Moving fragile items: DIY way vs. professional movers

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    Moving fragile items is one of the hardest processes to go through when relocating. Firstly, you will have to be very careful not to break anything in the process. Secondly, you will probably feel more stressed than you should be. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of packing fragile items by yourself or by hiring help. For instance, if you have a piano you want to move – you should probably rely on piano movers Orange County, CA to help you adequately prepare for the move. When it comes to big and bulky items that have fragile nature we suggest always opting for professional assistance in that field. If you, by any chance, decide to do it yourself, you should be very careful about how you pack it.

    Moving fragile items – How can you do it?

    Now, there are several ways in which you can approach packing your items for the move. Moreover, packing is an important part of the process because it will help you maintain the condition of the items you own. More importantly, it will secure the longevity of those items and reduce the chances of stress or financial loss if those items break. Of course, if you do not have enough experience with this type of relocation, you can always hire Southern California movers to help you prepare.

    a couple taping and labelling boxes when moving fragile items
    If you want to prepare your items for relocation you should make sure you apply enough protective materials to them

    DIY item relocation:

    • You will save more money doing so
    • It gives you more control over the situation
    • Your items might not be as protected as they should

    Professional movers item relocation:

    • Highly efficient
    • Higher chance for adequate protection while packing
    • Can come off a bit pricey

    You should always consider both sides of the process and opt for the one you find more appealing.

    DIY moving fragile items

    If you decide to do the packing and moving, you need to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this process. More importantly, you have to know how well you can prepare bulky, fragile items if you want to do it yourself. If you have experience with these types of processes, you can always try and do it yourself.

    You will save more money doing so

    The first advantage of moving items yourself is that you will not have to spend money on hiring professional packers. That being said, you will have to acquire all the material you need and devote time to make sure everything is safe. Paying someone to pack your items for you might come out a bit too pricey.

    a person sitting and holding a couple of dolalr bills in their hands
    If you are moving on a budget you should consider packing yourself as you can save money that way

    If you want to save money you should do it yourself. You can embark on this process if you are someone who has relocation experience and knows how things usually work in these situations.

    It will give you more control over the situation

    Because relocation is an overwhelming process, by packing yourself you will be able to organize your time the way you like it. Hiring others to pack for you might interrupt your plans and create a messy situation. By organizing your time you will be able to control every aspect of this process throughout. More importantly, you can create a developed plan of action that will help you stay on track throughout the whole process. Because it can become quite overwhelming, you want to make sure you control every aspect of the move.

    Your items might not be as protected as they should

    The first real disadvantage of approaching this process DIY is the lack of experience. More importantly, the ability to understand how well you have to protect certain items. This can create a stressful situation which can lead to unexpecting errors or additional costs. Make sure you are aware of the condition your items require. Moreover, what protection they need to arrive in one piece.

    Professional movers moving fragile items

    Hiring a professional moving company to help you overcome most of the obstacles you will find when relocating. Although there are different DIY relocation pros and cons, if you are not certain about your ability to adequately protect your items – you should hire professional movers to do it for you.

    Highly efficient

    The first advantage of hiring professionals to help you pack is that they will be highly efficient during this process. This means that they will utilize their experience to finish the job quickly and properly. We advise you to opt for this solution if you have little to no experience with packing items of fragile nature. Especially if you are relocating in a hurry and need to save as much time as possible.

    Higher chance for adequate protection while packing

    Because movers relocate on an almost daily basis, they will be able to provide the best protection for your items. This means that they will eliminate any chances of unexpecting issues and prepare your items for the move. More importantly, movers will obtain all the materials they need to pack your items in a proper manner.

    a cheramics statue of Buddha in a wrapping paper inside a shoe box
    If you are someone who does not have a lot of experience with packing items that are fragile you should definitely consider hiring professionals

    By hiring movers you will be able to focus on other things regarding relocation while they pack your items.

    Can come off a bit pricey

    The biggest issue you might find with hiring professionals for moving fragile items is that they can come off a bit pricey. Namely, hiring movers for additional services will increase your expenses. Of course, you can always consult your moving budget and see if this is something you can afford. Paying more than usual is something that might help you go through this process more smoothly. Especially if you have little time to move or have other things to do. It is a great way to de-stress and remain focused during relocation.



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