Pros and cons of having friends move you

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    Relocation is a messy process that will require your utmost attention during its duration. Relying on professional movers can oftentimes be expensive. However, having friends move you might be your ticket to a cheaper relocation but is that what is best for you? Join us, as we talk about the pros and cons of asking your friends to assist you with your relocation process. Even if you do hire professional movers, like Southern California movers, you can still ask your friends to help you. What is good about moving companies is that they can only arrive on a moving day to help you safely relocate items. Furthermore, you do not have to hire any other service from them. This can make your relocation process much more flexible. More importantly, it will allow you to oversee the whole situation from the right angle and see which solution is the best.

    Is having friends move you a good or a bad thing?

    In today’s article, we will be going through some pros and cons of having friends as a helping hand during your relocation process. Logically, there are plenty of advantages to this method of moving. However, where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. What matters is that you take time to consider both sides of the process and determine which one is the best.

    a man and a woman carrying a box down the stairs as a benefit of having friends move you
    If you are going to ask friends to help you relocate, you have to make sure they understand the importance of this relocation

    Because we will share some of the most common pros and cons you will face, you will be able to weigh in your options with much better precision. After all, this is your relocation and these are your items. Therefore, you might be in a situation where hiring movers Santa Ana, for example, might not be good for your wallet. On the other hand, if your friends help you, you need to plan out the process.

    The pros of having your friends give you a helping hand when moving

    Your friends are the closest thing you have, besides your family. Granted, these people are someone that will always be there for you. Relocation is no exception to that. Gathering all of your friends to help you relocate can have many benefits. So, you can contact long distance movers Orange County CA, and have them transport your items but you can ask your friends to help you pack and prepare. Some of the advantages we will talk about today are:

    • It is much cheaper than hiring professionals
    • Can make your relocation process fun

    It is cheaper to have your friend help you relocate

    Yes, moving companies offer great services to help you relocate without issues. However, they can be costly most of the time. Although a good solution, this might not be acceptable if you want to save money. Therefore, asking friends to relocate you can be much more cost-efficient. Moreover, this does not mean that you will have no expenses during that period.

    three stacks of coins on the table next to a calculator
    Your friends help will not cost you money, but you will need to buy beverages and food for them

    You should consider buying something for your friends while they help you. More importantly, even if you do buy beverages, food, and snacks for your friends it will come out much cheaper than hiring professional movers.

    Can make your relocation process fun

    Having friends relocate you means working together with the people you spend time with regularly. This means that you can have fun while working. Relocation, in general, can be quite overwhelming and daunting to go through. With everything you need to do, you can easily become frustrated and stressed. Luckily, if you have your friends by your side, you can go through each process while also having fun. More importantly, you work with people you trust and know. Therefore, you eliminate the factor of the doubt when someone else is handling your items.

    The cons of having friends move you

    Moving your household alongside your friends can be quite fun and cheap. However, there are also downsides to this method of moving. As we talk about these cons, having reliable moving companies helping you move might not sound like a bad idea. Of course, this is not always the case, but the most common cons of this method are:

    • It can become time-consuming
    • Your friends might not be always available to help you

    It can become time-consuming

    This con, we are going to talk about, can kind of coexist with one of the pros we were talking about. Although having your friends help you relocate out of your home might be fun, it can also quickly take a left turn. Namely, having your friends around when moving can sometimes lead to a lack of seriousness. This can create potential issues for your relocation process.

    a woman wrapping bubble wrap around a man
    Sometimes having friends move you  can cause delays in your relocation process

    On the other hand, having your friends deal with items they do not what to do with can create both delays and stress during this process. So, if you decide to ask your friends to help you, make sure that they understand the importance of this process.

    Your friends might not be always available to help you

    Relocation is a process that can last for weeks, if not months. During this period, you want to rely on someone that can ensure you finish it on time and without any delays. Granted, you will probably always have someone to help you. However, this variation in numbers can create a disbalance in how much work you complete. Because you are working with your friends, you have to take into account that they have their lives too. More importantly, that they will not always be able to come and help you move. So, always have a plan in case some of them cannot come and help.

    Weigh in your options before choosing

    You have to choose wisely when you make plans about your relocations. Yes, there are many benefits to having your friends help you. However, there are also things that can cause you more harm than good. If you think you will not be able to rely on having friends move you, consider contacting moving companies and acquiring moving estimates. This will help you understand how much are the relocation expenses going to be and whether or not you can afford them. It is always good to have a backup plan when moving by yourself. More importantly, there is no better backup plan than having a reliable moving company ready to assist you with your process.


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