How to prepare for moving with kids

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    Relocation is never easy – and it can be twice as hard when you need to prepare for moving with kids. So, if you need a trustworthy partner in this adventure, simply hire Family Affair Moving moving services. Besides that, today we’re sharing a few secrets on how to make relocation with your children as easy as possible. Let’s start!

    If you need to prepare for moving with kids – make a plan!

    When you need to prepare for moving with kids, make your relocation plan. Even if you move at the last minute – you do need some kind of a moving plan. It should contain a list of weekly and daily tasks that have to be done before or after the move, then a list of things you need to move, a draft of the new apartment, etc. Besides you can add a list of alterations that need to be done in the new apartment before moving in, any useful contact numbers, and other important information such as email addresses, bills, etc.

    family - prepare for moving with kids
    When you prepare for moving with kids, make a list of weekly and daily tasks that have to be done before or after the move.

    Prepare your new home

    Your new home does not have to be perfectly decorated before moving in, but it should be functional. Hire  Orange County residential movers in time and schedule your move in advance. Let them know you have children and ask if they have any tips or suggestions for you. Before you move into your new place, check the correctness of all connections such as water, electricity, heating, gas, telephone, TV antennas, internet etc. Make sure there are enough sockets, switches, TV antenna connectors, telephone, etc.

    Also, see whether the lighting outlets in the places where you want them, or maybe you need additional lighting in the kitchen or wall lamps above the bed in the bedroom. This is better for the safety of your kids. And it is certainly easier to do these jobs while the rooms are empty, so you do not have to move the furniture and cover it to protect it from dust. Also, consider whether you need any more alterations to the walls or floors. If tidying up your new living space is a burden for you that you have neither the time nor the money for, leave that job for some better times. Think carefully, because remodeling the apartment you have already moved into is an additional hassle, which you would definitely not want.

    Prepare your kids

    Talk to your children and explain why and where are you moving to. Let them know that on the day of the move local movers Orange County are going to help you move their items and carry them to a new place. For example, ask on their opinion for the wall colors. If they can’t decide on the colors of the walls, simply paint everything white, and when they do decide on the color, simply paint it in the desired one. If your kids are really small, consider hiring a babysitter or someone to go with you during the process of relocation. You need to make them feel as they are part of the whole process.

    Can moving have a positive effect on your children?

    Moving is a big challenge in every sense. You need to decide to move in the first place, then organize and cleverly plan the relocation. In the end – you and your family need to fit in with the new and unknown environment. Whether you are moving to another city or even a country, whether the reason is a job, starting a life together with a partner or maybe studying, the fact is that moving affects our mental health and the health of children.

    Consider hiring a babysitter or someone to go with you during the process of relocation.

    Remember that while you move, children can mimic your behavior. It’s the same as raising your kids healthy – they simply soak up your mood and words. And psychologists point out that even the desired relocation is a source of stress, and that with the change of place of life, we change ourselves. However, this does not necessarily mean that these changes are negative. On the contrary, if you start packing on time and hire professional help, chances are high that your children can experience positive sides of moving.

    Use your time smarter

    Instead of wasting time on packing or looking for moving supplies, simply hire your moving company to this for you. This will give you more free time that you can dedicate to your children. And while a credible relocation company completes all those stressful and tedious packaging and transportation obligations for you, use that time with your kids to say goodbye to the people you love, to visit your favorite places in the city, and so on.

    Moving is a good thing

    Explain to your kids that moving is a good thing. Certainly moving out of a small and uncomfortable apartment can only be a step forward. When you get a new apartment or a spacious, bright and modern house that suits all your family needs, your children will very quickly discover that they are much happier.

    Instead of wasting time on packing or looking for moving supplies, simply hire your moving company to this for you.

    You have to remember that moving is a kind of psychological turning point because it encourages self-examination. So try to talk to your children and ask questions such as: who are we, how successful are we, are we happy, what are our habits? What kind of relationships do we maintain and with what kind of people, what are our biggest fears and desires? You may be surprised by their answers, and in the end make maybe some more important decisions such as changing professions, starting a business, breaking some toxic ties, etc. In the end, when we take enough time to understand our loved ones, we can use that valuable knowledge to build a happier life and a healthier mental state.

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