Moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets – Which is better

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    Pets are irreplaceable family members for many good reasons. Therefore, when you are moving to another place with moving companies Orange CA, your pet will follow. Now, while pets can adapt to any surroundings, you should also take into consideration their need when searching for a new home. California is not only a nice place for people, but also for pets. You can find many pet-specific activities such as beaches and trails for dogs. It can be expected nothing less from a state that is the number one tourist destination in the country with around 250 million tourists each year. As pets fare the best in smaller cities without too many crowds such as Los Angeles, you should consider moving to smaller towns such as Villa Park or Santa Ana. For this reason, here are a few differences between moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets.

    Moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets – how to make a decision?

    It is not fair to judge a city without a visit and research first. Additionally, Villa Park and Santa Ana are cities with completely different vibes. Santa Ana is about 60 times bigger than Villa Park, so living styles are bound to be different. Some people prefer bigger cities and a faster lifestyle while others like a more relaxed style and smaller cities. For this reason, you should first figure out what kind of lifestyle you would like in the future. Moving to a smaller city is easier than moving to a bigger one because of fewer crowds and traffic. Of course, furniture movers Orange County are capable of bringing your furniture to any location without a problem no matter the size of the city. Now, pets will adapt to any home and city you choose. They more care about being fed on time and having regular cuddles.

    litter of dogs next to pink wall
    Moving with your pets is not hard but actually fun

    Is Villa Park a good place for living?

    Villa Park is the smallest city in Orange County with a population of only around 5000. The city is mostly made of big single-family homes which are perfect for people with kids and pets. Apartments and condos are non-existent in this city and everything is within walking distance. Villa Park mostly gets five-star ratings from its residents and it’s usually described as a hidden jewel. As the town has close-knitted residents, it’s a safe and quiet place where you can live comfortably and without much stress. You will probably meet most of the residents during a walk with your dog. The residents are mostly friendly and welcoming, and according to one of the best movers Villa Park CA has on offer you won’t have a problem fitting in. Moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets are both good options, but Villa Park has a little bit of an advantage if you have a dog.

    The cost of living in Villa Park

    Finance usually plays the biggest role in choosing a new place for living. Unfortunately, California is one of the most expensive states in the county. Taxes are one of the worst in the state and real estate prices are also very high. The cost of living is exceptionally high in bigger cities, but small ones are also close behind. Therefore, Villa Park is not cheaper than any other city in California. The median home value is around $1,000,000, but most houses are big and have pools. Additionally, all other living costs are higher than the national average. However, Villa Park has many advantages for living and reasons why people from other states are moving here with help of one of the best long distance movers Orange County CA. It’s a beautiful small town that is perfect for raising kids and taking care of your pets.

    a person sitting on coins and reading about moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets
    Moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets – Villa Park has high living costs

    Is Santa Ana a good place for living?

    Santa Ana is a much bigger city than Villa Park as it has a population of more than 300 000. Also, Santa Ana is the county seat and the second most populous city in Orange County. Therefore, the city has a more urban lifestyle with many more entertainment options than Villa Park. One thing that you can expect from Santa Ana is the diversity that can be seen in every aspect of the city’s lifestyle. Latin population takes the largest percent in the racial makeup of Santa Ana with 72%. Movers Santa Ana and most residents describe the city as a nice place for living that has its pros and cons. The biggest problem currently living in Santa Ana is the crime rate. While crime rates are not drastically bigger than in any other bigger city, you should still be careful when walking alone in the dark.

    How much money do you need to live in Santa Ana?

    Santa Ana is also an expensive city for living just like most of California. So, before you decide to book moving services Orange County CA, you should sort out your budget. However, the real estate prices are a little bit more affordable in Villa Park. The median home value is around $500 000 which is double the price in Villa Park. But, unlike in Villa Park where almost all residents own their homes, the renting and owning ratio in Santa Ana is much more similar with 46% and 56% ratios. The median renting prices are around $2,300 which is not so high for a city of this size. Other living costs are similar to the rest of California. Santa Ana and Villa Park have some similarities such as welcoming and friendly residents. You will get the feeling that everybody knows everyone and you will also meet new people soon enough after you finish your relocation.

    a person using their debit card while thinking of moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets
    Santa Ana also has high living costs

    Moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with a pet- what can you do in Santa Ana with your pet?

    Everyone who has moved with a pet knows how hard sometimes it can be to find a pet-friendly apartment. Landlords usually don’t allow pets as they fear that pets will destroy furniture or do physiological needs in the apartment. However, there are a good number of pet-friendly apartments available in Santa Ana. There are apartments of every size from one-bedroom to three or four. You will be able to find a nice big apartment to fit the piano that you moved with piano movers Orange County CA. Additionally, there are many pet-friendly activities for you and your pet in the city and surrounding places. Dogs absolutely love water. For this reason, you can take your dog to the Santa Ana River Trail. Some of the nearby dog-friendly places are Rosie’s Dog Beach, Fun Zone Boat Company, Laguna Beach Dog Park, etc.

    How to prepare for relocation with a pet?

    Moving your pet is not harder than any other relocation. It’s much harder to move with kids or prepare for office relocation. Kids have much more items than pets and more paperwork. While commercial movers Orange County can take care of office relocation, kids are the parents’ responsibility. Therefore, the easiest relocation to prepare between these three is the relocation with pets. Additionally, the moving preparation will depend on what kind of pet you own. It’s not the same moving with a dog or bunny. Dogs require much more attention and care than pets such as bunnies or hamsters. You will have to take your dog on daily walks even during moving preparation. Therefore, when moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets, you should do the following:

    • Stick to the routines
    • Visit your vet
    • Prepare your pet for transportation
    • Pack your pets’ belongings in an essential box
    dog at the beach
    Preparing for relocation with your pets is easier than preparing for some other types of relocation

    What are some rules and regulations in California for pets when moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets?

    If you are moving from another state to California with your pet, you will have to find out the rules and regulations about bringing pets from another state. The most frequently asked questions about animal importation are mostly about a health certificate. All pets must be healthy when entering California. Additionally, a health certificate is not needed if you don’t plan to sell your pet after relocation. However, even if California doesn’t require a health certificate for importing pets, some airline companies might demand one. For this reason, if you are planning to move to California by airplane, you should check the airplane company’s rules about transporting pets. Of course, the situation is much simpler when moving from one part of California to another. You won’t have to deal with these complications as you are traveling in the same state.

    Why should you stick with your pets’ routines?

    Pets also feel stress just like people and can get sick from it. Cats and dogs are very territorial animals and relocation is going to be a huge change for them. Additionally, any change in their routine can cause stress and health problems. For this reason, you should try to stick with your pet’s routine even during moving preparation. This means that if you take your dog for a walk at 6 a.m. every morning, you should keep doing it. Meals should always be on time and also find time to play with your dog or car. Extra cuddling time is more than welcome during moving preparation. It can be hard sometimes to take time for your pet’s needs while you have a whole house to pack. For this reason, you should hire professional movers and have more time to focus on your pet.

    woman feeding cat and thinking of moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets
    Try to stick to your pet’s usual routines

    Why should you visit your vet?

    The best professional to help you when moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets is your vet. Your pet doesn’t have to have some health problems to take it to the vet before relocation. It’s very advisable to take your pet for a check-up before your relocation. Additionally, you can ask your vet about the ways to help your pet during transportation. Not all dogs and cats fare well during a car drive. Long car drives can cause extreme stress for some pets. For this reason, a vet can prescribe calming pills that will calm your pet during a car drive. Also, you should ask for a copy of your pet’s medical files and records. It’s a good idea to research vet clinics in your new city as you never know when an emergency will strike.

    Keep your pet away from professional movers

    Moving day can be very chaotic. If you add a very curious pet, some unfortunate mistakes can happen. Cats are usually loners by nature and they will probably hide somewhere when professional movers arrive. However, dogs are completely different than cats and they usually want to hang out with people. For this reason, your dog might interfere with professional movers’ work and they will need more time to finish packing your belongings. This option doesn’t work for you and professional movers. You will have to pay more because of longer working hours while professional movers might be late for the next appointment. For this reason, you should keep your pet away from professional movers so that they can finish in time. The best option is to take your pet to a completely different location such as your friend’s home.

    puppy laying down and resting
    Keep your pet in a different room when professional movers are packing your home

    Don’t forget to pack pets’ items into an essential box

    You should pack in essential box items that you will need during travel and in the first days after relocation before you unpack your items. Just like you pack your essential items, you should do the same for your pet. Food is the most important thing for pets, so make sure to pack their favorite treats and food. Also, you should pack some toys or blankets. Moving to Villa Park vs Santa Ana with pets is not hard if you make a good moving plan and start moving preparation in advance. Now, you only need to decide between these two cities. Both places have pros and cons just like any city. You should see which pros are more attractive to you and which cons you can live with. The decision is up to you now.



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