Negotiating with moving companies – how to do it and when?

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    Without a doubt, moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Aside from adapting to new environment, moving can also be difficult for people to afford. The average price for relocation varies from $2,000 to $5,000 according to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). Knowing that people are trying to save by not hiring any moving company. Instead, they try to do all the work by themselves. You can imagine the amount of stress in that case. We are here to remind you that professional moving companies often have changeable prices. How much you will pay for your upcoming move is depending a lot on your skills for negotiating with moving companies. Moving companies Orange County primarily exist to enable the easiest way to move without any unnecessary complications.

    Negotiate the quote with your movers

    There are many important factors that determine the cost of your relocation process, such as a type of moving, whether it is home or company, shipment weight, move distance, and other services. However, there are undoubtedly higher chances for making a good deal with your mover if you have better negotiation skills. Negotiating with movers can be very inconvenient. But sometimes it is necessary. There are some basic principles that will help you ensure success in any conversation of this kind.

    Businessman giving contract to woman to sign after negotiation
    Make sure you check the company and read the relocation conditions in detail

    Get “in their shoes” during the negotiations

    Getting in someone else’s shoes actually means trying to put yourself in the place of the other person you are negotiating with. You are less likely to get what you want if you do not take into account the motivations and limitations of the other party. It is widely known that people usually say yes if they see personal interest. If you do not know their real interests, you are less likely to make a proposal that is acceptable to them. Therefore, the key is preparation, as well as stating the specific reasons why, for example, long distance movers Orange County CA should give you their best offer on moving your home from another country. 

    Keep your emotions in check while negotiating with moving companies

    When it comes to money, emotions often take no place there. On the other hand, it may turn out to be about self-worth, the need for respect or the need for greater security or independence. But it is certainly useful to prepare in advance for potentially difficult moments so as not to sabotage your own chances of success. Negotiating with moving company representative rarely go according to plan and you should keep that in mind. Think about how best to respond if a “what if” scenario occurs. What would be your emotional response if the other person was upset: would you be stubborn or compliant? What if the other side raises their voice or interrupts you? You may feel angry, helpless or disrespectful. But instead of showing those feelings, think about how to react in a less emotional, more steady way.

    A man checking the details on his tablet
    Negotiating with moving companies can get you a deal you have been dreaming of

    The power of taking a break

    People tend to talk too much and listen too little during moving negotiations. Experts suggest that those who are skilled in communication and listen carefully can get the most. Make an effort to observe what happens during the conversation. Be confident and inhale a few times before continuing the negotiations with your movers, especially if “sparks” start. This is also called “the power of taking a break”. The goal is to think before you speak and carefully consider the words you use. 

    What if the answer is no after negotiating with moving company?

    The negative response of the other party to your proposal is not necessarily the end of the moving negotiations. Then you come to the point where you ask additional questions. If you ask the right questions, you might get what you want in the end. For example, if movers Tustin CA  do not want to lower the price down, try suggesting some additional services they could provide you. Perhaps they would agree to help loading and unloading your belongings. If the company cannot offer you benefits at that moment or avoids answering your questions, then it is definitely a “red flag”. It is okay to be persistent, but you also need to be flexible. In any case, you leave that meeting with important information that helps you decide on your next move. It’s time to find another moving company that can meet your needs.

    Simple strategies for being good negotiator

    Let’s summarize a series of skills that a good negotiator has and that turn their negotiating skills into art:

    • Actively listen – not only to hear, but pay full and complete attention while negotiating with moving companies.
    • Conviction – be aware of your point of view and at the same time respect the rights and beliefs of others.
    • Self-confidence: be brave and honest. If you are unsure, the position you will adopt will be defensive.
    • Balance – give and wait for something in return. It is a moving negotiation, not a charity action.
    • Optimism – your willingness to negotiate, listen to proposals and adopt changes will bring you good results.
    • Empathy – patience and delicacy will help you calm down if you feel stuck at any point.

    Being a good negotiator, the key is to use your brain to pay attention to neuroscience advice. There are managers of all personality types, but the heart of success lies in knowing to find the right dose of emotions and reasons.

    Woman and man searching the internet
    Negotiation can be very powerful tool if you learn these basic tips

    Compare different moving companies

    Use the Internet to search for information on a couple of different moving companies. Make sure to find licensed and accredited moving companies with enough knowledge and experience. Find out what each company has to offer. Read the experiences of their previous users. Check how satisfied they are with the services. Claim your free moving estimate to get an approximate idea of the price of your move. Finally, compare it with the prices different moving companies offer. Choose negotiating with moving companies that are reputable and reliable, to avoid getting scammed. After all, low pricing is not the only criterion by which you should choose a company for your relocation. 

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