How to prepare furniture for moving

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    Furniture is known to be heavy and often bulky. Because of the fragile condition, it is in and the size of the furniture people often turn to a professional moving company to help them do it properly. In this article, we will help you prepare furniture for moving, regardless of your choice to do it yourself or with the help from the movers.

    When relocating we tend to focus on transporting and packing all the heavy and bulky items. This is because it will open up a lot of space for other items and it will reduce the stress these items might induce. For instance, furniture is big and bulky most of the time, but none-the-less has a fragile condition. Because of that, you want to secure the longevity of these items the best way you can.

    a coffee mug and a book on the coffee table before preparing furniture for moving
    Different furniture requires different measures of protection and handling

    Professional moving companies can help you prepare furniture for moving

    As we said above, many people opt for hiring professional moving companies, like movers Santa Ana, as it provides the highest level of security and professionalism. Professional moving companies have a lot of experience with different types of furniture and their knowledge can help you provide adequate treatment during the move. Moreover, if you opt for professional movers, they will use all the equipment and tools your furniture requires to secure a good relocation and the longevity of the furniture. Because you will be transporting furniture, you will probably need a large truck to fit it all inside. This is just one of many reasons why hiring a professional can benefit you in this process.

    Things to know before you prepare furniture for moving

    Now, moving furniture is not as simple as packing it into a truck and driving it away. There are several steps of precaution you must take. This will secure your items and provide all of the adequate conditions for those items. In the following list, we will point out some important steps to consider when looking to move furniture:

    • Create a list of furniture that needs moving
    • Make sure if the furniture needs to be disassembled
    • Acquire all the tools you need
    • Furniture still requires protection from outside factors

    Although the furniture is big and finds use in our everyday life, we still must approach this with extreme caution. For instance, couches do not take moisture very well. Wooden furniture can easily be damaged. Closets can suffer damage during transport and lose functionality.

    Create a list of furniture that needs moving

    Now, this is the first and basic step in almost any type of relocation. A checklist is a great way to get to know how much work you have and what to focus on first. Of course, you can create a last-minute moving checklist to help you make sure everything is ready for the relocation.

    a person writing a checklist in their notebook
    A checklist can help you keep your organization level because moving can feel overwhelming

    When it comes to furniture, you want to make sure that it is the first thing you pack into the truck and relocate. Because of its bulkiness and size, the furniture will take up a lot of space. If you create a checklist you will have an insight into the number of furniture you have to pack and how long it is going to take.

    Make sure if the furniture needs to be disassembled

    Again, because of the size of the furniture, you might want to consider disassembling it beforehand. The easiest way to see if your furniture needs disassembly is to measure the size of it and the size of the doorway. Looking at it from a different perspective, when we buy furniture it is most likely it comes in parts. So, once the furniture is in our home we assemble it. Make sure it can fit through doors and hallways. If you skip this step, you might find yourself stuck with a couch on the stairway and that is exactly what you want to avoid.

    Acquire all the tools you need

    Disassembly and moving of the furniture require tools to make it mistake-free. Mistakes are something that might damage the item and impose a financial toll on your budget. This is something you want to avoid during the move. Having proper tools and equipment will aid you in that sense. Screwdrivers, wrenches, boxes for small items from the furniture are some of the main tools you will need during this process.

    Furniture still needs protection from outside factors

    The best way to prepare furniture for moving is to apply adequate protection on it. Protective materials help your items avoid any damage and secure the condition in which the items are. This also applies to any type of furniture you are moving. Just because furniture is often big and bulky does not mean it is not susceptible to damage. A broken part of furniture can make the furniture lose functionality and create more cost than before.

    bed covers and pillows in black and white patterns
    If you do not have the time to find wrapping papers and materials, you can utilize the cushions, bedsheet covers and blankets to cushion your furniture

    Wrapping papers, cushioning materials like stylophone and packing peanuts are the best way to secure your furniture during a move. If you cannot find any of these materials, you can use sheets, pillowcases and other softening materials. However, if you opt for hiring movers, like movers Anaheim, you can communicate with them and the movers will provide all the material you need.

    The best way to prepare furniture for moving is to pack it separately

    Now, this is something that might cost you more, but it will protect your furniture the best. If you are in the position to do so, try and fill a single truck with all the furniture you can. This will lower the chances of any other item damaging it. Due to its bulkiness and size, you can tightly pack them into a truck which will reduce the chance of them tumbling around and damaging other furniture. This will not only secure your furniture but it will also help you de-clutter your home before the move. Once you prepare furniture for moving you can focus on other items you have in your possession.

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