How to relocate large and bulky items?

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    When moving, you will have to take the majority of your belongings with you. From the smallest to the biggest object, you will have to figure out a way how to move it. If you hire Family Affair Moving, this will be their preoccupation. Bulky items are quite challenging to move, mostly due to their size and weight. Not only are they physically difficult to move, but they also need more preparation to move. One of them is to take the measurements of your new home before you even start doing anything else. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of how to relocate large and bulky items.

    Tips on how to relocate large and bulky items

    When you want to relocate large and bulky items, keep in mind that injuries can happen at any point. That’s why almost all furniture movers Orange County don’t suggest doing it unless you know proper lifting techniques. Some other things that you should do are:

    • Prepare the items
    • Use the right equipment
    • Admit that you need help
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    Injuries can happen at any time

    Prepare the items

    The good side of big, bulky items is that they can likely be taken apart to make them less heavy. The people who make it, think about these things. For example, furniture can usually be taken apart completely, to make maneuvering easy or even possible in some circumstances. Apart from disassembling it, you also need to clean your items before giving them to local movers Orange County. You should start a new chapter of life with as little dust and dirt as possible.

    Use the right equipment

    Sliders are one of the best inventions when it comes to moving heavy items. Instead of carrying weight, you will be able to slide it across the floor with ease. But you will have to put attention to the type of floor that you have because you will need a different one for carpet floors and hardwood floors. Hand trucks are also a great help, which can be used for transporting a stack of boxes from point A to point B as well.

    Admit that you need help

    Sometimes, all the disassembling and equipment of this world cannot help you relocate large and bulky items. Some items might simply be too heavy to handle alone, and it is alright. Admitting that you need help is far from a defeat. Whether you want to hire residential movers Orange County or ask friends for help, just make sure that you get capable hands on deck. Learning proper lifting techniques is also a must unless you want to deal with a hurt back for the next few weeks after your move.

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    When you relocate large and bulky items, you might need help

    When you want to relocate large and bulky items, keep in mind that you can potentially also damage your walls and the rest of the home while moving it. One wrong turn and you could end up with a scratched floor, or a damaged wall. If you give up on moving heavy furniture by yourself, both your back and surrounding will be perfectly safe.


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