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    Without a doubt, moving is one of the more stressful events in life. We, humans, are beings of habit and change is something that we can’t always best handle. And sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be change for the better. We attach ourselves to our environment and when the time comes to change the address, we experience a whole series of emotions and reactions that make the whole process more difficult and complicated. Add to that the mess of post-move paperwork you need to handle and you may even give up on relocation. Still, when hiring one of the best moving companies Orange County you can’t go wrong. Plus, today we give you some tips on how to get things done after you move.

    Which post-move paperwork you have to worry about?

    Yes, moving is a stressful event. However, once you move, you may think you’re all done… But it’s not over yet. There’s that post-move paperwork you have to think about – especially if you moved at the last minute. Before you even begin, brace yourself and recall everything that makes you happy about moving to a new home every time you are overwhelmed by negative feelings related to the process of moving. Then, let’s see what you need to take care of. It’s not really that difficult.

    boxes - Post-move paperwork
    Before you celebrate that moving is over, know that there’s that post-move paperwork you have to think about.

    Here’s some paperwork you need to handle after the move:

    • your address and phone number
    • medical records
    • school records
    • postal and bank services
    • utilities such as gas, electricity, cable TV, cleaning services, etc.

    Don’t wait to get things done

    Many of us inevitably procrastinate when it comes to doing boring paperwork related to the relocation… Especially once the move is finished. Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to do it. We suggest that you start with small, undemanding steps such as planning, as well as leave enough time to perform as many tasks as possible easily and without stress. If you were moving long distance, we know that things are even harder. Take some time to relax – but set the time when you’ll finish your tasks.

    A good to-do list is half the job done

    Moving involves a lot of steps – not just packing and transporting things. The best example is the paperwork you need to do after the move. Depending on where you move, you can ask local movers for help. For example, if you move to Anaheim, ask movers Anaheim to help you out. They have a better idea than you do on which paperwork you need to finish. However, there is no reason not to start the to-do-list before and during the move.

    Take some time to relax – but set the time when you’ll finish your tasks.

    Here are some suggestions what you can do even during the move regarding your paperwork:

    • Call the cable TV provider and inform them about the change of address. This may take less effort than you think.
    • Find out about the procedure of changing the phone number as well as keeping your landline number, etc. It may be just one phone call.
    • Call your bank and ask which paperwork can you transfer and how. You may need a digital signature so ask about that as well.
    • Ask for your medical records ahead of time. They can even send it to you to your new address.
    • See if you can transfer some of the school records online. If that’s not the option, they can send it to you.
    • If you have pets, ask for their papers as well. Think medical papers as well anything related to dog shows or similar.

    However, do not expect to remember all the obligations related to moving at once. The best approach is to write things down while there is still plenty of time to move. In this way, you can carry the list with you, and point by point, write down the tasks that need to be done to make the relocation as painless as possible. If you moved already, just think about any card or paper that is important to you or your family member.

    If you move abroad

    If you move abroad, your tasks will be a little more complicated and you will need more time to organize. In this case, it would be best to think ahead of time. Whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, international relocation primarily involves taking care of the accompanying documentation. You also need to keep an eye on all of your documents so you don’t lose them while moving.

    A good moving company is usually familiar with all the details about the paperwork.

    Here are some basic things you need from the documentation for moving to or from abroad:

    • Make sure your passports and visas are valid for the period of time you are staying;
    • Furthermore, make sure you have valid driving licenses in all countries you may pass through;
    • If you move pets, they must also have a passport, as well as a veterinarian’s certificate that they are healthy. These papers also need to be valid for the period of time you are staying.
    • Authorize a car carrier or moving company to transport your moving items, furniture, and other furniture on your behalf in case you need additional help.
    • Ask about any shipping documents you may need. A good moving company is usually familiar with all the details about the post moving paperwork.
    • Medical documents may be different. For example, if you’re an organ or blood donor, your card may not be valid in foreign countries.

    Additionally, think about your book club, library card, gym membership, magazine subscription, etc. You may not need all these abroad, but still.

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