How to pack your vinyl records for relocation?

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    Moving is an exciting time that comes with many tasks on the to-do list. If you are a proud owner of a vinyl record collection, then it can be slightly more difficult for you. These records are valuable, fragile items that you want to take with you. But they are so easy to damage that you are scared to even think about them. If you hire affordable movers Orange County, there will be no need to worry. They will transport even the most fragile items without a scratch. No matter if you will hire help or do it by yourself, you should know how to pack your vinyl records for relocation. So let’s get started.

    Tips on how to pack your vinyl records for relocation?

    When you pack your vinyl records for relocation, a little extra attention will go a long way. That’s another reason why you should start packing well ahead of your scheduled moving day with some residential movers in CA. When packing, you should:

    • Use sleeves made out of the right material
    • Pad your records
    • Use the right-sized boxes
    Picture of a vinyl record
    Records are fragile items that need special attention

    Sleeves made out of the right material

    Using new, high-quality record sleeves will keep your records in top condition. This combined with some packing services Orange County CA is the definition of success. Some older records could especially benefit from this since their cover is probably starting to fail the test of time. The outer sleeve should be made from highly dense polypropylene, while the inner layer should consist of paper that hasn’t been treated with acid.

    Pad your records

    Adding padding to your records will be the thing that makes the most impact. Only like this will your records make it safe to your new home. Good quality moving supplies Orange County CA will do half of the job for you, you just have to use it. Pad the boxes generously, and go the extra mile and pad every record as well. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or styrofoam are all great options for minimizing the chance of damage happening.

    Use the right-sized boxes

    It might be tempting to take a big box and just put everything in there. But the best option you could pick is medium-sized boxes. You can fit around 70 records inside. When you pack, the records shouldn’t be too tight or too loosely packed. If there is too much space, they will shift around during transport, possibly resulting in damage.

    Picture of cardboard boxes ready to pack your vinyl records for relocation
    There should be no empty space left in the boxes

    Conclusion on how to pack your vinyl records for relocation

    Vinyl records are collectibles that many people love. If you have a collection that you would like to keep for the years to come, we recommend that you learn how to pack your vinyl records for relocation. Once you get to your new home, you can enjoy your favorite music once again. You could even play them during a housewarming party for your guests. We wish you good luck!


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