How to reduce costs when relocating your office

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    Once the time for commercial relocation comes, the issue of costs may arise. You have to figure out all of the ways to reduce costs when relocating your office. One of the first things you have to do is to hire commercial movers Orange County to do the job. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, it’s quite important to have professionals handle the task. If you opt not to do this, you’ll end up blowing way more money than you originally planned. With that in mind, there are also other ways to save some money and to get an equally good moving experience. With that in mind, let’s begin with the first important matter you have to take care of!

    Depending on where you are moving from, there are ways to reduce costs when relocating your office

    So, there are basically three options when it comes to commercial relocation:

    • Local move
    • Interstate move
    • Long-distance move
    a man standing by a moving van
    Hiring good and reliable movers is, counterintuitively, one of the best ways to reduce costs when relocating your office.

    While the first two are quite a bit more affordable, the third one is the most expensive one. That is why we are going to focus on that one. So, the first step is to contact long distance movers Orange County CA to get an estimate on how much the move will cost you. If the price is fine with you, you don’t have to look for ways to reduce costs when relocating your office. However, if the price is not satisfying, there are things you can do to lower it.

    Firstly, try and find someone whose office is similarly sized and packed. After that, talk to that person and ask them about the amount of money they paid for relocation. That is a great way to estimate how much it’s going to cost you. Only then can you really start doing something to reduce costs when relocating your office.

    The easiest thing you can do to lower the moving cost is to bundle things together

    The thing you have to understand about moving costs is the fact that they are determined by the volume of the stuff that has to be moved. So, the weight of the items that have to be moved isn’t really that important. Well, of course it isn’t. Mainly because professionals from moving companies Southern California can handle any weight. However, there is only so much space in the moving truck. And that is why volume is important. It determines what kind of truck and how many trucks have to be used. As well as, how many people have to be tasked.

    Desks in a office
    If your office has desks like these, it’s going to be easy to bundle things together.

    With all of that in mind, there is a simple solution to reducing moving costs – bundle everything you can together. For instance, if there are things like desks, chairs, etc. to be moved, try and fit them together tightly so that they take up less space. Also, appliances that are needed for work can be put into drawers and insulated so that they don’t move around. If done properly, you’ll be able to fit an entire office of people into one moving truck, which is awesome. And what’s even better, it’s going to prevent you from declaring bankruptcy because you had to move.

    The next thing to do if you want to reduce costs when relocating your office is to find adequate moving supplies

    So, it’s quite important to balance out quality with cost. Of course, this is true in every possible way. Therefore, you have to find the perfect spot between quality moving supplies and the money you’ll have to spend on them. Well, now what? How to do it? There are basically two solutions to this problem. Buy everything new or use recycled supplies.

    The first option is more expensive. However, you’ll have the benefit of getting exactly everything you need. Furthermore, you will also be able to make special arrangements. For example, instead of regular cardboard boxes, you can get plastic moving bins. These can afterward be used to store some things that ought to be in every office.

    The second option is nearly free of charge. We say nearly because chances are that you won’t be able to get used packing paper or labels. This is important because the standard set of moving supplies should always include moving boxes or moving bins, duct tape, packing paper or wrapping material, box cutters, and labels. With that in mind, some of the things on this list you have laying around. Other things you will still have to buy.

    Remember that we talked about bundling things together? Well, the aforementioned wrapping paper is going to make this possible. That is the only way how you can safely pack office appliances into drawers so that you can reduce the overall volume of the stuff that has to be moved.

    Last but not least – find a storage solution

    Often, there is a need to downsize the office. And while this doesn’t necessarily apply to firing employees, it can be a hassle if you have to downsize because of the higher rent. The first thing that will come to mind in such a situation is to get rid of excess office furniture. However, that shouldn’t always be your first pick. Even though it may seem like a viable option to reduce costs when relocating your office, it’s really not. Think about it like this – what if you have to expand your office? Well, you would have to spend money on buying the exact things you got rid of before the relocation.

    storage units
    It’s very important to have a good storage solution.

    To work around this, we suggest figuring out a storage solution. This is a good option for multiple reasons. Firstly, renting a storage unit has nowadays become really affordable. Secondly, if you have a good storage solution, you can put all excess items in a safe and secure location thereby reducing the volume of stuff that has to be moved. Lastly, you can easily access the needed items when the time comes.

    There are also other things to do when moving your office to a new location, however, we’ve given you some of the tried and true methods you should use to reduce costs when relocating your office. So, good luck and we don’t doubt that you will succeed in figuring out the best ways to save money without sacrificing quality!

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