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    When you move, the most important thing is to be well organized. It is of great importance to plan everything well and design every step well. Starting with the packaging, the packaging material, and then the transport and storage option itself. If you are moving with the Southern California movers, then you don’t have to worry about anything, they will do it for you. But to make sure that you will really leave everything to them or that you will do something too, it is best to estimate your move before you move. But the question is what is better – on-site estimates vs online estimates? Let`s find out!

    What is an estimate, you may ask?

    Generally, the estimate implies roughly calculating or judging the value, number, quantity, or extent of. In this case, the estimate involves someone calculating how much money each part of your move will cost. This is assessed by several factors:

    • House size/quantity of things
    • The distance of the new location
    • The number of services that will be provided to you
    • Date of relocation
    • Additional costs
    Copper pennies on the desk, falling from the jar
    Everything more to move is a penny more no matter if you choose on-site estimates vs online estimates

    House size and the quantity of things you own

    If you have few things, don’t worry, the price will be affordable. But if you are moving complete furniture and a lot of things from the house, prepare your savings. Not only will the relocation take longer to complete, but the shipment of your belongings will also be heavier. If you are hiring long distance movers Orange County CA, they will tell you that this can result in a cost increase. The more belongings you have to move, the more expensive your move will be. That’s why it’s important to put away everything you don’t need and haven’t used in years before moving. In that way, you will also reduce the price of moving, but you will also get rid of unnecessary things that you have been collecting for years.

    The distance of the new location- on-site estimates vs online estimates

    Travel fees add up quickly when relocating a long distance. These fees consider fuel costs, as well as labor costs for the time it will take for the movers to get from house A to house B. The further you move, the higher the price. The first item – the number of things – is included here. If you have a lot of things, your movers Santa Ana may have to move things with two trucks, and you will pay for fuel for two vehicles. Whether it is in situ estimates or internet estimates, the price will increase because of this!

    The number of services that will be provided to you

    Only transport, transport, and packaging, complete service from packaging to unpacking, loading and unloading services, waste disposal, etc.

    Date of relocation

    If you decide to move on weekdays, the price will be significantly lower compared to moving on weekends. Also, if your move is on a holiday, prepare money!

    Additional costs can decide between on-site estimates vs online estimates

    Everything extra you ask for will be charged to you. And don’t worry, these aren’t any hidden costs. Each estimate contains a variation due to additional costs. This includes disassembly or assembly of furniture, picking up at a third address, delivery of furniture from the store, services from last minute movers Orange County, as well as cleaning too much waste, etc.)

    On-site estimates vs online estimates – what to choose?

    If you’ve gotten into the moving time, you’ve certainly come across terms like on-site estimates and online estimates. And you may have thought it was the same, but there is a big difference. So, what is the difference between these two assessments?

    Woman and man shaking hands
    If you like personal contact, choose the onsite estimate

    Internet estimate

    This estimate is quick, easy and you will get a quick response, and therefore fast-moving. But it also has its drawbacks. If you are moving your dorm room, this estimate will be more than enough. But, if you have a family home, with a garage, storage, floor, there are great chances that the estimate will not be good. Wondering how?

    The most common mistakes that happen are the poor assessment of the owner about the size, quantity, and bulk of the item. Then, you may not be able to determine which items are fragile, fragile, or generally need more attention when moving. Another important thing about web estimates is that you do not know who will move you. You cannot be sure of the qualifications and professionalism of the agency’s employees.

    On-site estimate

    When it comes to the estimate on the spot, it is a more serious story. First of all, get acquainted with the representative of the agency and you can immediately have an insight into the professionalism of the agency with which you cooperate. Then, the appraiser will look in detail at the whole home, thus the number of things, size, weight, but also whether it will be necessary to disassemble them or not. Also, a good appraiser knows which things are sensitive and which need extra protection.

    Then, after estimating the number of things and their weight, he will be able to tell you how many vehicles it will take to move everything, thus what the fuel costs will be. When you get an in situ estimates, compared to an online estimate, you have a person with you who will give you advice on the additional services they provide, such as packaging, wrapping, and haul away. Live communication is easier than email, for sure.

    Another benefit of the on-scene estimate is that movers may offer suggestions and recommendations that can help you save time and money. They may, for example, provide information on the best and worst times to move.

    Woman typing on a lap top searching for topics on on-site estimates vs online estimates
    If you don’t have much stuff, the online estimate will be good enough

    Final words on the matter

    Don’t worry, any estimate is better than none. Choosing the ideal estimate is your decision. When choosing what is better on-site estimates vs online estimates, there are flaws and virtues for each of the approaches. It is best to decide in accordance with your preferences. If you like an intimate, face-to-face approach – opt for an onsite estimate. But if you are still the type who does not like meetings and conversations, then the online estimate is for you! Whatever you choose, the outcome is the same, you will know how much money to prepare and how to move!


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