How to Protect Your Carpet and Flooring During a Move

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    Moving comes with a lot of risks and hazards. Some of them can injure the people involved in the move, while others can damage your property or belongings. Even though you will be moving out of your old home, damaging it will diminish its value, which you certainly don’t want. Everyone moves large furniture during a move, and those are notorious for damaging the floor and anything on it. Hiring reputable moving companies Orange CA offers will eliminate all these threats, but it won’t hurt to learn how to protect your carpet and flooring during a move.

    How can you protect your carpet and flooring during a move?

    Property damage occurs when you least expect it. One wrong move and the damage can be irreversible, either for the item that you are moving, or the floor that you are moving it on. The bad thing is that a furniture piece and a carpet are easier to repair and replace, but what about the floors? Covering it up is a way, but only temporary. Don’t risk having to change your whole floor, instead just hire some moving companies Anaheim offers, and let the pros handle it. You can prepare to protect your carpet and flooring during a move, no matter if you hire help or not by:

    • Simply removing the carpets
    • Covering the floors
    • Getting help for lifting heavy pieces
    Picture of couple trying to protect your carpet and flooring during a move
    Property damage is usually expensive and difficult to fix

    Remove the carpets

    Carpets are something that we don’t really notice on an everyday basis. But once you move there are two options, either take them with you or leave them in your old home. If you plan to take them, you need to properly pack them by rolling them and securing them with zip ties. In case you want to leave them, that doesn’t have to mean that you should leave them on the floor during the big day. The commercial movers Orange County team will have lots of boxes to carry, going in and out hundreds of times. Professionals won’t damage your belongings, but they can get carpets dirty, especially on a rainy day.

    Cover the floors

    It never hurts to be cautious, even when it comes to floors. Putting up cardboard pieces or old sheets will work great for preventing scratches, and even dirt. But no matter how many protective layers your floor has during the big day, you will likely have to clean again after the job is done.

    Get help for the heavy pieces if you want to protect your carpet and flooring during a move

    Heavy pieces like furniture and specialty items are the biggest culprits for damaged property during a move. Their weight and awkward shape can easily damage floors and corners when you least expect it. The best way to prevent any misfortune during a move is by hiring our long distance movers Orange County CA team. But that is not your only option – your strong friends or family members might not be skilled, but they likely want to help you.

    Picture of a couple lifting furniture
    If you want to protect your carpet and flooring during a move, get strong friends to help you

    This will save you a lot of trouble

    When you just can’t wait to leave your old home, it will be the last thing on your mind to protect your carpet and flooring during a move. But getting this item damaged will cost you more money, effort and time to get fixed than simply removing or protecting them. So, before your professional packers start carrying boxes, take a few precautionary steps that will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.


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