How to prepare your furniture for relocation?

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    No household is the same. Everybody has different lifestyles, interests, and hobbies. Therefore people’s belongings aren’t the same. But every person has furniture in their home, and these are usually the items that give headaches when moving. They are heavy, big, and sometimes oddly shaped. But one thing is for sure, you have to move it unless you don’t need it anymore. When it comes to heavy-to-handle items, Family Affair Moving can help. But before you carry everything out the door, there is preparation to be done. If you want to ensure maximum safety, you need to prepare your furniture for relocation the right way.

    How to prepare your furniture for relocation?

    Moving furniture is so much more than just carrying it to the moving van. Some local movers Orange County might make it look easy, but there is more to it. Everything needs preparation during a move, and this is no exception. If you want to prepare your furniture for relocation correctly, you need to:

    • Take measurements
    • Disassemble
    • Protect fragile pieces
    Picture of a couple prepare your furniture for relocation
    Everything needs preparation when moving, even furniture

    Take measurements

    Wouldn’t it be a bummer if you nicely prepared everything and got to your home only to find out that it was for nothing? Your new home might have smaller doorframes or staircases where your couch just can’t fit through. You will have wasted all the effort, time, packing materials, and money paid to furniture movers Orange County for nothing. To avoid this, carefully measure both the furniture pieces and the path that you will take when moving your furnishings. If it just doesn’t fit, either toss, sell or donate it.


    It is a rule of thumb to put everything apart that can be disassembled when moving. It will make it less heavy and easier to navigate. But to do this, you will need the right tools and some basic knowledge. And if you don’t, you can always watch some videos or read some guides on the internet on basically any topic. So once you successfully do this, don’t just put the pieces in random places and hope to find them. You won’t. An expert tip is to tape all the detached pieces of a furniture piece onto it with packing paper and preferably label it.

    Protect fragile pieces

    Many furniture pieces come with fragile parts (think glass tables). While another piece might do fine with just a layer of bubble wrap or a simple linen sheet, fragile pieces will need more than that. Multiple layers of bubble wrap and packing paper secured with tape, combined with the expertise of loading and unloading services will be great. This is the best combination you can get for the safe moving of your fragile items.

    Picture of a packed furniture piece
    When you prepare your furniture for relocation, put attention to fragile pieces

    When you prepare your furniture for relocation, take time. You might think that packing clothes will take more time, but these don’t need much preparation. The furniture that you won’t use should be packed first, slowly building the way up to your bed, for example. We wish you good luck and happy packing!


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