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    Many people think that organizing a move on their own is much easier and cheaper. From the point of view of someone moving for the first time in their life, packing and moving may seem simple. However, moving can often be complicated, especially if you are moving long distance. Therefore, it is better to hire long distance movers Orange County CA, to assist you with your upcoming relocation. A good moving company will not only help you organize but also give advice if something goes wrong. Although it is best to hire professionals to finish their job, there are some items you should personally transport. Some companies can refuse to transport certain things. Those include your pets, expensive jewelry, valuable items, important documents, antiques… Even if the company agrees to move these things, still consider transporting these items on your own.

    Moving your pets

    Moving pets is a much more sensitive and complicated process than other relocations. It is because they are living beings who feel the slightest change around them. And often, they are not aware of what is happening. You need to carefully plan this move and do it in detail. Local relocations are certainly simpler and easier. They do not require the preparation of documents. It is different when it comes to international relocation. It requires numerous documents and medical certificates about vaccinations and the health condition of your pet. There are also unavoidable transit permits if the transport is done through several countries. For all this, you first need a lot of time.

    dogs in the car you should personally transport
    We advise you to consult with your veterinarian about what steps are needed when moving so that it goes through the best possible.

    You will want to save time, avoid stress, unnecessary complications, and administrative and customs procedures necessary for international relocations. A team of professionals with many years of experience from best moving companies Orange County will quickly and efficiently provide all the necessary documentation. However, you should do the transport itself. Pets are very sensitive to change and transporting with a moving company can increase their stress.

    Valuable items you should personally transport

    The relocation of jewelry, antiques, and artistic values ​​is one of the special relocations. They are expensive and very important items you should transport by yourself. You need to plan well and organize this type of relocation. Take into account every detail from the beginning to the end of the relocation process. The value, fragility, and often the age of antiques require careful handling and carrying. Carefully pack your goods in multi-layer protection with quality materials (multi-layer cardboard, various wraps, blankets…). You can always contact packing services Orange County CA to be sure your items are packed properly. So that you safely deliver each piece to the final location.

    Gold and diamond jewelry are items you should personally transport
    Jewelry can be easily stolen, so it is best to pack it yourself and keep it near you or mix it with clothes.

    Transporting documents by yourself

    As documents are of great value to each of us, we should not carry them in a bag with other things. It is necessary to pack documents in appropriate boxes and protect them properly. It is even better if they are with you in appropriate folders that protect against damage.

    Move plants on your own

    Plants improve the appearance of the space, be it a room, a garden, a porch, or a balcony. They are living creatures, and you must treat them with care and attention. Especially when it comes to moving. If you have decided on the help of movers Long Beach CA, most do not have insurance when it comes to plants. They are too sensitive and are most likely to be damaged. Some companies will not even allow the transport of plants. The only remaining option is to personally transport these items.

    Woman carrying a small crate with plants
    If you are thinking of renting a warehouse, we advise you not to store plants there.

    How to personally transport plants?

    Get sturdy boxes, line them with plastic, and put the plant inside. Pack the plants in boxes that will be large enough to close them without bending and breaking branches and trees. Put some insect repellent in the box. Find out about this in agricultural pharmacies. Put wet toilet paper on the leaves, because that way you will save moisture.  You should wrap tall plants in plastic. But drill holes in the nylon so they can breathe. Upon arrival at the destination, you should unpack the plants as soon as possible and make this a priority. To avoid breaking the tree, take the plants out from below, or cut the whole box. Give them time to get used to a new environment. If plants are an important part of your space and you love them, you will do your best to move them safely.

    Transport of hazardous materials

    Hazardous materials are those that can endanger human health, cause environmental contamination or cause material damage. They have dangerous properties for human health and the environment and are defined as such by law, other regulations, and international agreements. Based on their nature, their transport may be dangerous to safety. Therefore, many moving companies do not have permission to transport these materials. 

    • Guns and other firearms can not be transported by moving companies
    • Full gas cans, chemicals, and aerosol cans are flammable and therefore companies will not accept them
    • Paints are items you should personally transport
    • Batteries can explode and you must transport them yourself with care

    The best way to find out what items you should personally transport is to contact your chosen moving company. Ask them what items they do not move, so you can organize your own transportation. 


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