Moving in the rain: how to survive?

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    A rainy day can bring lots of trouble whenever you’re moving. Depending on what you’ve stored inside – it can become a real problem. Imagine you’re moving some precious and expensive artwork with you – you definitely wouldn’t want that to get ruined. In any case, while that’s an extreme example, it shows how rain can ruin your plans. Luckily, there are some things you can do to minimize the effects. As one of the best movers on the market, Family Affair Moving Orange County, knows what it takes to have a good move. By following these tips, moving in the rain is not going to be a problem. You will be able to relocate fairly quickly without getting everything wet.

    Follow the weather forecast and try avoiding the rainy days

    This might seem rather obvious, but do try to avoid moving on a rainy day in the first case. Generally, forecasts are going to be able to provide you with accurate estimates up to one or two weeks in advance. Check if the moving company you’re using can be a little bit flexible about the exact date. If not, you’re out of luck if it’s going to rain that day. In case you’re doing a DIY move, on the other hand, then moving your moving day can be a bit easier. Generally, it’s safer and better to avoid a rainy day than to take other precautionary measures to avoid getting everything wet. In any case, before you start thinking about how to move during the rain, try to see if you can avoid it altogether.

    Person riding a bicycle during a rainy day.
    Rain can ruin a lot of our plans, but there are some things we can do to overcome it.

    Moving during a rainy day is a huge drawback to an off-season move

    Nowadays, there are lots of people wondering why moving during the off-season is bad. Well, one of the biggest reasons is the weather, and consequently lots of frequent rainy days. If you want to avoid moving during the rain, then you’re best off scheduling your moving day during the regular moving season. That falls somewhere around the summer, give or take a month or two. Naturally, moving during the off-season is going to be cheaper, but there are other drawbacks you might not expect. In any case, avoiding an off-season move is going to make the probability of moving during a rainy day smaller.

    Buy lots of plastic wrapping for your boxes

    The great thing about plastic is that water cannot get through it. If you’re certain that it’s going to be pouring on your moving day, wrapping up your moving boxes in protective material is going to be a must. Since most people are using card boxes for moving, they can literally fall apart altogether if they get overly wet. While that’s not likely to happen as you won’t leave them in rain for 20 minutes, it’s still a good idea not to get them wet at all. You can consult with moving companies offering packing services Orange County CA. Try seeing with them what they recommend when it comes to moving during bad weather. If you’re getting your moving boxes through them, seek out what alternative to normal card boxes they offer.

    A plastic bag with some things inside.
    Use plastic wrapping or even trash bags to protect your things when moving in the rain.

    Another alternative to plastic is moving blankets. You can find them all over the internet and for good prices. But just be aware that the blankets are going to be able to protect your boxes from all the rain. For total protection, it’s generally recommended to use something made out of plastic. If you don’t want to overcomplicate things, using normal trash bags is going to work. Just wrap the whole boxes in a single bag, or use two if it’s an abnormally large box. That should do for a quick carryover from the house to the moving truck.

    Try getting all of your stuff to the front door, or better yet into the garage when moving during the rain

    One way to avoid the rain is to get everything you got close to the exit of your current home. It’s going to take a bit of physical work, but it should be worth it. Even though your boxes are unlikely to get damaged if you just carry them over from the front door to the truck, another bad thing is the muddy footwear. Yes, you’re moving out of that home – but you probably don’t want to leave it all muddy and dirty. Alternatively, you don’t want to spend an additional hour just cleaning the floors. That’s why thinking about such things in advance is going to help you survive on a rainy day. Consult with your Orange County residential movers if their crew can get everything done without bringing mud into your home.

    Other tips you might want to follow when organizing the carry-out of your items while it’s raining:

    • Get some of your friends to make a line. One person can be moving the boxes out of the house to the door, another from the door to the moving truck.
    • If you’re only getting the items from the front door to the truck, your boxes probably won’t need a lot of protection. Just wipe them down after putting them in the truck.
    • Try not to get the bottom of the truck muddy and dirty, since that’s surely going to damage the boxes over a long-distance move.
    • Moving in the rain means improvising – maybe it’s going to be easier to get your boxes through the windows? Or the moving truck can park in your garage. Be creative about it.
    • If you’re doing a DIY move, be careful about how you drive during the rain.
    Some things packed inside of moving truck, for moving in the rain.
    Talk with your moving company about what they recommend when moving on a rainy day.

    Check out with your movers how they can help when moving during the rain

    Your local moving company might also have some options and services for moving in the rain. Check out what options they offer. In any case, you also need to think about your furniture. That might be the hardest thing when it comes to moving during the rain. Moving boxes can be easily wiped off, and protected with wrappings. But a sofa, for example, can be a little bit hard to dry. That’s why you should focus on getting your furniture as protected as possible. Get in contact with the furniture movers Orange County and see if they’d be able to help you. Using trash bags on furniture is also a good idea. In any case, explore as many different ways and solutions as possible.


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