How to set up your new office in Garden Grove

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    Either you’re facing the upcoming office relocation to Garden Grove or you’re simply changing the workspace, organize well. Well-planned office relocation can be done without pausing and changing your business routine. Set up your new office in Garden Grove in such a manner that your business doesn’t suffer. With the assistance of movers Orange CA, you can make that happen. So, if you plan the whole process properly from the start, the chances are that you wouldn’t experience a business setback. So make a checklist and set your budget range, and start with preparations.

    The first step is to make a list of requirements for the new office

    Your list should contain all things you need in your new office. This list must include everything from an internet connection and phone line to furniture and office supplies. Also, you might want to consult your team and find out more about their needs and ideas for improving productivity. Consider their prepositions and add the good ones to the list. Whatever you decide commercial movers Orange County and their services are at your disposal. Everything you may need from the storage unit for your office equipment, to transportation to a new location. 

    you are going to need computers when you set up your new office in Garden Grove.
    Plan well your budget and needed equipment.
    • Today is impossible to run a business without the internet. So make sure you find a reliable internet provider which can guarantee a secure connection and decent internet speed. The same goes for the phone lines. Some companies provide their employees with business cell phones.
    • However, make sure you gain a Garden Grove business license first. For more information about the business tax certificate contact the City of Garden Grove Finance Department
    • Your new office will need some furniture. Start with necessities like desks and chairs and some shelves. You can add more items later. Also, consider multi-purpose pieces that save space. 
    • Computers and adequate software are the must-haves for start-ups. Decide how many pieces you need depending on the size of your company. 

    Other useful office supplies and equipment 

    Once you obtain all the crucial office elements, think about some other optional services and supplies. Some of them are not mandatory but can be very useful. These largely depend on the type of business you run and your budget. Some of these are the copy machine, scanner, or time clock. Another useful but optional service you might consider getting is a security system. Whatever you choose to get, make sure you test it first to see whether fits your needs. Moving companies Garden Grove and their capable workers can help you with transporting and loading.

    Everyday office supplies are daily expendable items like paper, pens, planners, staplers, paper clips, etc. As for those, you can buy them online at The Creative Office which provides almost everything related to the office. Moreover, you might want to get coffee mugs and other kitchen items for your breakroom so buy those items before you set up your new office in Garden Grove.

    A curly black-haired woman drinking coffee in her office.
    Employees should feel good in their workspace.

    How to create a pleasant and productive workspace? 

    When you start searching for the perfect office space, have in mind that workspace conditions affect your team’s productivity. The size of your new office should depend on the number of your staff. It should be spacious enough so that members have their personal space. According to Startups Magazine, employees value their personal space the most. Quiet working spaces, breakrooms, and small collaborative spaces are right behind. Research shows that being active and moving during work hours is also beneficial. It improves focus and efficiency. Another important feature you should pursue is a daylit office. Daylight reduces headaches and problems with eye vision and improves mood, sleep, and productivity. It creates a more pleasant and positive atmosphere in the office. And that is exactly how you want your new office to radiate.

    Business stationery helps you to build your company’s image and brand

    Except for the good location, sunny and spacious space, and high-quality equipment, your business needs proper advertising. There is no better way than creating personalized business stationery. The extended meaning of the phrase covers all paperwork your firm uses to communicate with clients. That implies business cards, brochures, presentation folders, envelopes, etc. It brings out the character of your work and increases the branding of your company. Every good stationery consists of letterhead, business cards, and envelopes. As for the design, you can choose a free template on the internet. Stationery makes your business look professional. Also, it keeps the advertising of your business consistent. And it has a great impact on your marketing and brand recognition.

    An office with personal items on the desk.
    Encourage your team to personalize their workspace when you set up your new office in Garden Grove.

    Add some personal touch to your workspace

    Feeling pleasant and relaxed in your workspace is very important. Therefore, you should try to customize your office. Even better, encourage your team to do the same when you set up your new office in Garden Grove. In the first place, you could bring plants to ennoble the space. But make sure you water them regularly. On the opposite, it can have a reverse effect. After that, you can bring a piece of art, like a portrait or abstract work. Whatever brings you joy or comfort. If you want to add something really personal, then add a photo or two of your family members. Make your working environment comfortable and healthy with ergonomic furniture. High-back chairs are must-haves for every modern office. Browse for more office environment improvements to make your workspace healthier and cozier place. In case you need boxes browse moving supplies Orange County, and see their offer.

    Make some positive changes in your workspace

    Relocation of your business is a great time for retrospect. It’s the perfect time to identify the previous flaws, and make improvements. Every positive change reflects on your team’s morale and efficiency. Have that in mind when you set up your new office in Garden Grove. Turn your workspace into a pleasant and comfortable place to work in. 



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