Moving from Newport Beach to Anaheim – The ultimate moving guide

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    Anaheim is a city located only 20 miles from Newport Beach, which makes it an ideal place for those who don’t want to be separated from family and friends. In addition, Anaheim has a lot of good life opportunities that this move can bring you. Like excellent business opportunities, a more comfortable life with lower living costs, and plenty of entertainment opportunities. This combination makes Anaheim one of the favorite moving destinations for people from Newport Beach. Because even if they are close, these two places are different in some things. So, if you have decided to move from Newport Beach to Anaheim, regardless of the short distance, you need professional help. And for this reason, moving companies Southern California are here for you and ready to provide you with all kinds of help and quality moving services.

    Welcome to Anaheim

    Anaheim is a beautiful city located in Orange County, California. According to Niche data, this city has a population of 348,204 residents and based on that Anaheim it’s the 10th most populous city in California. As we said at the beginning, Anaheim is known for its excellent living opportunities, but also for being the home of Disneyland Resort. This also makes it one of the most visited cities in its surroundings. What is special about this city is the cultural heritage it has. For example, in this city, you can visit Anaheim Packing District, which offers excellent restaurants, and cafes.

    Disneyland Resort in Anaheim
    What makes Anaheim recognizable is the Disneyland Resort.

    Also, Anaheim is home to some great neighborhoods that can be really good options for all ages. When we talk about the population, it’s important to point out that the largest percentage of the population is made up of young people aged 24 to 35, 16%, as well as older young people aged 35 to 44, 14%, but also a significant number of residents are children under the age of 10, and that’s 13%. This means that Anaheim is an excellent choice for young people, young professionals, and families. If you are planning to move here, before contacting movers Anaheim, consider some of the neighborhoods that we will present to you. These are Anaheim Hills, Platinum Triangle, West Anaheim, and Anaheim Colony Historic District. These are just a few great places, but before you decide, visit them!

    What moving from Newport Beach to Anaheim can bring you?

    What you must know is that every city is different, even if every city offers different life opportunities. For example, one of the main differences between Newport Beach and Anaheim is the cost of living. For example, Newport Beach is known for its really high cost of living, which according to data from is 353.1/100 of the national average, while Anaheim is almost twice as cheap and has a cost index of 153.8/100. So what is certain is that this move will bring you a more favorable life.

    Anaheim downtown
    Anaheim doesn’t have a beach like Newport Beach, but it does have a beautiful downtown.

    Also, Anaheim, like Newport Beach, offers excellent business opportunities, but the industries are different. So, compared to Newport Beach, Anaheim offers jobs in the world of healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism. While Newport Beach is a place whose economy is based on a strong finance and real estate sector. If you decide to leave this place, movers Newport Beach is at your disposal. And also, one more difference is that when you decide to move, you will have to live with the beautiful beaches of Newport Beach, but you will have the opportunity to enjoy theme parks and sports activities. and various entertainment options.

    Must-visit attractions and activities in Anaheim

    We said that Disneyland is one of Anaheim’s biggest attractions, which also makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations. But the fun doesn’t end there. This fantastic city offers much more. So, here is a list of interesting things to do in Anaheim:

    • Have all-day fun at the Disneyland Resort which offers two theme parks, hotels, and a shopping district.
    • Go to Angel Stadium of Anaheim and enjoy tours as well as games during the baseball season.
    • Visit Honda Center, which offers you concerts, shows, and sports events.
    • Visit Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center and learn about history.
    • Enjoy Anaheim GardenWalk which offers a shopping district.
    • And jump into an adventure in Flightdeck Flight Simulation Centre.

    This is just one part of the fun that this city has to offer. Keep in mind that there are many more fun activities and places to visit after you move.

    What are the best ways to move from Newport Beach to Anaheim?

    Considering the short distance, in some situations, it’s really possible to opt for a DIY move. But such a move carries with it a lot of risks. Starting from the fact that the chances of damaging your things are greater, all the way to the fact that you can get stuck in the middle of the process. That is why the ideal way would be to hire professionals who will handle your moving with ease. At any time you can get help from local moving companies Southern California that will provide you with stress-free moving, and make sure that your belongings are safely moved from Newport Beach to Anaheim.

    mom and daughter packing for moving to Anaheim
    Regardless of the distance, moving from Newport Beach to Anaheim requires professional help!

    Moving tips for a smooth move

    What we have also prepared for you are some excellent moving tips. Therefore, we advise you to start planning your move immediately after making the decision. Organize your time and hire professional movers. Also, it’s very important to get enough moving supplies before packing, as well as to declutter your home and sort your belongings. These are some of the tips that will really make the whole thing easier for you!

    If you are ready, start your move to Anaheim from Newport Beach

    As we already mentioned several times, moving from Newport Beach to Anaheim can be a good decision. Anaheim is a wonderful city with a lot of life opportunities, and most importantly a lower cost of living in addition to Newport Beach. So, if you are sure about your decision you can start your move. And, don’t forget to hire moving professionals!




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