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    Relocation is a process that can be pretty much stressful sometimes. Especially if you do it completely on your own, and if it’s your first time. Luckily, there are moving companies Orange County CA that can help you as much as possible, so you don’t feel the negative vibes of a relocation. But, what they can’t help you with, is the unpacking process. Same as packing, it can last longer, and it might take some time until you completely unpack and arrange your new home. That is one of the reasons why the room-by-room unpacking guide is for sure the best option you can go for. You will for sure ask yourself once you arrive ‘where to start from? and ‘what to unpack first?’. Well, that’s why you should unpack by rooms, not by things. And you choose rooms by the importance of usage.

    The first two on the list of our room-by-room unpacking guide are the bathroom and the bedroom

    Many professional movers will agree on the fact that unpacking bathroom boxes are the first thing you should do after a relocation. The best thing about it is that you can complete this task in almost no time. Once you unpack your toiletries, body-care products, towels, and other essentials, you will feel much better. The bathroom is definitely the most used room in one home. And everyone is using it. Also, at the same time it’s perfect since you will have a clean and ready place to wash your hands, and so on.

    Parents and kid unpacking together.
    Make unpacking easier for your kids by playing games with them.

    The next room that you need to unpack is for sure your bedroom. It is the place where you rest and definitely a room that you value the most in your entire home. Most likely you asked for loading and unloading movers Orange County so your movers will deliver your bed and closets, together with other furniture elements in your bedroom. Once they do that, you need to lay down the mattress, bed linen, pillows and start putting clothes in your closet.

    You should arrange the cupboards and organize everything, so you avoid clutter in your bedroom. No one likes that. When it comes to decorations, there is no need to rush for that. You can add them later, or whenever you want. It’s even better to wait a little bit for that so you can think about what can fit in better. Try getting some ideas online when you finish with the unpacking.

    After the two most important rooms comes to the kitchen

    Not everyone thinks that the kitchen should be done third. In fact, some people consider that kitchen should be the first room to be unpacked. But this all depends actually on you, and your family. Also on your preferences and usage of the home. If you think about it more, you will understand that the kitchen has quite a lot of things to arrange and put around. Probably it’s part of the home that has the most items. So you will need more time for this.

    If you used packing services Orange County CA offered you, it might take even more time until you find everything and put it where you think it’s best. Therefore, firstly unpack your bedroom and bathroom, and then slowly start with the kitchen. It will probably take you a couple of days until you finish, but that is fine and normal. But don’t worry about it.

    Couple unpacking things and checking them out.
    Try not to get distracted by things when you unpack.

    First, you need to connect and set up the main things in the kitchen such as kitchen elements, refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, and so on. After that, you can add smaller appliances such as microwave oven, toaster, grill, and things that you own. The next step is unpacking things like plates, cutlery, and so on. When you are setting everything, make sure that it’s in the right place. For instance, put things in drawers that you will use in that exact place, not in the other part of the house. This goes for everything when you are unpacking.

    When you are following the room-by-room unpacking guide, the living room is one of the last to check off

    It is true that the living room is a place where the whole family spends most of the time. And exactly because of that reason, it is definitely better to unpack the last one. If you unpack it and arrange it first, or second, you will get distracted easily. You should do the unpacking slowly, but there is no need to postpone it for a month or so. So, for that reason, leave it among the last rooms to unpack.

    Cardboard box where it's written books.
    If you labeled your boxes, a room-by-room unpacking guide will be even easier.

    Start from the sofa, armchairs, tea table, and other big furniture in the living room. After that, you can add appliances such as your TV, remotes, radio, speakers, gaming consoles, or whatever you have for your living room. Then, you can add things in drawers, books on shelves, some pillows for the sofa, and so on. Same as for bedroom, and for every other room in your home, leave the decoration part for the end. It will just distract you and take your time. And in the end, you might even change your opinion. There is time for that later, and there is definitely no need to focus on that.

    You must be wondering, what about your kid’s room?

    If you are moving in with kids, then you have more rooms to unpack. So, it would be better if you unpack the kid’s room even sooner. This way you will keep your kids busy and distracted. You can even leave them the moving supplies Orange County CA gave you so they can play with it, while you are unpacking the rest of your home. They will also have more time to settle down and get used to this huge change in their lives. For adults, it’s easier to adapt and accept the change. But for them, it’s not, since they don’t even understand the reason quite well.

    Leave basement and garage for the end

    Not everyone owns a garage or even a basement, but our room-by-room packing guide says to leave it for the end. Here, you can store some items that you think you won’t even use. You can get some storage shelves and pack everything in boxes and just place them there. Only after you are completely ready and you finish with arranging your new home, focus on this part.


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