Important things to specify when asking for a moving quote

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    Whether you are moving short or long-distance, relocating your household or your office, the most important thing is choosing a moving company. No relocation can be successful without them, so it’s essential that you choose among the best moving companies Orange County. The tricky part comes when you actually have to decide who to hire and how you should be asking for a moving quote. In this article, we will give you some of the most important tips when it comes to this part of the relocation.

    Choosing a moving company with a valid moving quote

    When looking for available local movers Orange County, there are a number of things you should take into consideration. First of all, you will need a professional, reliable company that has a lot of experience. We highly recommend that you select a few companies and compare their services and prices. But most of all, you should be asking each moving company for a moving quote. Keep in mind that the moving quote should be written. Don’t accept an offer if they try to give it to you over the phone.

    when asking for a moving quote it should be in writing
    A true valid moving quote should be written.

    The questions you should think about when asking for a moving quote

    The proper way to get a moving quote is when your moving company sends experts to evaluate things like the number of items for the move, and how approachable is your home. This is the only way you will be able to get a valid moving quote. But if you want to get the best service and avoid any attempts of fraud, it’s essential that you ask the right questions. You should be asking your moving company about:

    • Not-to-exceed estimates – the most important you should be thinking about when asking for a moving quote
    • Fixed cost – would be the best choice for you if a company provides it
    • Non-binding quote – we recommend you avoid it

    More about the types of estimates

    Not-to-exceed estimates are a good way to stay within your budget. They will provide all the information you need and therefore are most commonly used. You will get an estimate from your movers West Covina with an amount that cannot be exceeded. This means that you will in most cases have to pay less than the amount they give you. As for the fixed cost, it is way less used in practice. A moving company could give you a fixed price, but it can be very risky for them to do so. The number can’t go up or down no matter the circumstances. Most companies avoid doing it.

    people with documents
    Don’t forget to ask about the estimates when asking for a moving quote.

    When it comes to non-binding quotes, we suggest you avoid them at all costs. This basically means that there is no actual binding between you and your moving company. The price could change at any given moment. And it will most certainly go up rather than down. So be very careful when asking for a moving quote. Asking for additional moving insurance might also not be such a bad idea. You can never be too safe.


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