How to speed up your move in California

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    Moving is a tiring and time-consuming endeavor that can take its toll on even the best of planners. It involves facing many different tasks, such as planning, gathering moving supplies, packing, cleaning, finding moving companies Southern California, etc. All this can be notoriously stressful which is why you want to be done with it as soon as possible. The faster you move out of your old California home and into the new one, the sooner this stress will go away. Fortunately, there are ways to organize for an efficient move, pack faster, reduce the amount of work, and ultimately make the process go smoother. Read on to find out how to speed up your move and have a smooth moving experience.

    Get rid of everything you no longer need

    There is no better way to slow down the relocation process and make it even more complicated than to haul all the things you don’t need to your new home. Doing this will take more time, more of your energy, and more of your money. Make the whole thing easier and faster by organizing your belongings and tossing, recycling, or donating what you don’t need. Before packing your clothes, find everything that doesn’t fit, is out of style, you haven’t worn in a year, and/or you wouldn’t buy again. And get rid of it. If you decide to donate bulky items, schedule a pick-up ahead of time. All this will help you prepare for the move faster and allow your residential movers in Southern California to handle the relocation more efficiently.

    Speed up your move by getting rid of all the things you don't need
    Take enough time before the move to go through your clothes and decide what to keep and what to leave behind

    Speed up your move by taking care of these tasks in the weeks beforehand

    If you plan accordingly, your move doesn’t have to be as long and stressful as you think. To avoid any additional complications and speed up your move, all you need to do is start taking care of things on time. Depending on where you’re moving to, this process will be different. Let’s take San Clemente for example. With its exceptional livability score, it’s quite popular. Before hiring movers San Clemente, you’d want to learn about the differences between your old city and San Clemente. Is the weather going to be much different? What are the good Internet provides there? What is the city’s economy like? If you’re moving your business – are your target groups going to be different in San Clemente? Wherever you’re moving to, you should apply the same strategy. Take a look at some tasks you might want to complete in the weeks before the move:

    • Schedule utilities to be shut off the day after you move out and turned on in your new place the day before you move in.
    • Cancel or transfer any services you have at your current home.
    • Forward your mail, including newspaper and magazine subscriptions to your new home address.
    • Change all of your billing information and update your address with the IRS, Social Security Administration, and the DMV.
    • Update or cancel gym memberships.
    • Measure the doorways, stairways, and elevators of your new home to make sure your furniture will fit.
    • Make sure you have all your important financial, legal, and medical documents with you, so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.
    • Request time off work, if necessary — or give the appropriate notice if your relocation requires you to leave your job.
    • Prepare yourself by reading a bit about tips to cope with moving stress
    A planner
    Save time and speed up your move by making a plan of action you will follow

    Speed up your packing

    Needless to say, packing can be a lot of work. If you want to avoid this hassle altogether you can hire movers for a full-service move which includes packing services. However, if you wish to do it on your own, you’ll have to learn how to do it fast:

    • Pack ahead. By doing little by little you’ll take the stress out of it. And when the moving day approaches you won’t have as much stuff to pack. Therefore, pack everything you know you won’t be using beforehand.
    • Get all the packing supplies on time. And don’t forget the ”just in case” items. You don’t want to be running to the hardware store at the worst possible moment.
    • Label all of the boxes by category and by room to speed up the unloading process. Make sure you label the sides as well so you can see what is what when everything is stacked up in the van.
    • Use a clear plastic box to pack things you’ll need right away.
    • Pack an essentials bag. It should contain everything you’ll need to feel relaxed and settled on your first night.

    Utilize all the help you can get to speed up your move

    Maybe the best way to speed up your moving process is to gather your friends and family to help you. Make it an event, bribe them with some beer and pizza, and have fun while doing it. It will be a great opportunity to catch up, crack a joke, and reminisce about old times. Everything is easier and less stressful with friends. Use this opportunity to spend some quality time with them while at the same time getting some work done. Who knows, maybe this kind of gathering for a good cause turns into a tradition?

    Friends sitting at the back of a moving van
    Gather your friends to help you move – not only it will be faster but much more fun

    Hire a reliable moving company

    The only way to secure a smooth, efficient, and fast move is to hire a professional moving company. And if you hire them for a full-service move, when the moving day arrives you can just sit back and relax. Except for occasional instruction here and there, you won’t have to worry about a thing. All you need to do is research reliable movers in Southern California and choose the one that meets your needs and fits your budget. There are many fraudulent moving companies so make sure you do thorough research before hiring one. It would be best to get a recommendation from friends or family. Moreover, check companies’ ratings on specialized moving websites.

    Moreover, if you’re planning to hire a moving company, ensure they are familiar with the specifics of the location you’re moving to. For example, if you’re relocating to Huntington Beach, you should look for moving professionals that are experienced in providing services in this area. Knowing the area, they will handle all the bulky items more confidently. Also, they can give you recommendations for adequate storage space, if you need it. In this case, you’d want to hire movers Huntington Beach because they know the place better than anyone. If complications arise, like very bad weather, the quality of their service won’t suffer.

    Make sure you relax and recharge in the meantime

    Sure, you want your move to be perfectly organized, efficient, and as fast as possible. But you don’t want to stress yourself too much while doing it. Don’t forget to take breaks, do things that relax you, and rest as much as you need. After all, the best way to speed up your move is to do it while rested, relaxed, and in a good mood. You’re living in California after all, there’s so much to be excited about.

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