How to read a moving contract?

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    When talking about hiring movers, everything is covered in the guides online. When to start looking, what to look for, what are the red flags, and much more? But not many guides talk about how to read a moving contract. A moving contract is a legally binding document that binds both sides, the customer and the mover. Reputable movers like affordable movers Orange County will always give you a moving contract. If you don’t get one, it is a huge red flag and you should stay away. But even if you get one, how are you supposed to read and understand it?

    What are the parts to pay attention to when you read a moving contract?

    When you decide on hiring furniture movers Orange County, you need to get a moving contract. It will include all the specifics of your move, the services that you will get, and many other details. When you read a moving contract, you need to pay attention to:

    • Description of services
    • Payment
    • Additional charges
    • Moving Insurance
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    You need to pay attention to different sections of the contract

    Description of services

    This is mostly the first section that you will see in a moving contract. All the services and moving supplies Orange County CA that you require will be listed here. Pay attention to the services that are described here, because if it is not included in this list, you won’t receive them. If you would like an additional service, inform your movers about it long before you sign.


    Payment is an important part for both the customer and the service providers. In this section, you can see how and when you are supposed to pay and what happens if you don’t. The final price will also be listed, and there shouldn’t be a difference between the price listed here and the one that you pay at the end.

    Additional charge

    Additional charges are often an unpleasant surprise. But if you were informed about them in time, then it’s your fault that you didn’t pay attention to the contract. These charges usually exist if residential movers CA need to navigate their trucks in a tight street or have additional difficulties when providing your services. If your movers came to your home to get your estimate, they will have seen the situation, so you can expect the additional charges to be correct when you sign the contract.

    Moving insurance

    Every reputable mover will have some sort of insurance in their standard fee. While it is good for normal items, fragile, high-value items don’t benefit much from it. Normal insurance usually takes into consideration the weight of the shipment, instead of its actual worth.

    Picture of a picture drawing next to a laptop
    When you read a moving contract, pay attention to the insurance part

    When you want to read a moving contract, take your time. Contracts are often read in a hurry, which can easily confuse once moving day comes. We know that you will feel pressured for time, but a few minutes won’t change much and you will know exactly what you can expect.


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