How to reuse leftover packing supplies

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    Moving will require you to have good organization and time management. Once you settle in your new home you will face one last issue. That is the stack of packing materials in the corner. Luckily, there are many ways to reuse leftover packing supplies and we will show you how. When moving, hiring professional movers, like moving companies Orange County, will make the moving process a lot easier and save you a good amount of time.

    a wooden box filled with flowers as a good way to reuse leftover packing supplies
    Packing supplies can find more than one purpose once the moving is complete

    Packing material is a very important factor in the transport phase of the move. It protects the items within and provides extra layers of protection to the items inside. However, once the moving phase is done with, you will be left with a lot of packing supplies. Luckily, there is a use to these items and we will show you what.

    What are moving supplies?

    Moving supplies are materials that are used to both store and protect the stored items within. They can come in different shapes and sizes and can be made out of different type of materials. Depending on what items you had to pack you will be left with those materials. Packing supplies you will definitely need will soon become clutter in your new home. Some of the main packing supplies that you will encounter are:

    • Cardboard boxes – These boxes usually find purpose in storing smaller items. Due to their nature of the material they are not very durable so it is not advisable to pack fragile items inside. However, these boxes will take up the least amount of space when used and are the easiest to work with.
    • Plastic bins – Plastic bins are slightly stronger material than cardboard. They can provide better protection to items within but take up more space. The biggest disadvantage is that they are not flexible and adaptable as cardboard boxes.
    • Bags of different sorts – Bags are useful when packing things that are not that important or do not require special care. Due to their size variations and low-level protection they can be quite useful and easy to store. However, disposing of them in a proper manner is the most important thing if thrown away. Most bags are made out of plastic and you should always recycle them.

    Cushioning materials are another major part of packing supplies. They are materials that protect your belongings inside the box. They are often wrapping materials, like bubble wrap or in a form of stylophone plates or capsules. Their main purpose is to protect the fragile items from colliding with each other and any outside impacts.

    How to adequately reuse leftover packing supplies?

    When you finish moving packing supplies become more or less useless and take up a huge amount of room. This can lead to you feeling cluttered, which can invoke stress. Stress is something no one wants once they finally move into a new home. So, what can you do to fix this issue? Here are some ways you can reuse leftover packing supplies:

    Use them for a DYI project – If you are a person who is into arts and crafts then this is the perfect opportunity for you. This can add a sense of personal touch to your new home and will be a fun little activity. Some good ideas to use these supplies are building a cat bed, wall art, a dollhouse. Excess cardboard will find a great purpose in your artistic adventure.

    different boxes and books on two shelves on the wall
    Packing supplies can be used in different ways to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your new home

    Utilize packing supplies as storage – Because the main purpose of packing supplies is to, well, pack your belongings you can continue to use them for that purpose. Having extra storage in your garage, attic or in the shed will always find its use. Various size boxes will be great for storing toys, clothes, tools, cables and other items you do not need. Writing down which items are where and storing them will open up more space in the house.

    Keep them for your next move – In case you have extra space in your new home, you can easily store these supplies and reuse them once you move. The supplies that you were using to pack your kitchen, for example, will be of great use once again. Moreover, finding cardboard boxes can be difficult to find and saving them for later use is very advisable.

    Reuse leftover packing supplies to engage in a fun activity with your family

    In case you have a family, you can use these supplies to craft little items or paint on the cardboard boxes. This will be a great way to relax with your kids after a big move. You can use these supplies as a material that you and your children will use to create fun little things.

    a couple of colorfully painted boxes
    Painting on cardboard boxes is one way to have fun with your family

    We have no doubt that the children will love this idea and you will get to empty the space the materials were taking for something else. Nothing is more relaxing than a fun little project with the ones you love the most.

    Why should you consider hiring professional movers?

    Professional movers, like moving supplies Orange County, will offer their clients all sorts of assistance regarding the move. From loading and unloading belongings and transporting them to a new location to providing clients with a package and cushioning material. The whole relocation process will be much easier to deal with and you will have more free time on your hands.

    The reason you should hire professional movers is that they can help you with excess packing material. One way to reuse leftover packing supplies is to have none, to begin with. As moving companies offer their clients packing services they will evaluate the exact amount of packing supplies required to finish the job. Once they finish moving your items, they will adequately deal with all the remaining empty boxes, bins, and bags.

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