Packing your kitchen: tips&tricks

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    Packing, in general, can pose a problem if you are not sure what exactly to do in order to protect your belongings. This goes especially when you have to pack kitchen items. There are a lot of appliances and many fragile things that need to fit inside of a box, get relocated, and not break in the meantime. To make sure the relocation goes smoothly, you will have the help of professional movers in Orange County  When it comes to packing your kitchen, you will have our guidance but you will have to do it on your own. Relax, we have the tips and tricks you need.

    When packing your kitchen, what should you pay attention to?

    We are all aware that the kitchen is full of very fragile items. You probably have some china that is valuable or something very old and very dear to you. It is important that you relocate it in one piece, whatever it is. Because of this, packing the kitchen is more complicated than packing the bedroom, for example. Therefore, we will give you the tips you need to protect everything, and you can relax and rest assured that all will be safely transferred. Just remember, no matter how well you pack your items, without the proper residential movers, your work was for nothing.

    Calling movers before packing your kitchen.
    Before properly packing your kitchen, it is important that you call the right movers.

    How to pack each item in your kitchen

    We will start explaining the basics and then we will continue with the fragile items and ones that require more attention and better protection.

    1. Cutlery- Knives, forks, and cutlery, in general, is fairly easy to pack. If you have the original packaging, use it. If not, any soft fabric can be used as protection, and a simple box will serve just fine.
    2. Pots and pans- Are also easy to pack. What is important is that you separate them with bubble wrap or soft material so that they do not get damaged during the transfer.
    3. Plates- Are a little fragile but nothing too demanding. Separate them with protective materials and put them in boxes of adequate size. You do not want too much room in the box because they can move and break while being transferred. This applies to almost everything when packing your kitchen.

    Glasses and mugs

    When packing more fragile items as glasses and mugs are, you need to pay attention because they can break very easily. There are a few things you need to do and prepare much before packing. Also, remember to tell your providers of loading and unloading services in Orange County what boxes contain these fragile kitchen items. It would be a good idea to label them in a way that is more than obvious. Here is how you should handle mugs and glasses, from preparation to the packing process.

    The preparation and packing

    The packing process is important but preparation is essential. We recommend that you start by cleaning and polishing all mugs and glasses. Also, inspect each one for possible cracks. If there is a crack, that means that it can break at any moment and you do not want anyone getting hurt. It is very important that you do not pack any items that are already broken because they belong in the trash, no matter the sentimental value. When it comes to packing, you will need proper supplies.

    Packing supplies.
    Getting proper supplies is important. Not every box is for every item.

    Everything you use must be of high quality so that your glasses and mugs can be protected as much as possible. This is because if you are moving further away, your long-distance movers, Orange County-based, must take care of your items for quite some time. They cannot do that if you have not packed properly, 50% of work is in your hands. So, remember, use proper packing supplies, everything must be perfectly wrapped up, and you need boxes of adequate size. Do not leave empty space in boxes because then the glasses and mugs can damage one another. Also, you can find cardboard separators that go inside of the box.

    Kitchen appliances

    When it comes to kitchen appliances, the first and most important thing is to check if they are fully functioning. If they are not, just throw them away because they are not safe to use anymore.  Most kitchen appliances can be disassembled and we recommend that you do just that. Take them apart and inspect each part completely. Just like with everything else, the next step is cleaning. Be very thorough when cleaning appliances because they can get very sticky and dirty if they were on shelves, unprotected.

    Kitchen appliances.
    Remember to prepare your kitchen appliances properly.

    Which brings us to the next step. If you have original boxes you bought the appliances in, use them. They were made especially for that item and are the most adequate ones. If not, find other boxes that are big and strong enough. Remember that appliances are fragile and can break very easily even though they are not made out of glass. Bubble wrap, soft fabrics, newspaper to fill the empty room, and proper boxes are essential for protection.

    You can now start packing your kitchen

    We have reached the end of our guide and we have covered everything you need to know. Hopefully, these tips were useful because packing your kitchen is not complicated if you know what to do and how to do it. It is important that you follow these instructions. If you do, you will not have any problems whatsoever. Proper supplies and some time are all you need to get the job done properly. Remember, fragile items require the most attention! Everything will be just fine. We wish you good luck!

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