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    The relocation process, as a whole, can be a really stressful thing to go through. Yet, everyone has a time where they change their environment and the place where they live. We can say that that is a normal thing that happens to everyone. Luckily, professional movers like the best moving companies Orange County provide assistance with moving and providing proper packing supplies for your belongings.

    Colorful cardboard boxes on top of each other as a main packing supply material
    Having the proper packing material can save a lot of time and space

    When organizing relocation it is crucial that you have a clear plan and schedule which will greatly assist you in the whole process.

    Why are packing supplies important when moving?

    Now, moving as it is can bring a lot of stress and commitment. From planning your next move to organizing belongings and prioritizing them. For most people, this process represents the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. This is why it is important that we ensure a safe relocation for our belongings. Moreover, having the proper packing material can save your items from breaking and other condition damages that may occur during the move.

    Having a checklist made beforehand can provide better insight into what you should do next. However, creating a last-minute moving checklist can also be quite beneficial to you. These checklists give you insight into what items you have and which of them need special packing. Prioritizing belongings that are fragile and need special care should be on top of the list. Moreover, by relocating them together you make sure that they arrive safely and in one go.

     A list of packing materials you need to obtain before moving

    Knowing the magnitude of relocation it is of utmost importance that you understand which belongings need special packing and which can go on without it. Doing this on time will open a lot of space for planning other things and organizing the move.

    a travel bag on the floor near a chair
    Knowing the amount of bags and material you need can save you time

    Packing is the most time-consuming and stressful thing to take upon. Firstly, as it can occupy a good portion of one’s time, it is important to start packing as early as possible. Rushing in the last minute and not carefully packing your belongings can lead to them being damaged or broken. This can not only drain one’s time but it can also take a financial toll. Secondly, hiring professional assistance, like Orange County residential movers can add to the safety factor of your belongings.

    To have a better understanding of what packing supplies are required we came out with a list of the most common and unnecessary packages:

    • Standard cardboard boxes
    • Specialty boxes
    • Bags that vary in sizes and types
    • Wrapping and cushioning materials
    • Other containers

    Understanding which items require special material and packages can greatly reduce stress. That is why it is important to acquire competent packing material.

    When to use the right packing material

    So, let us assume you have acquired the needed materials and containers for moving. Now, we face another challenge. How do we recognize what belongings go into what package? Without further ado, we will dive right into it.

    Standard cardboard boxes 

    As the name suggests, we use these boxes mostly for items that are not fragile and do not require any special care when transported. Their usage can vary from packing books and toys to clothing, small appliances, electronics and lightweight pieces in general. They come in various sizes which can allow you to utilize the space as you require.

    Specialty boxes

    These boxes find their use in safely packing any belongings that are fragile or require special care. Certain belongings may even come within the specialty box. As their use is to specifically protect a certain item.

    a wooden case with pictures inside
    Speciality boxes are used to store items which are of great importance

    Usually, they are useful in packing things like wardrobe, dishes, lamps, instruments, pictures or even certain documents that need to be protected.

    Bags that vary in sizes and types

    Bags are not as useful as boxes but they too have a good use. Things like suitcases and travel bags can come quite handy when transporting personal items or clothes. Vacuum bags can save a lot of space when packing and transporting. Trash bags can also be useful in the moving process, although they do not provide the safety needed. They can be used to store things that are not fragile.

    Wrapping and cushioning material

    Proper packing can protect certain belongings from cracking or breaking. This is why wrapping and cushioning materials can come quite handy when transporting items. Things such as bubble wrap are a great way to protect belongings from breaking while in transport. They can also come quite handy when packing your kitchen supplies as they prevent items from scratching or being damaged. Plastic wraps, as well as wrapping paper, are a great way to protect your items from any outside factors such as dust, rust, water, or other.

    Other containers

    Things like buckets, baskets, and wooden crates also find their use in the relocation process. From storing things like cleaning supplies and bathroom items to toys and other miscellaneous belongings that you may encounter when cleaning.

    The role packing supplies have when moving

    Certain belongings can be quite fragile and it is our duty to provide adequate protection for them. Especially when we are relocating them to a different site. As we mentioned at the beginning, breaking or damaging items in the transport phase can induce a lot of stress. Most importantly, it can create a financial toll for the mover. By understanding which items are fragile and need special conditions, we reduce the stress to a minimal level.

    Moving to a different location usually represents a new beginning for people. By ensuring that you lower the amount of induced stress with choosing the right packing supplies you ensure a better start for your new life. Choosing the right containers and item protection can save a lot of time and money for the mover. So, start your new chapter in life without stress and take time to plan your move the right way.

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