How to pack your bathroom for the move?

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    Relocation is a process that can become a bit overwhelming at certain times. Because we often have a lot of items to pack, it is important that we organize and prepare properly. In this article, we talk about the best way to pack your bathroom for the move without any delays or unexpecting issues. Moreover, hiring the best moving companies Orange County can help you finish this process faster and with more ease.

    When we think about packing our bathroom we usually think it is pretty straightforward. However, there are many factors to look out for and be cautious about. To properly pack your bathroom you must undergo a quick checklist to help you gain insight into what you are dealing with.

    two sinks bellow a mirror and hygiene products on the counter
    Items we keep in the bathroom require special attention and good packing methods

    What to expect when packing your bathroom?

    One might assume that to pack your bathroom before the move is an easy task. This is mostly due to the fact that we usually keep small containers or similar products in it. However, these small bottles and products can cause more harm than you think. The bathroom is storage for a lot of items that might be hazardous or dangerous for, both us and nature. To put it in a perspective, here are some of the main issues you may find:

    • The bathroom is used throughout the day –  This makes it tricky for you to pack the items inside it because you might use them during the day. Because the packing process takes a bit of time, you cannot safely assume that you will not need any of the items. Plan to leave some products on the open so you can use them if you have the need.
    • The risk of spilling chemicals – Cleaning supplies are usually loaded with different chemicals that help you scrub off any dirt or dust in the house. Because of this, these chemicals can potentially be dangerous to the environment and the user if spilled. So pay close attention, because there are certain packing supplies you will definitely need. Packing these products properly will ensure that everything remains inside the product container.
    • Fragile or breakable items –  Things like hair products, make-up, small flasks, or containers for medicine are fragile and can easily break. If you pack them inside the same bag there is a risk of all items being ruined. Make sure you separate what is fragile and what is not and pack them carefully. Using wrapping or cushioning materials is the best way to secure the longevity of these items.

    Sort, de-clutter and pack your bathroom for the move

    Now, like with every other room in your home, you want to make sure to sort the items in your bathroom for an easy overview. This can help you both with de-cluttering and help you pack easier once you finish everything.

    different colored lipstick and make-up products next to eachother
    Make-up products are something you apply to your skin, so make sure that you separate them from other products

    The organization is very important whenever you pack and this is no different scenario. For instance, you should always aim to separate products by their fragility, chemical differences, and importance.

    Sort the items in your bathroom

    The hardest part about packing is knowing where to start. Because the bathroom has a lot of small items and containers it should be an easy start. For instance, once you start sorting your items you will gain a better insight into what is important and what is not. Items that have an everyday use and health products should be a priority when packing. You should consider obtaining different sized cardboard boxes to help you not get overwhelmed by the situation.

    De-clutter before you pack

    De-cluttering before moving is something everyone should do. There are many items in our household that we do not use or lost their purpose. When it comes to the bathroom, this usually refers to items like make-up, hair and body products, bath sponges, etc. Because you are the one who decides what goes with you when you sell your home or leave the apartment you should do it thoroughly. For instance, throw away any products that are close to their expiration date or you do not use anymore. De-cluttering is the best way to reduce the number of items you are transporting and help you finish the packing process faster.

    Now you should start packing

    Finally, after finishing the, said above, processes you can start to pack your bathroom for the move. If you find it difficult to finish all of the work by yourself you should consider hiring movers Tustin CA. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience with moving and will surely help you get things moving.

    a bucket of cleaning supplies as something you should pack safely once you pack your bathroom for the move
    When packing cleaning supplies make sure that you provide adequate protection in case they spill during the transport

    Obtaining proper packing supplies can be difficult and professional moving companies can help you with that. However, if you decide to pack yourself make sure that you have all the things you need. For instance, obtain cardboard boxes which you will label once you finish packing. Bags and suitcases are also great places to pack your bathroom items. When you pack your cleaning products make sure you have a plastic or garbage bag. This is because you do not want to ruin any other containers or boxes if the chemicals spill.

    Know the risks you are taking

    Although there are not many risks when moving products from the bathroom you should still be careful. Especially with items that contain highly toxic chemicals that can be spilled. These chemicals will not only pose a threat to your other items but can indirectly harm your health as well. You must understand all the consequences of these items spilling if you want to pack your bathroom for the move. This is the best way to reduce the risk of any harmful products you own.

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