How to stage your OC home for sale

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    In simple words, home staging is preparing your home for sale on the market. This implies cleaning, decluttering, and improving your home so it can attract potential buyers. The goal is to draw more potential buyers and make a quicker sale and a higher price. If you’re wondering how to stage your OC home for sale, keep reading and learn a few useful tricks. It became a huge trend in the real estate industry, so your agent can recommend you a professional stager, or you can do it on your own. In case you need a storage unit for your furniture or any other moving service Orange County residential movers can help you with that. 

    Basics of the home staging

    If you hire a professional it can cost you a fortune. The average cost is about 1500$, but it can reach 6000$, according to HomeAdvisor. However, with small investments, even you can stage your home for sale. This might cost you some time and energy but it’ll save you some money. The basic idea is to clear the home as much as you can, remove your items, and repair or replace damaged amenities. You want your home to look spacious and clean, so leave only the essentials. If you need help with taking out the surplus furniture, search for furniture movers OC and hire reliable ones. 

    two moving workers holding cardboard boxes
    The local moving company can help you stage your OC home for sale

    You can stage your OC home for sale for free

    The first impression is always very important. It’s desirable to make small changes around your home and make it more appealing to buyers. Start by searching for home staging ideas on the internet. You’ll find a few pointers there and see how your home should look. We’ve listed several tips to help you with home staging.

    • First of all, clean thoroughly every room, use a vacuum cleaner, and do the dusting. Wash your floors and windows, and especially pay attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Buyers will look everywhere, and they want to see the well-maintained place.
    • Decluttering comes after cleaning. Leave only essentials in the room, and take out all the extras, side tables, spare chairs, etc. You want as much free space as you can get. Make sure nothing blocks the windows and hallways. 
    • Don’t pile up stuff in the garage or pantry, rent storage instead. Movers Orange CA and their moving crew can help you with moving your household.
    • Remove all your items. Remember, buyers, want to see your home, not your style. You don’t want your family photos and souvenirs to draw attention from your freshly painted wall or wooden floors. 
    • Make sure your home smells pleasant. Open the windows before every visit and leave the fresh air in. Light scent candles, make natural air fresheners, or simply place flowers around the house. 
    A modern living room with basic furniture
    Prepare your home for home tours.

    When it comes to home staging, keep it neat and simple

    However, have in mind that the less is more. Paint your walls in neutral colors. Also, avoid all white, it can seem dull. If you have spare rooms, give them a purpose. For example, your unused attic can become a home office. Clean and declutter and welcome your buyers. Rely on local movers OC, and stage your OC home for sale. 

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