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    We know very well how stressful moving can be for people, but keep in mind that it can be an equally disturbing experience for pets. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a bird, or some other pet, you must not forget their feelings in your hustle and bustle, because every animal can perfectly notice and feel the change in everyday behavior. Of course, the whole relocation is much easier with Family Affair Moving. And that’s why today we’ll give you some tips on how to make moving with pets less stressful both for you – and your darling pet.

    Moving with pets can be challenging

    Of course, moving with pets can be challenging – especially if you move at the last minute. As you store your whole life in boxes, your pet may become upset and prone to abnormal behavior, such as excessive barking or meowing or urinating around the house. So pay attention to them and dedicate your time to make them feel better. If you hire a professional moving company, which takes over all the transporting work, then know that moving with a pet can be much easier. In addition, here are some useful tips on how you can help your pets more easily accept the move and adapt quickly to the new space.

    Today we’ll give you some tips on how to make moving with pets less stressful both for you – and your darling pet.

    Visit a veterinarian before changing location

    Visiting a veterinarian is especially important if you are moving long distance. In any case, you should microchip your dog or cat before relocating with your pet. During the move, your pet can be especially upset and distrustful of the new habitat, so it can easily slip through the door or get lost in a new environment. That is why it is very important to secure your pet just in case and find it easily in case such an unwanted situation occurs.

    Your veterinarian will definitely recommend a reliable clinic near your new place of residence, where you will be able to go as needed or for regular check-ups with your pet. In addition, it is important that the veterinarian examines your pet in detail before moving... Especially if you are moving to another city or country, to make sure that it is completely healthy and ready to travel.

    Keep a routine in your daily behavior

    Pets strive for consistency and are not very sympathetic to sudden changes. In the weeks before moving, it would be good to stick to the routine you are used to with your pet. Changing the time of walking, feeding, or sleeping can increase the stress level of the animal, but also cause inappropriate behavior such as barking or urinating.

    It would be good to stick to the routine you are used to with your pet.

    So although moving an apartment or house fundamentally disrupts everyday life, still try to keep everything normal. In that way, the animal should not have the feeling that everything around it is changing. Moreover, during this period, additional attention and commitment to the pet will certainly not hurt.

    Make sure your pet does not see you while you are packing

    This may sound a little strange to you, but the truth is that pets can have a bad reaction if they watch things disappear from their place. Some cats start urinating around the house when you move furniture, and it is even worse if that furniture suddenly “disappears”. Therefore, if you notice that your pet is more sensitive than usual, spare him the whole moving experience… Or at least while packing things for moving.

    A good option would be to temporarily take the pet from one of your family or friends or simply move it to another room. Bring its toys, water, and food, check it regularly and cuddle it more often to provide it with security and so that it does not feel neglected.

    Pack the things that belong to your pet last

    It is important that you do everything in your power to make moving with your pet as easy and painless as possible for the animal. For example, mark moving boxes that contain pet toys, utensils, and sleeping areas to make them easier to find once you move. When you come to a new home, first unpack the things that belong to your pet so that it immediately has something familiar and its own in the new home. The familiar scent will help your pet feel safe and relaxed, even when it changes location.

    a dog and a cat representing moving with pets
    Make moving with your pet as easy and painless as possible for the animal.

    Provide safe transportation to your new location

    Moving your pet should be taken with care. In this way, you can always call our professional team that can help you with pet transport advice. It would be best for your pet to travel with you so that it would not be exposed to stress and be calmer. While in transport, bring its favorite snacks and water. You can move birds, small rodents and reptiles in their cages, and fish in a plastic bag filled with water. Place the bag in an empty aquarium to protect it from damage.

    Watch out for open doors

    When you move things from the house and bring them into the new one, make sure that your pet is in a safe location so that it does not slip through and escape through the open door. After you settle in, it would be time to help your pet feel good in the new neighborhood. Now is the time to go for a walk and explore the new area. If you have a yard, make sure the fence and door are secure so your pet doesn’t run away. It is not uncommon for pets to return to their old address. Stick to a routine during daily feedings and walks to make it easier for your pet to get used to the new home.

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