Moving from Anaheim to Whittier – pros and cons

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    California is a state in the US that everyone has heard about. Its nickname, The Golden State, really describes all the good sides that it offers to its residents. It is the third-largest state land-wise and the most populous state in the country. Over 39 million people call it home, which means that one in eight residents of the USA calls California home. It has 482 cities in total and 58 counties. Two counties that we will talk about today are Orange and Los Angeles County, more precisely about one place in each, Anaheim and Whittier. Reputable moving companies Orange CA teams suggest contacting them if you plan on moving from Anaheim to Whittier.

    What are some facts to keep in mind when moving from Anaheim to Whittier?

    Anaheim is a city, while Whittier is a suburb of one of the bigger cities in California, Los Angeles. The population in the city is 353,000 while 85,000 call Whittier home. Both are urban areas, that tend to get crowded during the busier parts of the day. Since California is so popular, many cities have seen an increase in population, which resulted in diverse populations in both places. This is mostly thanks to the local moving companies Southern California has to offer and the high-quality services. Both are liberal places that many young people and families call home. But even though the places are somewhat similar, you will also experience a few changes when moving from Anaheim to Whittier.

    Picture of a couple getting ready for moving from Anaheim to Whittier
    California has always had a population increase

    If you make Whittier your home, you will get to experience some major benefits and bad sides

    Even though the two places are just 20 miles apart, you will notice some changes. Apart from moving closer to downtown LA, there are other benefits that you will experience if you hire professionals and see what moving companies Anaheim has to offer. Read on to find out more.

    Housing prices are more affordable and job opportunities are numerous in Whittier

    The two places are close apart, but the price that you will pay for buying or renting a home differ. The difference might not be much, but it is worth mentioning. The national average is $229,800, while in Anaheim the median home value is $602,400. In Whittier, it is $598,000. If you don’t want to commit, renting an apartment is always a good option. You can expect to pay on average $1,750 in the sooner and $1,410 in the latter. But our movers Whittier CA can help you get from point A to point B for an affordable price.

    Big cities always used to attract people thanks to their abundance of job opportunities. LA keeps doing that even today, that’s to its major industries, which are:

    • Service Industry
    • Healthcare
    • Research
    • Finance

    Having a career in one of these industries can almost guarantee you a job, and the income is also higher than the national average of $65,000. The median household income in Whittier is $76,000, and some of the highest paying jobs in LA are financial and marketing manager.

    The educational system in Whittier could be of better quality

    This suburb of LA has 8 elementary schools and two middle schools. The quality of these schools is described are above average, but you should only pick places with high-quality education if you are moving with kids. When comparing the schools in Whittier and Anaheim, they are both described as above average.

    Picture of wooden cubes with letters on a white surface
    Moving from Anaheim to Whittier won’t bring much change to the quality of education

    Moving from Anaheim to Whittier will be easier with a skilled team by your side

    Local movers are considered to be easier than long-distance ones, but moving from Anaheim to Whittier will pose some unique challenges. But if you have a team of skilled, experienced professionals by your side, you will have a more enjoyable moving experience. We wish you good luck and a peaceful transition!


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