How to pack breakables for relocation?

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    One of the things that might concern you the most during the relocation is packing. Not only does it requires a lot of time and energy, but it also requires some skill and experience. The main concern is how to pack breakables for relocation. Not to mention how every home has numerous fragile items, from glasses to electronics. And every piece needs to be wrapped perfectly to endure the relocation. The best solution is to hire professionals to pack your items. Their experience is essential when it comes to packing. Our affordable movers Orange County can provide you with packing services for a reasonable price. However, we have listed a few tips if you prefer to do it yourself. With the right kind of packing materials and some extra effort, you’ll manage to pack like a pro.

    Gather proper materials for packing fragile items

    As for the packing, the crucial thing is to have high-quality materials. Some of the most common mistakes are using reused materials and partly cushioning. People tend to gather used boxes to save some money. But that’s not so wise when it comes to fragile pieces. They should endure carrying, loading, shifting, and shaking in transportation. And used cardboard boxes are not so firm and could easily fall apart. Our moving supplies Orange County CA are top quality. All you need to do is contact us, and we’ll provide you with the best boxes and wraps on the market. And we’ll calculate how much material you need. If you’re wondering what supplies to get, here are some basic materials below.

    Use packing peanuts and tape to pack breakables for relocation.
    Gather new cardboard boxes, packing tape, and packing peanuts as filling.
    • You’ll need firm and three-layer cardboard boxes in all sizes. For special items, you could even order custom-made bins. It’s also wise to have a couple of sturdy containers.
    • As for the wrapping part, bubble wrap is essential. Get yourself a few rolls of packing paper. However, an old newspaper could be a solid replacement.
    • Cushioning is also very important for fragile items. Packing peanuts or foam are the perfect choices.
    • Styrofoam comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it’s good as a filling material. For the best results, use it along with bubble wrap or paper.
    • Use high-quality packing tape to secure the bottom of the boxes and seal them once they’re full.

    How to pack your fragile items?

    Here are some things you should pay attention to when you start packing. Firstly, fold the cardboard box correctly. And then secure the bottom of the box with a few layers of packing tape. Try to tape the joints of the box and its edges. After that, build a cushion base by lining up the inside of the box. Richly apply bubble wrap or packing peanuts, which work as a shock-absorbing layer. Separately wrap each piece with your chosen material, taking extra care of delicate parts, such as mug handles. Add some extra wrap and secure with packing tape. Start filling the box with heavier items first, lighter ones come on top. Snug them gently and fill in the space with paper or peanuts. Finally, add some extra layer on top, seal the box, and tape it well. Consider packing services Orange County CA, if packing seems hard to you.

    A bird decoration made of glass on the red surface.
    Always use high-quality supplies to pack breakables for relocation.

    Extra tips for packing breakables

    Sometimes when we pack breakables for relocation, we can accidentally make mistakes and cause damage to our items. Avoid following missteps when packing for a move. Don’t use feeble boxes for delicate objects. You risk them falling apart under the weight and damaging their content. Another commonly made mistake is overpacking. Not only can you add too much weight, but you won’t be able to close it. Also, you should use smaller bins for heavier items and the opposite. Always place the lighter objects in big crates to avoid lifting injuries. Use dividers for packing glasses and mugs. Pillows and plush blankets can be perfect as cushioning materials. Don’t forget to label your boxes with fragile items. Place the label on the top and the sides of a bin. That will make it clear to our long distance movers Orange County CA to proceed with caution.

     Pack your specialty items like a pro

    As for packing your specialty items, we always recommend using their original packaging. It’s specially designed for that specific object to protect its crucial and fragile parts. That goes for all electronics, laptops, flat screens, cameras, etc. However, if you don’t have its original packaging, don’t despair. In that case, try to seek advice from the brands’ contact services. Maybe they could guide you and help you replace the packaging. Or they could recommend where to order another custom-made casing for your object. This advice also applies to framed artwork and large mirrors. Although, you could easily pack those within large mirror boxes, using the moving pads and blankets for extra protection. However, it’s completely understandable if you assign professionals to pack your breakables. Besides their capability and experience, professionals can grant you insurance in case of an accident. That might not replace your loss but you could get coverage.

    Laptop, camera, vase, and mouse on the table surface.
    Specialty items require special care and extra padding.

    Professional movers can help you with packing delicate items

    Except for transporting your belongings, your movers can provide you with other services, as well. They offer the best quality moving supplies, in case you want to pack your inventory on your own. That way you don’t have to go around ordering and buying materials. Your movers will calculate how many boxes and other materials you will need. And not just that, they can even pack your inventory for you. And who can do it better than professionals? If you want your items to arrive undamaged, hire professionals to pack breakables for relocation. That’s how you can be sure your delicates are in safe hands. Entrust us with packing your fragile objects and have a smooth and stress-free relocation.


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