Moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim: what to expect

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    About 25 miles southeast of Los Angeles, you will find the city of Anaheim. Founded in the 1800s by German-American settlers, the city was formally a wine colony. Today, Anaheim is developing into a bustling, thriving city full of diversity and various activities. Moreover, if you are planning on moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim, consider hiring one of the best moving companies Orange County has to offer and let them help you pack and prepare.

    The city of Anaheim is located in Orange County. Some people call it “the happiest place on Earth”. This is mostly due to the fact that the city is often associated with Disneyland, which is in the area. The Mediterranean climate, a plethora of beaches, constant sunny weather, and various fun outdoor activities are just some of the reasons people are moving to the area. The city has around 350.000 residents from various backgrounds and cultures.

    Moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim: Pros and cons

    Anaheim is the most populous city in Orange County and tenth in the state of California. Due to its location, many people call it the heart of California. However, not every city is going to meet the needs of thousands of people deciding to move there.

    a road near an ocean one can pass through when moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim
    The beauty of California, in general, is certain, however, you need to know whether you will fit the lifestyle of it

    If you plan on moving to the area, hire Anaheim movers to help you adequately prepare for the relocation. You need to be aware of the ins and outs of the city you plan on moving to if you want to have an easy settling process. So, what are some pros and cons you should expect when moving to the city?

    The pros of living in Anaheim

    • The weather: As one could expect, one of the main advantages of moving to California is being constantly showered with sunlight and warm weather. As it is with most Southern California cities, you can expect to enjoy the Sun all year round.
    • Good economy: The city’s unemployment rate is around 2.4%, while the national average is around 3.9%. As there are a lot of tourists, the economy of the area relies on that and can offer a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry.
    • Diversity: Because the city attracts people from different backgrounds and countries, diversity allows residents to have a relaxing and open lifestyle. This can help you settle down easier.

    The cons of living in Anaheim

    • Can be costly: It is estimated that living in the city is approximately 50% more expensive than the national average. However, living in Anaheim is cheaper than living in L.A.
    • Be ready for tourists: Because it is “the happiest place on Earth”, you should expect to run into a lot of tourists throughout the year. For instance, it is estimated that there are around 19 million tourists each year visiting the city.
    • Crowds and traffic: Because the city is the most populous in Orange County, expect crowds wherever you go. On top of that, living in the city with a lot of people also means having issues with the traffic on a daily basis. As they say, the city has two moods: “busy” and “less busy”.

    Moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim: What should you expect?

    Now that you are aware of some advantages and disadvantages of the city, you can know what to expect when you move. That is, you know some of the basic elements that might affect your relocation and settling process.

    a couple looking at a laptop while sitting in a packed room
    Do a deeper investigation on what you should expect when moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim

    However, to extend this knowledge, we will be talking about other things you should be aware of while moving to the City of Anaheim. If you are still uncertain about whether to move to the area and require more information, we will gladly provide it to you.

    Housing options

    If you are planning on buying a house in the area, prepare for some competition. The housing market in the city is highly competitive. However, around 50% (49.8% to be precise), are renting their homes instead of owning them. One of the main reasons might be that the average house value in Anaheim is around $627.000. Now, once you compare that to the national average of $244.000, you might understand why people choose to rent instead of buying a home. Moreover, neighborhoods like Northwest Anaheim, West Anaheim, Anaheim Resort, Southwest Anaheim, and Southeast Anaheim can offer cheaper home values for those who seek them.

    The cost of living

    The living index of residents in Anaheim is significantly larger than the national average. This means that you might need a little more money to have a decent lifestyle in the city. The median household income is around $60.000 while the national average is around $63.000.

    a family watchin the sunset from the docks
    If you plan on moving in with your family, make sure you will be able to afford it

    According to recent polls, a family with, at least two children, will have to earn around $8.6000 per month. Or $104.500 per year to be able to afford a decent lifestyle in the city. Moreover, if moving, hiring movers, like movers Santa Ana, can actually help you save more money during the relocation process.

    Relocating from Santa Ana to Anaheim: The economy of the city

    Although the state of California has an unemployment rate of around 4%, the city of Anaheim has around 2.7%. Some of the leading industries in the area are tourism, manufacturing, business, retail trade, and healthcare. This data can help you understand whether or not you should find a job in the area. Moreover, if you plan on doing so, make sure you update your resume and practice your interview skills. The state of California, in general, has a quite competitive job market. This means that, if you want to find your dream job, moving from Santa Ana to Anaheim will make you work hard for and be ready at all times for new challenges.

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