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    Long-distance moves are a little bit different from the other types of moves. Because of the long distance being covered, this kind of move requires lots of paperwork. On top of that, when hiring a company to move you long-distance, there are plenty of things you need to know. We at Family Affair Moving, one of the many reliable moving companies in Orange County, can help you get ready. This article should give you an idea of what questions to ask your long distance movers right off the bat. In general, we will cover some basic, frequently asked questions, and why they’re so vital. It’s good to know which questions to ask, as they can keep you safe from fraudulent movers and scammers. Moving long distances is a big change in your life, so it’s best to keep problems to a minimum.

    Ask your long distance movers these questions before you sign

    Once you put your first and last name on paper, your long-distance move’s fate is sealed. That’s why questions are your best line of defense against any potential scams. When you ask your movers the right things, you can find out a lot about them. The following questions will help you figure out whether the movers you chose are right for you and whether or not they’re legit.

    • Is the company licensed and FMCSA approved?
    • Broker, carrier, or hybrid: which category does your moving company fall under?
    • In terms of insurance coverage, which options do your movers offer?
    • Binding or non-binding estimates, which one do your movers offer for your move?
    • Do your Orange County movers have any policies regarding cancellations?
    • How is the moving cost calculated and are there any hidden fees you want to know when moving long distance?

    These questions are pretty self-explanatory: they’ll help you find out more about your movers. When hiring long distance movers Orange County CA has to offer, you want to make sure they can finish the job. That’s why you want to make sure whether they have a license or not, and what kind of company they are. You also want the cost of your long-distance move to fit into your budget. Lastly, you want to know what happens if you have to cancel the plans you made with your movers. All in all, these questions should help you know what you’re dealing with, and just how safe you are during the move. Of course, we will cover some additional questions and go into detail to make sure your long-distance move goes smoothly.

    person getting ready to sign a contract
    No answers, no contract: ask your movers these questions before hiring them.

    Ask these questions and you will find out more details about your long distance movers and the whole process

    Every long-distance move is different, and so are the many moving companies. When you ask your moving company questions, you’re making sure it’s the right choice for you and your move. We’ve covered some of the most crucial questions to ask when, for example, looking for commercial movers Orange County has to offer. So, what other questions should you ask your long distance moving company

    Ask your movers about loss and damage claims and how they handle them. Also, make sure to ask your company about their references and testimonies. Of course, it goes without saying that it’s up to you to do research on your movers. Look further into your company and its details before you hire. Up next, does your company offer any special services for your move? For example, if you have a piano, does your company have piano movers in Orange County CA to help? It’s important to know what your options are and what exactly your movers can do.

    guy thinking of questions to ask your long distance movers before hiring them
    It’s okay to ask as many questions as you need: keep asking until you’re sure you understand everything.

    Does your company do background checks on its movers? Moving is often a bit of an uncomfortable experience, whether you’re doing a small or long-distance move. Having strangers come into your house and handle your personal items does feel off, so you want to be sure the people coming inside are all people with good backgrounds.

    Lastly, a very good question to ask is do your movers guarantee the delivery date? More often than not, your shipment can be late, but if you do not check first, the company won’t owe you anything. When a moving company guarantees the delivery date, it’s confirming in written form to have your shipment arrive at a certain, due date.

    Scrutiny is not a bad thing, so feel free to ask anything you want to know about

    Whether you’re looking for companies offering packing services in Orange County CA or a long-distance moving company, it’s good to know all the details. Sometimes you want to ask about how long the move will take. You might want to know how to contact the company and driver during the move. Are there any discounts, or shipment tracking for your long-distance move? Is there a list of non-allowable that you cannot pack and bring? All of these seemingly small but important questions can help you make the move efficient and safe.

    magnifying glass on a cluttered surface
    The more questions you ask your long distance movers, the more efficient your move will be.

    So, after reading all of this, you should know which questions to ask your long distance movers right off the bat. You might be afraid of coming off as suspicious or nosey, but it’s in your best interest to know everything there is to know about your move. If you decide to hire Family Affair Moving for your long-distance move, don’t worry. Always know that we’ll more than gladly answer your questions and provide you with all the options for your move. A safe move starts with a free moving quote from Family Affair Moving, so feel free to contact us today.




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