Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes – which makes moving easier?

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    You’ve decided to move and that is so exciting! When you choose your new town, neighborhood, and home, you realize that there are like a million tasks to do. And that feeling can be overwhelming. But we are here to give you some tips. The first one is: hire a professional moving company. Family Affair Moving will answer any of your questions, even what makes moving easier: plastic bins vs cardboard boxes?

    Can moving be easy?

    You probably ask yourself is there any chance that moving can be easy. And our answer is: if you partner up with the right moving company – yes, it is possible! So our suggestion is to search the movers in the area where you already live or in the one where you’re moving to. If you want to go to Newport Beach, just search movers Newport Beach based and look for the recommendations.

    couple packing belongings
    Moving can be easy if you partner up with the right moving company.

    Finding a local company will give you an advantage because of the familiar terrain. They will know all the specifics of the town and will know all the alternative roads if needed. Moving to Garden Grove, look for some moving companies Garden Grove. Even better, if you know someone who moved recently, ask them for a recommendation. Their advice will be of great value.

    Packing materials you could use

    When it comes to moving, you will need supplies and packing materials. That applies whether you want to move your home or your office. You may think on what are the advantages of using plastic bins vs cardboard boxes and you should know that your movers will answer it. You can do a research by yourself too. Get some moving supplies Orange County CA based and start with packing as soon as possible.

    Plastic bins vs cardboard boxes

    Let’s make a comparison: plastic bins vs cardboard boxes – which makes moving easier? Most transport companies and warehouses. That being said, it seems that getting a box is easier. But some moving companies will rent you plastic containers. Some of them will use those plastic bins to save your money on the disposal of cardboard boxes. Plastic doesn’t ask for packing and sealing, unlike cardboard boxes. That will save time and effort.

    What about packing with plastic bins vs cardboard boxes

    During packing and unpacking it can be easier to work with plastic containers since they can be easily nested. But the advantage of cardboard boxes is that they come in different sizes. If they are small, you can put in heavy items like books, tools, films and so much more. For moving it will be easier to work with small heavy boxes. In the rest of the boxes which are bigger, put some lighter items, such as bedding, blankets, or your pillows.

    When it comes to packing fragile items, the boxes are just better. Your dishes, vases, and glassware can fit better into the boxes. Some boxes are even designed specifically for some fragile items, so they will make them extra safe. Lamps, record albums, or sports equipment will fit in them perfectly. When it comes to moving your TV and some other electronics, mirrors, pictures, and much more, cardboard boxes will remain a logical choice.

    Wardrobe and storage containers

    Some cardboard boxes have in the bars for hanging your dresses, coats, and other clothes. But also, you will find plastic wardrobe containers. They will maybe be more convenient because they will prevent your wardrobe from weather like rain or snow, but also from some potential leakage.

    woman packing wardrobe - packing bins vs cardboard boxes
    When it comes to packing wardrobe you decide on using plastic bins vs cardboard boxes.

    When it comes to storage containers, you will probably rather use plastic ones for different shapes, such as pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. If you use plastic, you will free yourself from buying tape and box scissors, which is a plus. Also, it will be easy to label plastic bins with a permanent marker or some adhesive tape. When it comes to opening plastic containers, it is so easy to do and then seals them again. This comes in handy if you need to add something at the last minute. With cardboard boxes is a different story because you will have to cut and then glue them again.


    Since many moving companies will bring some carts that are made specifically for plastic bins, it will be easy to load them. On the other hand, cardboard boxes are easy to fold. They don’t slip a moving truck and even take less space. That will affect your wallet, you will pay less for that. Some plastic bins don’t have the ability to fold. Also, because of their shape, they don’t fit well enough and ask for more space. Also, have in mind that flexible plastic containers can break. Because of that, some types of plastic bins shouldn’t fold into each other. Your movers will know this.

    man putting boxes in a van
    Cardboard boxes will fit well into the truck.


    Even though you may think that cardboard boxes don’t last long, you should know that some corrugated cardboards are pretty durable. They are made specifically for the transport of household items and they will last Nevertheless, some insects (termites, roaches, etc.) really love cardboard boxes and you may bring some of them from your old home. On the other hand, those insects don’t like plastic. Plastic bins won’t get damaged by water. If you put your electronics in there, they will be safe. The same applies to other fragile items like photos or documents. Plastic bins won’t break on the bottom and this is something that can happen to cardboard boxes.

    Think green when thinking of plastic bins vs cardboard boxes

    Did you ever think about recycling materials when you make a choice of using plastic bins vs cardboard boxes? If you didn’t, well, maybe you should. There are millions of people who are moving during the year. Just think how that will affect our planet if every one of them thinks green. That would make a difference! And even though you will never be able to affect all of them, you can start small. With your own example. Because we all learned from history that individuals can and do change the world.

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