Moving without damaging your home – simple hacks

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    Moving homes can be quite chaotic. A lot can happen! You can damage walls, dent doors, or scratch floors. That’s why it’s important to take necessary precautions to prevent any damage from happening. Moving without damaging your home is possible! Now you are probably wondering how to do that. There is no need to spiral. Our team of professional movers from one of the best moving companies Orange County is here to help! Continue reading to find out a couple of simple hacks you can use throughout your relocation.

    Plan out your move

    Planning a move is crucial! Whether you are moving to a studio apartment or a three-bedroom house. People often try to rush moving into a new home. Therefore, they don’t take the time to organize their relocation. Without a proper moving plan, mistakes might occur. So if you want to avoid damaging your belongings or your home, take a couple of hours to plan your move. Let’s see how you can actually do it.

    Make a detailed inventory list

    Every moving plan should start with an inventory list. We know it can be boring. But, having an inventory list will help you along the way. Creating an inventory of your items does two things for you as a mover. First, it gives you a list of everything you have. Second, it protects you just in case something goes wrong. You can easily check if all your items arrived safely at your new home. Start going through each room. Write everything you are taking with you. It’s advisable you write the state of each item. So, in case anything happens during transport, you will know exactly what items were damaged.

    Man making an inventory list
    Make an inventory list to keep track of your belongings throughout the move.

    Measure doorways and hallways

    The next step in planning your move is taking measurements. It’s important to measure your doorways and hallways. It will help you figure out how easily you can move bulky furniture pieces. Remember to take measurements for your new home as well. In addition, measure large items you can’t disassemble. Once you measure everything you will be sure you can transport your items to the moving truck.

    Find the right moving supplies

    It’s important to get the right moving supplies if you want to avoid damaging your home. Seriously, this isn’t the time to cheap out. Getting good-quality moving supplies Orange County CA will ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible. Sure, buying good-quality equipment might cost you a couple of extra bucks. But you won’t have to worry about breaking your belongings. Likewise, you won’t have to think about scratching your walls and floors. Here is what supplies you will need.

    • Moving blankets/Bubble wrap – Wrapping your items with moving blankets or bubble wrap is absolutely necessary when you want to move without damaging your home. This way you will save your furniture from damage. But also your walls, floors, and doorways.
    • Moving straps – Using moving straps allows you to secure items. Accordingly, you will avoid damaging your property.
    • Moving boxes – Buy sturdy boxes to transport all of your fragile items. Just remember to wrap each item carefully. Likewise, use crumpled packing paper to fill up the box completely.
    • Packing paper – It’s advisable to invest in good packing paper since you can use it in a couple of different ways. As we already mentioned, use it to fill up boxes. Also, you can use it to wrap up valuables including glass or fine china. And if you want to be extra safe, use both bubble wrap and packing paper. You can use this method to pack some of your most valuable possessions.
    • Plastic sheeting – In case of bad weather, you can use plastic sheeting to cover your furniture. Likewise, you can use it to protect your floors. It will help you enter each room under the safety of the plastic. And you won’t damage or scrape the ground.

    Disassemble the furniture

    If you are trying to move without damaging your home, you will need to disassemble your furniture. Without a doubt you want your furniture to stay damage-free. That’s why it’s advisable to hire professional furniture movers. They can disassemble the furniture instead of you. By disassembling certain furniture pieces you save the hassle of trying to move things in one piece. Certainly, it will take some time, but it saves you down the line. It’s easier to transport bulky furniture pieces once you disassemble them. In addition, it’s easier to maneuver them through tight doorways and hallways. What are you waiting for? Go grab a screwdriver and start disassembling!

    Picture of a living room
    You must disassemble your furniture if you are moving without damaging your home.

    Get professional help

    Moving bulky items is difficult. You might injure yourself, or you might damage your possessions. Let’s try to avoid that. You should save yourself the hassle and book a moving company. If you choose to hire movers Diamond Bar, your move will run smoothly. Professional movers come with experience. They will know exactly how to maneuver certain items without damaging your home.

    Remember to check if your moving company has insurance. You can check if the company has insurance by using an online search tool. Nowadays, there are many fraudulent moving companies that work without insurance. So, before you hire professional help check if they have Public Liability and Cargo Insurance. This insurance will cover property damage. In addition, it’s smart to check if they have Worker’s Compensation Insurance. This insurance is important since it covers the company’s employees. So in case, any injuries happen, they can’t hold you responsible.

    Two professional movers
    Save yourself the hassle and hire professional movers.

    Do the last check of each room

    After moving all the items into the truck go through each room. Check if there is anything left behind. Likewise, this is a great opportunity to see if you damaged anything during the move. Once your old home is completely empty, you can quickly clean each room.

    In summary, moving without damaging your home shouldn’t be a problem. Take necessary steps to protect your walls, doorways, and floors. Purchase good-quality equipment and carefully pack each item. We hope these simple hacks help you through your move!

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