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    When dealing with the relocation of your antiques, you need to take precautions. Fragile and valuable items can endure even the longest travels if they’re packed and secured well. That is why you need to take your time and pack those items with special care. You can always assign this task to one of the best moving companies Orange County. However, you can do it easily by yourself if you want to. With high-quality moving supplies and with some advice, you can pack your antiques like a pro. And if you continue reading, we’ll show you how to do it. 

    How to pack your antiques like a pro?

    Take these several steps to secure your special items from damage of any kind. It’s crucial to get the finest packing materials on the market. Before packing, clean your items. And you need to take your time doing it with patience. Don’t be hasty and pay attention to details. Any lack of proper caution can cause damage to your relic or heirloom piece. Still, you can always ask for advice from local movers Orange County. Their long-time experience can be very helpful in this matter. 

    antiques on the table
    You need to secure your collectibles before the move.

    Prepare and clean your antiques before packing

    Every item should be clean and in the best possible shape before packing. Professional restoration of the antiques is necessary if the object is damaged. For well-kept items, simple cleaning is usually enough. However, be careful with this step and don’t apply any cleaning products, before you inquire. Even water can cause harm, especially if you’re going to store the items. Moisture is an enemy of your antiques, so make sure they are dry before packing. Use a soft microfibre cloth to remove dust and debris pilled over time. Also, don’t use oil or wax to polish wooden objects. It can soften the surface so the padding material can leave imprints on it. After cleaning buy the best moving supplies Orange County CA. If in doubt, look for the nearest antique dealer and ask for his opinion. He might recommend special products for your piece.

    Obtaining appraisal and insurance policy

    You want your antiques to have an insurance policy, in case of an accident. So check your homeowner’s insurance once more. Moving companies offer various insurance policies. Still, you can always buy an additional policy if you want. Anything can go wrong during the transport or loading in or out. Insurance grants you compensation for possible damages to your items. And since antiques are quite valuable, it’s smart to get appraisals first. Your attorney or insurance agent can recommend a qualified appraiser. He will need to see clear photos of your item. Or you can even record a short video. You can always ask for more info from the American Society of Appraisers and search for an appraiser. Make sure to count in an appraisal fee into your moving budget. Once you get the appraisal, inform your movers. For high-value items with a high risk of breakage order custom-made crates.

    woman showing how to pack your antiques like a pro
    Appraisal of your antiques is necessary.

    Buy the best possible moving supplies

    If you’re lacking time for packing your antiques, hiring packing services Orange County CA can help you out. They put safety in the first place, so you can be sure your objects are handled properly. This is the crucial step, so whatever your budget range is, be ready to exceed it if needed. There is a variety of packing supplies on the market, so choose wisely. You can always use your linen and blankets to wrap your special items, but we strongly recommend using high-quality materials. If you want to make sure, your antiques are safe and secure, you’ll need the following supplies. 

    • Sturdy packing boxes are the best choice for fragile items. Buy some corner protectors and dividers, too. For paintings and mirrors, order special boxes. If you use cardboard boxes, make sure you reinforce and double-tape them.
    • Use high-quality packing tape for securing the boxes. It has a long-lasting adhesive good in hot and cold temperatures. 
    • It’s recommended for delicate items to add some sort of padding. There are bubble wraps, Styrofoam peanuts, or corrugated cardboard for this purpose. Cheaper, but equally effective filling materials are crumpled old newspapers, blankets, or towels. 
    • Labels are also very important if you want your item to be handled properly. Tags draw the attention of your movers, making them proceed with caution. Markers are a good replacement for labels, too.
    • For glass items, we advise using a Glassine. It’s a special barrier paper, smooth and glossy, water, air, and grease resistant. Also, it’s good as a cover for documents, delicate artwork, or photographs. 
    • To go one step further, use biodegradable and sustainable materials to pack your antiques. Protect your valuables and your planet at the same time.

    How to secure and pack antique furniture?

    When it comes to packing antique furniture, disassemble all parts first. At least remove the small parts, like handles and casters, and pack them separately. Keep drawers from opening with twine or rope. Don’t wrap wooden furniture with any kind of plastic sheets. It can trap moisture inside which can result in damage. The smart choice is to use blankets or moving pads for furniture. And now you can use air-filled plastic wrap over the blankets. Secure it with packing tape, and use corner protectors. As for the transportation, you’ll likely need to rent dollies for bulky items. Unless you hire professional movers and let them deal with it. Which we strongly advise you to do.

    a baige salon chair and a lamp on the desk beside the window
    Learn how to pack your antiques like a pro.

    Secure your antiques

    If you follow these few steps, you’ll pack your antiques like a pro. With a little effort and with good quality moving supplies it’ll be over in a day. Or you can hire a reliable moving company, which will surely meet your standards and satisfy your needs. Either way, your valuables will be in good hands and ready for relocation. 


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