process and save a lot of time. Some of them can leave excess paperwork in storage units or just be there while categorizing. Remember, moving out always represents a new chapter in life and you should start it with positive vibes and zero stress.




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