Moving on a budget: can it be done?

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    We all know that moving house isn’t going to be free. No matter if you’re moving on your own, or you decide to ask local movers Orange County to help you, there will be expenses you have to pay. From getting packing supplies, to the gas you’ll spend driving to the new home, it’s all there. That is why it is very important that you devise a detailed moving budget. Even if you haven’t got much savings to invest in your relocation, moving on a budget is still possible. Let’s show you how it can be done!

    woman counting money while moving on a budget
    When you incorporate a few tricks and tips into your move, you can save some money and still be able to relocate!

    What you need to consider when moving on a budget

    First things first, let’s talk about ways to increase your tight moving budget. The most common one is to organize a yard sale prior to your moving day. Let’s be honest, we all have items in our house that we rarely use and that we shouldn’t relocate. Take some time to go through everything and sell the ones you no longer need. You’ll not only make a few people happy, but you’ll add a couple of hundred dollars to your moving budget! This addition can help you get extra moving services, such as hiring professional packers to give you a hand in packing for the move.

    Secondly, you should always do good research on all moving companies Orange County. There are so many companies in the industry, and they will all offer different quotes. For instance, if you are moving locally, you should hire the movers that are close to you, and you might end up with a smaller bill. Not only that, but try to reserve your moving crew and moving date months in advance. Some companies will give discounts to people who call early!

    Be flexible with your moving time

    In case you are not moving at the last minute, you should really reconsider your moving date. Moving in the off-season (in the fall and winter) is a lot cheaper than moving in the spring and summer. That’s because the movers aren’t as busy and they will end up lowering their price. Not only that but moving on the weekends is also more expensive than moving during the workweek. Also, agreeing to move early in the morning can sometimes make a difference in the price as well!

    planner, coffee and a watch on a desk
    Planning your relocation is the key to moving on a budget! Just start on time and be very careful with the way you spend your money.

    All in all, there are many ways to organize moving on a budget. You do not have to spend a fortune to relocate your family! Moving can definitely be affordable, but you need to plan it carefully. Once you start organizing your move on time and do a lot of research, you can see where you can cut corners and save a few pennies. 


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