Packing your electronics when moving office

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    When moving, besides packing you must take care of many other things. This can easily end up making the packing process inadequate. Having many obligations, you can easily make packing mistakes. Further, this means that your items can easily get damaged during the move. And highly fragile items, like computers, scanners, copy machines, etc. are even more sensitive. If not packed properly, they can get damaged during loading, unloading, and even during transportation. To prevent such an accident, contact the best moving companies Orange County for packing your electronics when moving office. They have high-quality boxes and packing material to protect your electronics properly. They also know-how, and with them, your possessions will be appropriately protected.

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    When moving, besides packing you must take care of many other things.

    Before packing, declutter your office

    If you have already set the date for the office relocation, start to plan immediately. When moving office, you will have first to go through your documentation. By the law, and depending on your business type, only some documents must be kept permanently. Most of it must be kept for the prescribed period. After that, they are obsolete and should be destroyed. So, better to use the shredder and get rid of the surplus documents. Do it before packing the office electrical devices. Also, check for all broken down or surplus appliances. Some of them, if operational, you can sell, or donate. And get rid of worn-out furniture. Anyway, for the new office, you will need the matching furniture.

    How to prepare your electronics for packing before the office move?

    To begin with, prepare a brief guide for moving office equipment. In this guide, you will have all your electronics listed. When making the list, take care to sort the electric equipment by similarity. It might last longer to complete such a list. Still, it will show very valuable later on. First, going by the list all electronic equipment will be correctly prepared for packing. Second, when you move into the new office, you will easily find and arrange equipment unpacking.

    What needs to be done to prepare your electronic devices for packaging?

    First of all, you have to involve professionals. This means, your IT technicians should prepare your electronics for packing. If you don’t have your own IT technicians, hire some. The point is that the electronics have to be prepared in a specific way. Only then you can start packing them. The IT technicians will have to:

    • make data backup on your computers
    • remove batteries from devices
    • label or make a picture (to know later the cable positions)
    • disconnect all cables from your electronics
    • roll up, pack, and label the disconnected cables
    • take out cartridges
    • separate all removable parts from electronic devices

    Why is this important? For example, it is enough to have a simple battery leak during relocation. The battery chemical leak will cause corrosion and wreck the device.

    A man is sitting in front of computer and typing on the keyboard, to making a data copy, as part of preparations before packing
    IT technicians should do preparations before packing your electronics for moving.

    Why do you need a reliable moving company to pack and move your office and electronics?

    When relocating the office, every moment is precious. Why is that so? The answer is quite simple. During relocation, you have to close your business. And the longer your business is closed, you will have a bigger loss. Due to this, you need reliable packing services Orange County CA, that will organize your move fast and successfully. And will pack and move all your electronics safely. This will enable you to just plug in the electronics back and restart your business. In case of damaged electronics, you will have to get the new devices. Also, you can lose some of your data due to wrong packing. Such unfavorable events mean that your office will stay longer out of business.

    The time to start packing your electronics has come

    After you complete preparations, call your moving company to start packing. It is good to have the IT technicians, along with movers in this phase too. It will help them during unpacking. They will know exactly where the electronics are. And where they pack the accessory items. This will help the IT technicians to set up electronics in the new office faster.

    How to safely pack your office electronics for safe moving?

    Packing electronics is a delicate and challenging process. In case you still have the original packing boxes of your electronics, the movers will use them. These boxes are custom designed for the exact items, thus they are the best solution for their transportation. The user manuals are also excellent and will help your commercial movers Orange County. In case the original boxes are not available anymore, your movers will supply the correct type of moving boxes.

    A female hand holds an iPad with a map of the city while the index finger of the other hand points to one point on the map, with a blurred view of the street in the background
    Checking the route to a new business location.

    Packing your electronics in the moving boxes

    No having the original box. No problem. Our moves will use the double boxes, to make your electronics safer. They will first use the larger box, fill it with lots of padding. After that, they are putting in the second, smaller box. Your electric device goes into the smaller box. All the remaining gaps in it, our workers will fill with the anti-static packing peanuts.

    Our staff is careful with packing electronic possessions. For this, they are using the proper packing material. They are also taking all possible precautions. Here are some tips for packing electronics:

    • wrap and pack each electronic item separately
    • fill each box with enough anti-static packing peanuts, to prevent shifting
    • write a label on the box
    • properly place labels – FRAGILE and THIS SIDE UP to each box
    • protect the computers’ fens from dust
    • use strong packing tape to keep boxes sealed properly
    • add silica packs in each box (to make sure it stays dry inside)
    • carefully load boxes on the truck

    If you need to store your electronics temporarily

    Sometimes, you might need to keep your electronics in storage for some time. In such a case, always packing them the same way as for transportation. Also, keep in mind that your electronics are sensitive to heat, moisture, and extreme cold conditions. So, look always for climate-controlled storage.

    Be careful when unpacking your electronics

    After unloading, unpack the moving boxes. Then leave your electronics for some time. In that way, they will become acclimated to a new office temperature. If you followed the simple rules of packing your electronics, all items and accessories should be in good condition. Make sure, as well, there is no accumulation of moisture at any of them. Following the manuals or used labels, your IT technicians will then easily reinstall all your electronics. And with that, you are back to business.

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