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    Planning your move up ahead takes lots of scheduling and attention. When moving, you have to take into account your job, or if you have kids, their school schedule. If you’re moving your office, you also have to take a careful look at your schedule to plan the move better. At some point, you might end up having to decide between relocating during the weekdays or weekends. However, the question is: is weekday or weekend moving better, and which should you choose? With the help of one of the most reliable moving companies in Orange CA, Family Affair Moving, you can find out. We’ll cover the benefits of both weekday and weekend relocation, and we’ll help you figure out what’s better for you.

    Choose the right day for your upcoming move 

    Planning your move isn’t always easy because of all the factors you have to take into account. That being said, choosing between completing your move on the weekend or weekday is also a more complex matter. For example, if you need to move house, you could hire Orange County residential movers, and start planning from there. Your movers will ask you approximately when you’d like to move and try to accommodate you. What are some of the things that can affect the date of your move, and how should you plan it?

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    Here’s how to get started with scheduling your move.

    For starters, you either need to hire movers or get certain services for a DIY move. That being said, the company’s availability is almost a predetermining factor for the date of your move. Whether your company has any free, open spots on a weekday or a weekend determines when your move will take place. 

    Is weekday or weekend moving better – depends on your schedule

    Now comes your schedule: it determines whether you’ll move on a weekday or weekend. Are you a single person, a family, or a company that needs moving? Whatever the case, you, along with everyone else, have specific activities and timetables that need following even with the relocation in the plan. Try to schedule the move in a way that disrupts your timetables and duties the least: this will also affect whether you’ll move during a weekday or weekend.

    Take paperwork into account

    Last but not least, consider what you have to do after the move is done and moving day is over. Relocation comes with plenty of paperwork, changes, new obligations, and the like. It doesn’t matter if your move is a residential or office move, local or interstate: doing it on a weekday or weekend can either make things easier or more difficult for you.

    Weekday or weekend moving: pros and cons, which one is better?

    Whether you’re moving with a company with the best packing services Orange County CA can offer or not, you have to make a choice. When is it better to move: during weekdays, or on the weekend? Here are the pros and cons of moving during weekdays.

    • A huge pro of weekday moving is lower moving costs. Moving company rates are better on the weekdays because fewer people move at this time.
    • You’ll lose time at work, however. Ask your employer for a day off or financial compensation. 
    • Access to utility services is better on weekdays. Since you moved in on a weekday, it’ll be easier to reach the companies behind these utilities to ask for help.
    • Although the piano movers Orange County CA had available will help you anytime, you might need extra help. Friends and family may not be able to help you because of work and such.
    • You can move while your kids are at school on a weekday, depending on the type of your move. 
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    The only way to decide if weekday or weekend moving is better for you is to think of your priorities.

    As for moving on a weekend, here are some of the pros and cons:

    • You’re less likely to miss work, and your kids are less likely to miss school when moving on a weekend.
    • However, moving companies have more work on weekends, which affects moving costs and availability.
    • Depending on where you live and such, you’re likely to avoid traffic jams on the weekend which will save time.
    • You will, unfortunately, have less time to unpack after moving on a weekend.
    • If you need to find a place for your family to stay, your friends and family will be able to pitch in during the weekend.

    What you choose is entirely up to you and your needs, time, and schedule

    Before you decide on when to move, there are some other things to consider. When looking for a moving company on any day of the week, make sure they’re licensed by the FMCSA. A weekday and weekend move can always be smooth sailing with the help of professional, reputable movers.

    The same goes if you’re just looking for a company that offers moving supplies in Orange County CA and the area. The better the reviews and testimonials, the more likely you’ll have a pleasant weekday or weekend move. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about potential discounts and any policies regarding cancelation and the like. It’s always better to know what to do in case of an emergency: you might have to reschedule your weekday move for the weekend, so it’s good to know what your options are. Moving companies like Family Affair Moving are here to help you, and if answering questions is what it takes to make your move better, we will gladly do it.

    movers ready to help you with weekday and weekend moving
    No matter when you move, our movers can help you.

    So, is weekday or weekend moving better for your needs and budget? Only you can answer that question and make your move better. You can also consult Family Affair Moving to get all the help and answers you need. You can get a free moving quote on our website, but you can also contact us in many other ways. We hope we can assist you with your weekend or weekday move!


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