Places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes

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    At the mention of Southern California, everyone first thinks of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Disneyland. At the same time, its natural beauties stay somewhat neglected and overshadowed by the lights and bustle of coastal cities. And there are so many gems of mother nature worth visiting and seeing outside these urban hubs. From its rugged mountain ranges with hidden lakes and creeks to gorgeous sandy beaches, it’s hard to pick. It gets even harder to choose if we add its national parks, islands, and botanical gardens to that list. However, we have enlisted places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes. Once you visit SoCal, it gets almost impossible not to fall in love with it. Family Affair Moving OC is a reliable moving company that will move you to SoCal at affordable prices. The best way to explore and experience its not-so-famous parts is to move to SoCal. 

    Famous beaches of Southern California

    Southern California is known for its exquisite beaches. According to some data, So Cal has 100 beaches. Some of them are urban beaches of nearby coastal cities, and others are smaller or bigger coves and wild beaches. 15 of them are located in LA County alone. For beach lovers, this is the perfect place to move to. All year round summer and endless fun in the sun is the dream of many people. If you’re moving to SoCal, have in mind residential movers CA and their services. 

    Beaches are the places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes.
    SoCal has more than a hundred beaches and coves.

    San Clemente State Beach – San Clemente

    If the road brings you to this beach, try to stay until dusk. Sunsets are simply breathtaking on San Clemente State Beach. The sun setting in the Pacific Ocean is an unforgettable sight. It’s located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. When you visit either of these two cities, don’t miss this wonderful beach. It’s perfect for evening strolls and hiking by the ocean. If this beach makes you want to stay, movers San Clemente will gladly take care of your relocation.

    La Jolla Cove – San Diego

    This is a small cove with a beach surrounded by cliffs in San Diego. The area is part of the marine reserve and it’s very popular among surfers and divers. Furthermore, is one of the places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes. It’s one of the most desirable beaches in this city. And not just that, but also is a world-famous diving site. There is a habitat of seals and sea lions, pelicans, and cormorants which you can often see. With all that, tide pools are formed during the high tide, which is nice to see and take photographs of. 

    Blue kayak on the scenic beach landscape in Southern California.
    Malibu beaches are among the most beautiful ones.

    El Matador State Beach – Malibu

    This is one of the three beaches within Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach. El Matador is the closest to Malibu and is the most popular. This beautiful beach was the site of filming many movies. And it’s always on the list of the most beautiful beaches in Malibu. Its many coves and rocks rising from the sea, or seem to roll to the sea are perfect for taking beautiful photographs. 

    Southern California’s popular mountain ranges 

    Although SoCal is well-known for its gorgeous coast, the mountains are also one of its charms. Whether you are a professional climber or just a recreational hiker, you won’t be disappointed. The mountains of Southern California will make you fall in love with them. You can find mountains with slightly steep slopes as well as sheer vertical drops. Whatever gets your adrenalin going, you’ll find it there. Our movers Long Beach CA are at your disposal whenever you decide to move to SoCal. 

    San Gabriel Mountains

    The highest peak of the San Gabriel Mountains is Mt Baldy, very popular with hikers and climbers. You need no more than some level of trail walking skills in the summer. However, crampons and ice axes are required in the winter. This mountain range is located in Los Angeles County and it’s a part of the Transverse Ranges. There are about 800 miles of tracks and trails winding through the beautiful landscapes. And mostly they lead to one of the many peaks which reward you with stunning views. 

    Santa Ana Mountains

    This is a short but scenic peninsular mountain that lies along the coast of Southern California. Being only 60miles away from Los Angeles, it’s a very popular destination for nature lovers. It’s known as the largest habitat of grizzly bears. Besides that, you’ll find various species of flora and fauna among its canyons. There are also roughly 40 named and wild peaks, which you will reach by following many paths and trails. An unforgettable gem, stuck in the tranquil depths of the Harding Canyon that attracts visitors, is Harding Waterfalls. Once you move to Southern California with the help of movers Santa Ana, this mountain will become your favorite place. 

    San Jacinto Mountains

    San Jacinto Mountains range consists of 59 mountains, dominated by the San Jacinto Peak (10,787 feet). You can drive the part of the way, but after 5,500 ft, you must continue on foot. Rising above the desert, San Jacinto Peak offers breathtaking views of the valley. On your way to the top, peaceful rocky landscapes and pine woods alternate. That kind of serenity is hard to experience anywhere else. It’s hard to decide if it is more beautiful in the winter or the spring when wildflowers blossom. 

    Sunset through the clouds on the mountain.
    California has gorgeous mountains with diverse wildlife and lavish views.

    Beautiful National Parks of the SoCal

    There are nine national parks in California, of which only three are located in SoCal. And all three of them are rich in unforgettable and picturesque sceneries. They are always noted as places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes and extraordinary beauty. Next time you find yourself thinking about where to spend your vacations, head to one of these SoCal gems. 

    Joshua Tree National Park

    This extraordinary park got its name after the Joshua tree from the Mojave desert. It’s a resilient and long-lasting member of the Agave family. Not only is it an important part of the desert ecosystem, but it’s a beautiful and unique trademark of this national park. Joshua trees abundantly populate that area providing shelter for many birds, insects, and reptiles. So it’s very popular among biologists and naturalists, but also photographs. Besides, its rocky grounds attract climbers and hikers. Another popular activity is camping under the night sky and stargazing. Near this area operate one of the best movers Tustin CA. In case you decide to move closer to this unique natural preserve, consider hiring our team. 

    Death Valley National Park

    Another masterwork of mother nature, unique for its endurable residents and remarkable scenery is Death Valley. This is the hottest and driest place in North America, and also the place with the lowest elevation of -282 m below sea level. You can see incredible natural phenomena, such as canyons, dunes, and rocks sculptured by erosion and other impacts. It’s a salty plane, with mountains around it. The most beautiful is in spring when rain sparks the blossoming of wildflowers. Art in the rocks and relics testifies to human presence and life in these areas, at least 9,000 years ago. The beauty of this place attracts millions of visitors every year, despite its menacing name. 

    Landscape of Death Valley desert in Southern California.
    Death Valley is one of the places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes.

    Channel Islands National Park

    The third but no less gorgeous than the previous two national parks is the Channel Islands National Park. This park consists of five vivid islands, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Anacapa. And it includes a marine sanctuary that protects six nautical miles of water. Untouched wilderness along with rich ocean life offers its visitors to experience all kinds of activities. You can spend your time hiking or diving, boating around the islands. Kayaking through the sea caves is a special experience. And each island has a camp for camping enthusiasts. Either way, bring your camera to capture the unique beauty of this place. You can get there only by plane or boat, and enjoy unspoiled nature. 

    Coastal towns – places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes

    In addition to its natural beauties, SoCal can also boast of beautiful beach towns. You’ll find there your favorite refuge from busy city life. Whether you’re looking for a base for exploring the coast or just want a quiet place to gaze at the ocean, one of these communities will meet your needs.

    Laguna Beach in the sunset is the one of the places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes.
    Coastal towns are gems of the SoCal.
    • Oceanside – This not-so-little town is a true rep of Southern Californian coastal towns. It’s one of the surfers’ favorite spots thanks to its beautiful beaches and warm weather. Oceanside exudes an easygoing Californian vibe. It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the places in Southern California with the most scenic views. 
    • Laguna Beach – If you’re fond of bohemian chic, this little coastal pearl is the right place for you. This is a  favorite spot of painters in love with this part of the coast. Water sports enthusiasts will also be enchanted by this beautiful stretch of the California coast.
    • Encinitas – Encinitas is another beach town that attracts visitors with its pretty beaches and diverse content. It’s one of the 20 top surfers’ hubs in the world. And it’s also popular among botanists and flower lovers because of its many Christmas flower gardens. One of the best known is San Diego Botanic Garden, with more than 5300 pieces and 29 themed gardens. 
    • Hermosa Beach – In Spanish, “hermosa” means “beautiful”, which literally describes this town. Many celebrities have chosen this town to live in this small town. And that speaks volumes about its beauty and popularity. Moving there is a dream come true for many and with our movers Diamond Bar CA, it has never been easier. 
    • Solana Beach – This coastal beauty is a non-smokers paradise. Since 2003 smoking is prohibited on Solana beaches.

    Some more jaw-dropping beauties of Southern California

    It would not be fair not to mention the forests, lakes, and parks of SoCal when we talk about beautiful natural sceneries. Southern California has four national forests, Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, and San Bernardino. They provide recreation and fun to their visitors but also are home to many species that can’t be found anywhere else. As for the lakes, SoCal has about 3,000 lakes, some of them are natural and others are made by man. Bass Lake, Big Bear Lake, and Elsinore Lake are just some of the most beautiful and very popular lakes. Elsinore Lake is the biggest natural freshwater lake in this part of the country. We have already mentioned the Channel Islands, but California state has 527 named islands. There are even more wild and unnamed ones. Movers Whittier CA could relocate your home at affordable prices if you opt to move near these beauties. 

    Catalina Island CA 

    One of the places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes is Catalina Island. This island sums it all up, beautiful coast and lovely beach towns, Avalon and Two Harbors, but also diverse wildlife and unforgettable views. Mount Orizaba (2,097 ft) is the highest point on the island. Today is under the protection of the Catalina Island Conservancy. On a clear day, you can see San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains, as well as San Clemente Island. Equally popular with celebrities as well as tourists and travelers, Catalina Island remains one of the most visited places in California. If you haven’t visited Catalina Island yet, make it number 1 on your bucket list. 

    Aerial shot of  the Catalina Island.
    Many of the places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes are coastal.

    Explore Southern California to witness its gorgeous scenery

    It’s hard to pick just one place to visit in Southern California. SoCal is so diverse and so full of wonderful places that draw sighs and leave you speechless. Maybe it’s for the best to make a checklist and cross it one by one. That way you won’t miss either of its wonders and places in Southern California with the most scenic landscapes. 

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