How to recognize a reliable moving company?

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    Deciding on a moving company while already having a lot on your plate with other moving plans can be stressful. If you think this is something that you don’t need to put a lot of effort into, that’s not really right. You should not hurry this step. The right moving company can do so much for you if you decide to hire them. They can lift a lot of stress of you having much more experience in moving. Use all of the offers they have. Packing, moving, storing. It will make your moving day so much easier. On top of that, they will be in charge of all of your possessions, so you absolutely need to choose wisely. Keep yourself and your things safe. Here we share some tips on how to recognize a reliable moving company from the affordable movers Orange County has to offer.

    Recognize a reliable moving company

    When you decide to use a moving company to help you with your relocation, you want to make sure you choose well. The first thing that can pop into your head is probably the price. You want it to be affordable. That makes a lot of sense. You don’t want to use a company that is going to make a dent in your budget. On the other hand, you really don’t want to hire a company just because it has the cheapest offer. Choose a company that is going to have a good price but is also gonna do a good job. You are giving them all of your possessions to safe keep and move. Make sure you do good research before hiring professionals for this big day.

    man standing next to moving van with boxes
    Look for our tips on recognizing a reliable moving company

    Licenses and credentials

    The most important advice on how to recognize a reliable moving company is to check for their license and credentials. Every reliable moving company has to be properly licensed based on the laws in their state. A company should have its Department of Transportation (DOT) identification number on its website. When moving short distances, 28 states require this number. Call the commerce commission or the department of transportation office in your state to get more information. Here you can also verify the company’s DOT against those on file. If you are moving from your state to a new one, you need a company that has a license for interstate moves. Companies that do long-distance moving must have their DOT number, which you can check the same way described before. These companies also must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    license is how you recognize a reliable moving company
    Make sure to check the licenses and credentials of the moving company

    Reviews for a reliable moving company

    A great way to learn more about a company is to check for the reviews from the previous movers. Look for websites that offer reviews on this matter. Nowadays there are websites for all kinds of reviews. Seeing what other people are saying about the company and their work is quite important. If you know anyone in person who moved, ask them whether they can recommend you a reliable moving company. Word of mouth is still the best recommendation. This way you can ask the person who moved everything. From how the company did the job, to how they worked out problems.  It’s always helpful to know how a company acts and in which way they are going to work on your moving day. You are going to feel more safe doing business with a company knowing they have satisfied customers. 

    Visit the office

    Local movers Orange County has can be close to you. Look for the company address and call to set up a meeting. This way you get to meet the people in charge of your move. It’s an amazing way to recognize a reliable moving company. In-person meetings and discussions can be very helpful to see if the company is the right fit for you. Reliable moving companies will be able to meet you and show you all the details you might be interested in. Moving companies do not only move your items from one spot to another, they have experience in packing, planning dates, and storage. Ask them questions if you need help with any of this. A good moving company should be able to very well explain all the questions and doubts you might have.

    people shaking hands metting
    Visit the office of the moving company so you can better get to know them


    Another big piece of advice is that you take the right insurance coverage before your moving day. This will ensure you are protected in case something happens. Sometimes things happen that no one can predict and they don’t have to be anyone’s fault. Even the most careful movers have accidents. It is always best to have insurance so that you can have one worry less. Check the company’s website or simply call them to see what kinds of insurance they are offering. If you are unsure of which to get, ask for a bit of advice. Companies are going to recognize which insurance is the best for you. In general, all of the insurance policies are going to cover damage in transit and storage. You can upgrade from this basic level to a more covered one. But, keep in mind, the more coverage you get, the more you are gonna pay.

    Free estimates

    Companies often offer free estimates on the price for their moving services Orange County CA. Estimates are a great thing to get and one of the best ways to recognize a reliable moving company. The best way is if a company sends someone to your home for a view. They make a note of the load that is going to be moving and offer you a price. The price of the actual moving day can, unfortunately, be changed. This happens when there are unexpected difficulties on the day of the relocation. Unexpected things like rain even. Always keep a bit more than what the estimate says. Other times, companies are going to make an offer over the phone. This is also good, but the difference can be bigger if they don’t actually see all the furniture and items. Sometimes they can get you an estimate based on the distance, and not the weight of the load.


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