Perfect places in California for a summer getaway

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    Living in California during the summer gives people so many opportunities for different activities. No matter what you enjoy doing the most, California is a state that can offer it to you. And if you are just moving Orange County can be an amazing choice. Plus, summer is the best time of the year to take a break and visit somewhere new. We mention a few of the perfect places in California for a summer getaway. You can choose between more nature-orientated, calm places to help you ease your mind. Or, you might be interested in some fun in the sun, beach and water sports. And since summer vacation means rich nightlife for some, we have a recommendation for that as well.

    What are some of the best things to do in California for a summer getaway?

    California is one of the most popular and one of the most loved tourist destinations. This goes for both American citizens but also international tourists. But, what makes it so loved? It’s the fact that it offers so many great things to see and do. From the large cities that offer a lot of entertainment and pop culture to see, to small towns filled with nature. You have beaches, you have woods, and you can go and enjoy the amazing nightlife, or a peaceful walk up the mountains. Also, it is home to Hollywood and Disneyland all the magic that these places bring. Don’t forget San Francisco and the beloved Golden Gate Bridge.

    California also has many mesmerizing national parks, such as Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and many more. And if you are someone who prefers water, there are so many pristine beautiful beaches here. From the ones where you can go dance with some cocktails and friends to the ones where you can enjoy peace and quiet. So, every tourist that heads to California can be sure that there will be something for them to enjoy and even fall in love with.

    Golden Gate Bridge
    San Francisco is a popular place in California for a summer getaway

    When looking for perfect places in California for a summer getaway you should check out Lake Forest

    If you are living close to Lake Forest or you have just hired movers Lake Forest based you need to visit these places. Lake Forest is a small city in Orange County. It got its name based on the two lakes and the forest around the city. So, you can enjoy these lakes with all the activities they allow, such as tennis, picnics, and swimming. If you wish to go into even bigger nature, you can head to the Borrego Canyon Overlook Park. Or, go for a walk to the Red Rock Canyon for some hiking and amazing views.

    Have a magical summer in one of the most magical places in the world

    One of the most magical places that you can find in California is Disneyland of course. This is one of the six Disney parks around the world, with the others being in Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shangai, and Hong Kong. Every kid and a lot of adults as well love visiting and spending their time walking around famous places from fairytales. There are over 50 attractions for you to see, so having a three or four-day visit is a good time to not rush. And there is something for everyone. There are rides for Star Wars lovers, Indiana Jones adventure, there is Peter Pan ride, Toy Story, and of course famous Splash Mountain. So, no matter which Disney cartoon is your favorite, and which is your kids’ favorite, you can enjoy all of them.

    Once you get tired and the time for food comes, Disneyland has got you covered again. Choose between tacos, hamburgers, pancakes, and crazy milkshakes to enjoy. Then tomorrow, go again. If you want to stay somewhere outside of the park, you can visit Garden Grove. It will give you some rest after the crowded park. It is a small and cute city with lots of things to offer, you just need to explore a bit. And since is not far from Disneyland, so if you love visiting magical places, you might consider hiring moving companies Garden Grove has. Garde Grove also has an amusement park Atlantis Play Center that your kids could enjoy.

    Disneyland is one of the perfect places in California for a summer getaway
    Magical Disneyland is one of the perfect places in California for a summer getaway

    One of the perfect places in California for people who love waterfront cities is Long Beach

    Another one on the list of Perfect places in California for a summer getaway is Long Beac. This place is a great option for tourists, especially during summer. You can have a lot of fun here on your own or with your whole family. Offering a lot of activities that are connected to water, you will live the best summer vacation here. It is situated in Southern California and has good connections to a lot of bigger cities close by. And based on moving companies Long Beach is a place that a lot of people move to and fall in love with.

    When you visit Long Beach, one of the biggest attractions is the Aquarium of the Pacific. Here you can enjoy live animal exhibits and interactive art installations. It is a nice experience for kids as well, as they can enjoy and learn about aquatic animals. Once you are down at the beach you can even book a whale-watching tour.

    Long Beach is a city with a unique feeling and it has a very welcoming diverse community. It is a city that loves art and has a lot of opportunities to enjoy and see. Go ahead and visit one of the many museums, like the Long Beach Museum of Art. And if you head downtown, you will find an entire neighborhood that is dedicated to art. The name is East Valley Arts District and it has a lot of little shops, coffee shops, and galleries.

    two boys at the aquarium
    Aquarium of Pacific is an amazing opportunity for kids to learn about aquatic animals

    Stay close to the city but move away from the crowd

    Living in Los Angeles is a great thing for so many people. As this is one of the biggest and most famous cities in the US, you have a lot of opportunities. But, sometimes the crowd and the noise can be too much. Maybe you wish for summer to get away from it all but you still wanna be close by? Then you can definitely explore Norwalk if you haven’t already. You will enjoy amazing nature and have a lot of fun outdoor. And who knows? You might wish to call the movers Norwalk CA has in order to stay here longer.

    Walking around the city you can go and visit Norwalk Nature Center. Here you can see a lot of domestic animals, which can be great fun for the kids. You can also take a walk through idyllic gardens with orchards with fruit trees. To get some sense of the art, there are a few places you can go to, one of which is the Cultural Arts Center. And for lots of fun, be sure to visit Golf ‘n’ Stuff, you can play golf, ride the go-cart and have fun with bumper cars. Discovery Cube and Knott’s Berry Farm are both a little outside of Norwalk, but you can get here quickly. The Cube is a massive exhibit that teaches kids about science through interactive play. And Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the most visited theme parks in the US. It offers more than 160 rides for all ages.

    a man playing golf
    Get away from the city life and play golf in a small city close by

    Why not visit some of the recreational parks in Los Angeles county?

    Something that people often forget is that you don’t have to go a long way to have an enjoyable day. You can have a great summer getaway close to the place you already live in. Lots of recreational parks in this area offer a lot of things to enjoy. Both for kids and grownups. And they are a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to plan a holiday. Or, maybe your local movers Whittier CA for example just dropped your things off at your new house. And this is a perfect option to get to know your new city and outdoor activities in it.

    Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation is an amazing thing and one of the perfect places in California for a summer getaway that you can check out. You could be enjoying many amenities, from sports to simply having food in nature. Your kids can have access to play areas, soccer and softball fields, and many other sports activities. There are also picnic areas with barbeque stations.  More amazingly you can book tram and train tours, boat rides, and museum tours. Community centers, theaters, and outdoor stages will have some great events from time to time for all ages as well. So, think locally, and enjoy the summer with your friends and neighbors.

    family enjoying picnic in one of the perfect places in California for a summer getaway
    California has so many little cities filled with natural beauty that you can enjoy in

    Diamond Bar is a nature-filled city close to Los Angeles

    Another option that is close to Los Angeles is Diamond Bar. It is a perfect option for nature lovers and people who like small and calm communities. You might even like it so much, that you start looking into movers Diamond Bar CA has to offer. Staying in this kind of hidden vacation spot offers a variety of charming restaurants, amazing coffee shops, and friendly people. You might be interested in exploring Summitridge Park, with miles-long hikes.

    Just a 10 min ride to San Dimas will allow you to have an amazing water day at Raging Waters park. This water wonderland has over 60 acres and over 50 attractions you can do. So, get your swimming clothes on, and head to San Dimas. You will also be able to visit the American Museum of Ceramic Art, Griffith Observatory, and The Getty Center. No matter your interest, small cities like Diamond Bar and San Dimas can really satisfy your summer needs.

    Visit some of the islands that are in California

    When we talk about perfect places in California for a summer getaway, we can’t forget the islands on the shore of this state. Islands can be an amazing summer getaway and depending on which one you choose, you can have a different experience. Whether it is a summer vacation with your friends or kids, enjoy summer swimming, having boat excursions, or maybe even swimming with the dolphins.

    Catalina Island is the perfect choice if this summer you can’t go to Europe. It has a Mediterranean feel to it and you can stay in one of the houses with European style. Also, during the 20s and 30s, this island was incredibly popular with Hollywood stars. If you are searching for an island to camp out, then you might want to visit Angel Island. But be sure to book in advance, as it can get busy. What about some of the day trips? You can book a boat ride and visit the five islands grouped and known as the “Galapagos of California”. You might see incredible natural life, as there are many plants and animals just walking around the shores. Closer to San Francisco we have East Brother, a small island with a beautiful lighthouse. It has been made into a bed and breakfast with only five rooms.

    palms on a beach
    California has some magnificent islands that you can visit

    How to keep yourself and your family safe during visits to places in California in summer?

    The summer is an amazing time for everyone. From the youngest in the family enjoying the school break to people who have a break from work. But, it is still very important to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Especially when visiting some perfect places in California for a summer getaway. During vacation trips we tend to be outside much more, walking, enjoying, or swimming. This increases our exposure to dangerous UV lights. So, be sure to always protect yourself with an appropriate SPF. You should also reapply it multiple times a day, depending on your activities. You can also use some clothes to protect your skin from harmful rays. For example, wear hats during the day. Wide and light cloths, from materials like linen, can help you in keeping cool as well. It is also advised to stay inside during hours from 12 to 4 pm.


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