How to relocate a piano?

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    When you buy a piano for your household, you never think about moving it one day. But now that you are about to move to a new house, this thought arises. Moving a piano is difficult to work, even for professionals. But they are skilled and trained to do this, so they will manage to finish the task. When you think about moving Orange County, hiring skilled help is the best choice you can make for your piano. But it never hurts to learn how to relocate a piano. Because of this, we have put together some tips on how to successfully move a piano.

    Things you should keep in mind before you decide to relocate a piano

    Pianos come in various shapes and sizes. You may have an upright piano, grand piano, or baby grand piano. All these types need a similar moving process, but it has some varieties depending on the type. Some piano movers Orange County CA know how to relocate a piano, no matter the type. With our tips, you can also get a general idea of how to do it. Some of the best ones we have are to:

    • Take measurements
    • Protect the piano
    • Gather moving supplies
    Picture of a piano
    Piano comes in different shapes

    Take measurements

    When you want to move your piano using the DIY approach, this step is the most crucial. If you cannot physically fit your piano through the doorways or staircases, there is no need to bother. First, measure your piano, and every passage that you need to use on your way to getting it where it needs to go. Compare the measurements and if it’s a tight situation, consider hiring some residential movers CA. They will know how to handle it.

    Protect the piano

    Protecting the piano is very important as well. Lock the keyboard lid to prevent damage to the keys. While moving a piano, it can easily be scratched. A scratch is not a big amount of damage, but it will ecstatically ruin your piano. To prevent this, you need to wrap the whole piano in moving blankets. The corners are the most important because they can get damaged and make damage to your walls. When you move using some moving supplies Orange County CA, this will most likely not happen.

    Gather moving supplies

    If you need to move an upright piano, you will do it easily if you use moving straps and a dolly. A baby grand piano can be moved the easiest using a piano board. Moving straps are used to secure the lid from opening. A dolly serves to push the piano instead of carrying it. A piano board is a piece of hardwood that uses straps to secure the piano. Both of these supplies are used to make this difficult process at least a little easier.

    Picture of a person playing a piano before they relocate a piano
    The way to move a piano depends on its type

    When you want to relocate a piano, it is normal to worry. It is a big investment that often has sentimental value. Moving a piano without professional help might be possible, but it sometimes isn’t worth it. We wish you good luck!


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