How to pack musical instruments for moving

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    If you are a proud owner of musical instruments of any sort, you understand how important their pristine condition is. Whether you play them for a hobby or for a paycheck, you surely value them in their current state. In today’s article, we discuss ways to pack musical instruments for relocation in a proper manner. Hiring a professional moving company to relocate those items is a good way of ensuring they arrive safely. However, when it comes to packing, you will need to devote both time and attention to the process. Regardless of the expertise of your movers, you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your beloved instruments. Damaging some of them will not only pose a financial toll but will also induce high levels of stress.

    How should you pack musical instruments for a relocation?

    When it comes to preparing your valuable items for relocation you have to think about their overall safety during this process. This means you have to pay attention to how you handle them before packing, ways to improve their safety and how to achieve maximum protection throughout the whole moving experience. If you, however, lack experience in moving such items, you can always rely on packing services Orange County CA to help you with everything you need.

    a black piano, a cello and a drum kit on stage
    Each musical instrument will require different protection and packing process

    Opting for professional packing is one of the easiest ways to ensure your items are safe during transport. However, if you plan on doing it yourself, you will need both time and patience. Some of your instruments might require more work than others. This will also depend on the type of the instrument, its complexity and size, as well as its fragility.

    First and foremost – obtain proper packing supplies

    The first thing you want to do is ensure your instruments have enough protection during the transportation phase. To do so you will have to spend some time finding the right materials. Some of the basic materials you will need are:

    These materials will help you achieve the protection your items need. Each of them will play a part in protecting your instruments during the moving process. For instance, packing paper will provide good surface protection for your items. Additionally, cushioning materials, such as blankets, soft clothes or bedsheets, are a great way to prevent shock damage. More importantly, they will provide softness to the inside of the container and add another layer of safety to your items. However, if you want, you can always opt for more eco-friendly cushioning materials.

    Disassemble all the instruments that you can

    If you want to pack your instruments properly you will need to disassemble them. Of course, not every instrument can be disassembled. However, make sure you do that with those that can. Each part of the instrument you disassemble needs a separate wrapping process. Do not place those parts together as they can damage each other during transit. As you disassemble them, place them separately from the rest of the parts. This should also help you keep track of each part of the instrument and prevent losing them. By disassembling these instruments, you are ensuring their safety. Packing the instrument as a whole might cause more issues than one might think. Especially if you do not have their original case that is built for transporting them.

    Pack your instruments and their parts separately

    The biggest mistake you can make is to pack the instruments together. They are likely to bump into each other and, in most cases, cause severe damage in the process. Although movers Tustin CA will have a professional approach to the relocation process, you are the one who will be in charge of protecting your instruments. So, devote enough time to separately wrap each part of the instrument properly.

    a violin leaned on a black piano as two items that you need to pay attention to when you pack musical instruments
    Pack musical instruments separately and use instrument cases for every instrument available

    More importantly, if you have cases for some instruments, you should use them. Pack the instrument into their designated case for the ultimate protection of that item. These cases are specially made for carrying around those instruments and require no additional protection. Moreover, make sure you label each box as fragile when you finish packing. This way, the moving company will know how to handle the boxes with instruments, in case they are not in their cases.

    Finally, utilize the cushioning materials and packing tape

    Lastly, you want to ensure the safety of your instruments even more. This can be done by providing a soft material to protect your items from further damage. For instance, place soft materials such as clothes or blankets in the moving box to prevent the items inside from damage. If you decide to pack more instruments or parts of them together, make sure you add a layer of soft materials in between each item. If you pack something in a moving box make sure you add a layer of packing tape around the box. The tape will reinforce the box and ensure it does not tear during the moving process. If you are uncertain about the way you protect these items, you can always hire professional packers for that process. Their knowledge and expertise will surely come in handy.

    a black piano in a dark room
    Big, complex instruments like a piano will not only injure you if handled alone but will also create a big monetary loss

    Avoid packing and moving heavy items alone

    Heavy instruments like pianos or organs should not be handled by someone who has no experience. Instead, you can always contact a moving company and ask for their assistance. Many moving companies will have a specialty team that deals with such items. They can usually help you pack musical instruments, handle them properly and even share useful tips in their protection and handling. On the other side, handling such big and heavy instruments might leave you injured. That is something no one wants when moving. So, think and plan ahead and calculate how much help you require for moving your instruments.

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