Main differences between long distance and local moves

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    Moving out of your place into a new home is a great adventure everyone gets excited over. If you are just moving out for the first time, then your excitement is even bigger. No matter what kind of relocation you are going towards, it needs a lot of work. Planning is everything when it comes to moving places. If you need help with planning you can hire moving helpers Orange County based for an easy move. Professionals are not here only to move your things, they can help you with packing, protecting, and storing everything. Differences between long distance and local moves become insignificant when moving to Orange County. Such diversity in a place offers everyone a pleasant place to live and enjoy. Good schools and new friends for kids and great job opportunities and nightlife for grownups.

    What are long distance and local moves?

    What if you don’t have experience with moving, you have never moved and you haven’t talked to anyone about the details of it? You might lack some knowledge about terms that are often used in the relocation business. Don’t worry, there is a lot of information that you can get from professionals. They will be happy to help you. But, let us get you familiar with the terms long distance and local moves for now.

    cars driving on highway
    Distance between your old and your new house is going to affect your relocation

    What is a local move?

    Moves are considered local only if you are moving to an area 50 miles around your old home. This means that you can move to another part of your city or area but if you go further than 50 miles, it’s not local. This can be confusing and is really good to know when planning a relocation. Surely you will have a budget made for your moving day and it can make a huge difference if you are moving locally or not. So, be sure to count this in when planning a moving budget.

    Generally, a local move is the most used service local moving companies Southern California offer. Sometimes people need to move their new furniture up the stairs in the building. Other times, you need to move a whole house 30 miles away. Both of these services fall under a local move. Usually, companies will charge hourly for a local move. Of course, some companies might do differently, so be sure to check with your chosen team of professionals.

    What is a long distance move?

    Knowing what is a local move, makes it easy to understand a long distance move as well. Long distance is when you are moving to a neighborhood that is over 50 miles far from your old house. Long distance moves are naturally different from local moves. We will see the main differences between long distance and local moves so you have enough information to plan. Some of the differences will impact the budget, some will not. But, it’s good to know them before your moving day. If you are planning on relocating by yourself, moving a long distance can be a bit harder to do. You will need to drive longer, and rent storage if you need one. It can take a lot more energy to pack everything as well, so think about packing services Orange County CA companies have.

    couple learning about differences between long distance and local moves
    Learning about the differences between long distance and local moves is an important part of planning

    Differences between long distance and local moves

    The main difference is obviously the distance you are moving. Local moves are considered to be easier simply because there is not such a distance between points. But, this doesn’t have to be true. Every relocation is different, and every relocation requires special attention you will get from a professional moving company. Local moves can sometimes be called intrastate moves, whereas long distance moves can be called interstate moves. Intrastate means that you are staying in the same state, and interstate that you are crossing a border. This is not always the case, but it’s good to be familiar with those terms as well.

    As has been mentioned, when you move locally, you will usually be charged hourly. A company will decide how many people should be working on your relocation based on the estimate. When you move long distances, most companies will charge you at a flat rate. They will take the distance between the houses into account. As well as the weight of the load, meaning how much stuff you have to transport. You can get an estimate from long distance movers Orange County CA has to offer. Oftentimes, the estimate is free, but keep in mind the price can be different.

    Other important differences

    Moving to a new state can mean that you are going to need some documents. Different states have different laws and regulations, and you will need to know them in advance. Your moving company can take care of this for you so you can relax. Local moves do not require something like this.

    Starting a life in a new state can also influence your health plan, and your residency and you will need to change your driver’s license. In order to not rush this and feel overstimulated by everything you need to get done, plan. Thinking of details like this when moving long distances will help you a lot.

    When you move long distances, you might also have a need for a storage unit. This will be easy to rent if you are using the right moving company. To keep yourself stress-free, opt for storage units that have good security. This will ease your mind about leaving your things someplace.

    pen on a document
    Moving to a new state requires changing some of the important documents

    How to prepare for a local or long distance move?

    Now that you know the differences between long distance and local moves you can easily start preparing. Calling a company and asking for an estimate on your relocation is not a difficult task. All you need to know is how to categorize your move and approximately what you are transporting. After that, you can start the process of packing and get excited about the new start of your life.


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