Pros and cons of building your home in Orange County

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    When it comes to living in Orange County, one thing is for sure; the Southern part of this area has been known for new construction for a while now. Dana Point, Mission Viejo, and other communities have become more and more appealing to new homeowners. Plenty of them are hiring some of the finest movers Orange County has and relocating to the area. And sure, not everyone wants to spend time, effort, and funds to remodel or renovate a home that’s already been built and used. But is building your home in Orange County definitely the way to go? After all, there are all kinds of different challenges and headaches while you deal with new construction as well; from plumbing issues to pesky contractors. So, the only question is – is it worth it? We’ll give you everything you need to create your own informed opinion with a nifty guide right here!

    Advantages of building your home in Orange County

    Before you hire the finest movers Anaheim offers, you will have an important decision to make; will you be building your home in Orange County, or will you be buying an existing one? We’ll start off by taking a look at the pros of constructing your own new household. First of all, and most obviously; you will have more than enough choice when it comes to customization. Building your own home means being able to pick out every single characteristic right from the start. Forget about hating the tiles or the paint color; everything is up to you!

    Speaking of construction – if you build a new house, the contractors will likely use the most contemporary materials available on the market. And that means not thinking about the sturdiness or quality of your home; you know precisely how and with what it was built! Plus, you’re guaranteed to be the first person who’s going to live there. With that in mind,you won’t have to think about stuff like deep cleaning the bathroom or steaming the carpets beyond recognition.
    A yellow chair in a contemporary living room area.
    Building a new home means having more aesthetic choices!

    Apart from that, it’s worth mentioning that buying new construction means being surrounded by similar people; most others will have bought their homes recently as well. That means the community will be more open to new members, seeing as everyone is relatively new. You can get in on the ground floor and build your own little community together!

    Drawbacks of new construction

    Naturally, no choice is perfect – and neither is building your home in Orange County from scratch! First and foremost – while you can sell your home and make some of the money back, be prepared to pay a hefty cost upfront. There are no two ways about it – depending on your needs, constructing a new home can be much more expensive than buying an existing one. And while you can customize more than you would with an existing house; bear in mind that you still have limitations according to the options that your construction company offers you if they’re building an entire community.

    Naturally, you can ask for upgrades in this regard. But if you want something that’s too expensive, like a fireplace that wasn’t originally in the design; be ready to bear the brunt of the costs. And these upgrades are rarely cheap! So, even if the expenses of this dream home don’t seem like too much in the very beginning; adding all of the stuff that you want may cause the price to skyrocket. Don’t be easily wooed by the model home that the construction company showed you; while these are the details, that home might have had hardwood flooring while yours has a laminate alternative. It’s those little details that make all of the difference. 

    The interior of a house in construction, representing the process of building your home in Orange County.
    If you want to construct a new home, getting all the upgrades you want might be expensive!

    Plus, and this is perhaps most important – remember that construction takes time. And not a small amount of time either! If you’re in a hurry, buying an existing home is definitely a better option; otherwise, you’ll be stuck in waiting months for the new house.

    Advantages of purchasing fixer-upper houses

    Of course, there are pros and cons to buying existing houses as well; especially if you’re looking to save some money in the process. Realistically, the price of a fixer-upper will be far more affordable for lower-middle-class homebuyers. And if that’s the only affordable way in which you can actually own a house; it’s definitely not a chance to pass up simply because it’s not new construction. And we’re not just talking about the purchase price either; depending on their state, these homes may be more affordable in the long run as well.

    For instance, the property tax that you’ll be paying for your house directly depends on the price that you paid for it and the value of the home. And seeing as fixer-uppers are rarely more valuable than a new household, the property tax for them is almost always smaller. 

    The interior of a home being remodeled.
    Bear in mind that remodeling a home can take a long while!

    Disadvantages of existing homes

    Sure, compared to building your home in Orange County from the ground up; you will be able to move into an existing home far sooner. In fact, as soon as you finalize the deal on its purchase. However, don’t think that this means you have won’t keep working on the home. Indeed, fixer-uppers take a lot of your free time and funds afterward, seeing as you need to put a lot of work into them. And yes, the remodeling costs can seem to go on without end; particularly if you’re facing expenses and delays, which happens almost always.

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