How to Store Items During a Home Renovation in Irvine

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    Planning the design for your home remodeling is exciting. It requires thoughtful organization. Not just for the new layout of your home, but you’ll have to figure out the logistics part as well. Namely, where to store items during a home renovation. While you may consider using storage services, there are a few wallet-friendly options that you may find more practical. Our reliable OC movers will reveal them to you.

    Practical Ways to Store Items During a Home Renovation

    Your home renovation will probably cost you a little fortune. So, you’d like to skimp as many additional expenses as you can. Our team of professionals at moving companies Irvine is here to help you on that mission. For that purpose, consider these options to store items during a home remodeling:

    • Reserve a room in your household
    • Store your stuff with friends or family
    • Get a moving container

    These are economical and easily accessible solutions to stow items during a home renovation. Further, let’s see how can you organize your logistics, considering them.

    Reserve a Room in your Household

    This is the most cost-effective solution when considering a way to keep your things during a home remodeling. If you have a garage or a basement, they are the ideal place to serve you as a storage space. Besides, you can use any other room that you use seldom. If you have bulky items, you may consider hiring professional loading and unloading services to help you with handling them in-house. This is a good investment, as it will save you time, and you’ll ensure your items are safely moved around the house. When you move heavy furniture by yourself, you are risking damaging it, and this will cost you more in the long run. Or, ask friends and relatives to assist you with the task of moving your items to the designated storage room during a home renovation.

    A chair, a mirror and magazines
    You can store items during a home renovation in a designated vacant room in your household

    Store your Stuff with Friends or Family

    Unless you have vacant space in your house to store items during a home renovation, check with your close ones. Your friends and relatives may have some space, such as a vacant shade or basement, to accommodate your furniture. This is a convenient option, but you’ll have to consider how to get your furniture and appliances to the place. You might need to hire moving companies Irvine for efficient and stress-free transfer, to and later from the place. Also, make sure to agree upon a timeline with the potential host. Your remodeling project may get prolonged, so ask them if they have a deadline by when would they like you to take your things back. This is another way to store things during a home renovation, albeit it could be a short-term solution.

    Box on shelf
    Ask your friends and relatives if they can help you with some storage space during your home remodeling

    Get a Moving Container to Store Items During a Home Remodeling

    The two options we’ve mentioned above, are the most cost-effective ways to stow items during a home renovation. However, there is another way to go about it, and although affordable, it will cost you a minimal investment. You can rent a self-storage moving container if the previous two aren’t applicable for you. In this case, it’s important to ensure that accessibility isn’t going to be an issue for you and that you are allowed to have a moving container placed in your driveway. Renting a moving container to store items during your home remodeling has many benefits, apart from being a relatively cheap solution. You can have your things near you and easily accessible while being safely out of your way, for as long as you need to.

    Above are listed the most practical ideas to find storage for your items during your home remodeling, that will help you cut costs. We hope you find them useful and wish you good luck with the reconstructions!



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