Moving from San Clemente to Anaheim – What to expect

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    Nowadays, moving from San Clemente to Anaheim has become quite popular. There are several reasons for this, albeit both places are great for a nice life. In the moving industry, like in many other places, it all gets down to what people prefer. And honestly, there are a lot of great reasons to like Anaheim, which we will cover. Moreover, it’s not like it’s hard to move between the two! There are a little over 37 miles over the two, so just any Southern California movers can help you. And that’s another important reason! Lots of people move to Anaheim, simply because it is so easy to do it with a good and professional moving company. Finding work in Anaheim is easy enough, and that coupled with an easy relocation is a no-brainer.

    Do San Clemente and Anaheim look alike?

    Whereas San Clemente has around 64,000 residents, Anaheim has over 340,000! That’s one major difference between the two cities. Thanks to this, it’s natural that Anaheim offers a more urban lifestyle and many more opportunities and choices. When you compare the two, San Clemente has a much more of a small-town feel to it. That might not sit well with some people, but others will love it! Depending on what you prefer, both cities might appeal to you. But it’s certainly one of the reasons for moving to Anaheim. Thanks to the fact they’re super close to each other, you’re not gaining or losing anything there. They’re in an almost similar geographical position, so it’s all just small details that vary. Traveling between the two is fairly easy.

    Husband and wife with their kids after moving from San Clemente to Anaheim.
    Lots of families settle in Anaheim after exploring various Southern California options.

    When it comes to actually living in Anaheim, you’ll find that it has a lot of great neighborhoods!  For example, Anaheim Hills is one of the easily recognizable master-planned communities. It’s surrounded by lots of beautiful vegetation and has a view of the mountains. On the other side, Anaheim Colony Historic District might be preferred by some. It gives more of a historical-traditional vibe to the area since it was founded in 1857 and retains lots of its history.  Both of these neighborhoods are quite popular as movers Anaheim teams of experts suggest, so you won’t make a mistake with either of the two. And there are other options, as well! Researching your options is going to be something you’ll simply need to do when thinking about moving to Anaheim. It’s a large city, and there are lots of options out there.

    Costs of living to consider when moving from San Clemente to Anaheim

    When looking at housing options in the two cities, you might be surprised that Anaheim has lower prices! According to Zillow, the median house value in Anaheim is $843,219, whereas San Clemente’s is $1,562,661. That’s one big reason why moving from San Clemente to Anaheim is so popular! You can find houses for almost half the price. For only a 40 miles drive! That’s a total steal.  Moreover, taxes are about the same so there’s nothing to worry about in that regard. As you can see, housing options are another big factor when it comes to deciding between the two cities. Orange County residential movers know very well how much this influences people to change their place of residence. But that’s not the end of it.

    A woman being on her laptop while outside.
    Research the local prices and costs before moving to Anaheim, and you’ll quickly see why people prefer it over San Clemente!

    When you look t some official statistics, like those at Best Places, you’ll see that the two cities are quite similar. San Clemente is somewhat smaller but appears to be richer. If you can find a great job in Anaheim, it could offer you everything you need for a nice life. And having a smaller commuter teme in Anaheim is a nice addition, no one likes being in the car the whole day. When it comes to grocery shopping:

    • Around $400 a month for a single person,
    • Around $1200 a month for a family with a single kid after moving from San Clemente to Anaheim,
    • The prices can go lower based on the kind you eat.

    What does the local economy look like?

    Over the past year, the job market in Anaheim has grown by 0.6%. Future job growth is anticipated to be 32.5% during the next ten years. This, coupled with low taxes allows for a pretty good economic environment! The city also has a strong presence in the technological sector, including offices for firms like AT&T, Broadcom, and Fujitsu. That also applies to the manufacturing, healthcare, and tourism sectors. All in all, lots of people who use movers San Clemente offers said they relocated because of a good job opportunity in Anaheim. And there’s a lot of those!

    A group of people looking at some paperwork together
    Moving from San Clemente to Anaheim is going to open up a lot of great job opportunities for you and your family.

    Approach the problem systematically

    If you want to look for jobs in the area, you should start researching the market early. It’s a good idea to track where you’ve applied, so you can approach the problem in a systematic manner. This is also going to help you get everything done on time. Moreover, thanks to the fact Anaheim’s economy is growing, always be on the lookout for new opportunities. It’s a great idea to apply to as many places as you can, and then wait for whoever gets back to you. This is going to allow you to have a lot of choices to choose from in the end. And if you land a good job, relocating to Anaheim is going to be ten times easier!

    Moving from San Clemente to Anaheim – is it a good idea?

    As you can see, there are a lot of differences, as well as similarities, between the two cities. In the end, it all boils down to what you want out of your city. Both cities have great school options for your kids and strong economies. San Clemente is smaller albeit richer, and Anaheim is bigger and with many great opportunities. You won’t make a mistake by moving from San Clemente to Anaheim, but it’s not a mistake to stay, either. in the end, local moving companies Southern California offers have relocated people both ways. Choose whatever works best for your family, and stay committed to that!





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