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    If you are planning to move your household or your office, and are looking for a reputable moving companies Santa Ana residents can trust, Family Affair Moving is here for you. We have been moving people to and from Southern California for years, and now our movers Santa Ana are here to help you relocate to this area. A full range of relocation services will help you move any premises in no time, plus we offer a customized moving experience to suit your every need. Call us today at (714) 312-6379 and schedule your move with the team of professionals who will provide you with a relocation you deserve!

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    Family Affair Moving is here to help you relocate to Santa Ana trouble free

    Movers Santa Ana – a team that will treat your belongings with respect

    When looking for movers Santa Ana residents already trust, looking for a team of people that will treat your belongings with care is probably your top priority. And no matter if you move your home or your office, no relocation can be taken for granted. But with Family Affair Moving, you can be safe and sound at all times. Even if you move at the last minute, our team will handle each and every item of your property with patience. We are available in the evenings, during the weekends and even on some national holidays. Your satisfaction is our measure of success, so we can help you no matter how far or close you need to relocate.

    We will gladly provide you with a last-minute move whether you have the need to for a commercial or residential move. Distance is also not an issue for us as are fully equipped to provide you with any type of relocation service. Whether you need to move locally or long-distance, our movers in Santa Ana will come to your aid. Choose one of the most reputable moving companies Santa Ana has and you will be glad you did.

    Family Affair Moving team recommends moving to Santa Ana

    Depending on your lifestyle needs, Santa Ana can be an ideal place to relocate to. Nice weather and community-focused people, lots of greenery, and outdoor activities – this city offers its residents an almost perfect lifestyle. Santa Ana is also famous as the financial and governmental center of Orange County, named the county seat in 1889. It has a population of 332,318 according to the 2019 census. The nearest beach is about 20 minutes away from the city center if you travel by car. Alternatively, you can opt to travel there via public transport or via bicycle. You might even consider taking your family to Disneyland in the neighboring city of Anaheim just north of Santa Ana. The city has more than 9% higher cost-of-living than the state average and a 40% higher rate than the national average, but this place is welcoming to families and young professionals.

    Moving a home or an office? Call one of the top moving companies in Santa Ana to help you out!

    Besides providing supreme residential moving services, we take pride in pointing out that our commercial movers really know how to do their job right. Whether you need to move your start-up, office building, or an entire factory, our movers Santa Ana are here to help you out. Give us the details of your relocation in terms of distance and the items that you have. With this information, we can provide you with a cost assessment and send you a free estimate. We can even come to your office to make an on-site estimate, giving you a more accurate quote. Every person from our Santa Ana moving team simply cares about how to do their job right. Our team is made out of strong men, that believe in family values, so we will treat any of your items with care.

    Here’s what we offer:

    • Long-distance office relocation. We can assist you in relocating your office no matter the distance.
    • Loading and unloading of office furniture and equipment. Rest assured that our Santa Ana movers will take good care of your property, avoiding any chance of damage
    • Access to different relocation packages. Depending on your specific requirements we will offer you the package that meets all your criteria and can be scaled to your budget
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    Searching for the right one among all moving companies in Santa Ana doesn’t have to be complicated. Call us to find out why

    Ask about our flexible services and get a customized relocation that suits your needs

    Our movers from the Santa Ana region have an understanding of your every need. Moving in the holidays? Need to relocate really bulky furniture or special equipment? Or you have any other request that seems not to fit into regular moving services? Do not worry! All you need to do is give us a call or email us and explain your request. We will follow immediately with a free moving estimate. Alternatively, you can fill out your information on our form located below this text. We’ll do our best to meet your needs and adjust to the schedule that suits you.

    Leave all the heavy lifting to one of the best moving companies Santa Ana has to offer

    Do you think you can relocate on your own and don’t need professional moving services? Well, you’re probably right, to be honest. It may take a bit more time and effort, but you will still be able to do it on your own – especially when it comes to relocating short distances. Still, you don’t have to call every relative and friend you know to help you out. Simply hire our labor-only team and our movers in Santa Ana will do all the heavy lifting for you. Our people will help you with any bulky item you need to move and save you from unnecessary stress – and even injuries. We will make sure that they are properly protected from any possible damage. All of our employees have gone through serious training before they’ve started working. Believe us, there is nothing worse than trying to move large items on your own.

    You can expect the following from the Family Affair Moving team:

    • High quality loading and unloading services in Santa Ana
    • Professional handling of your property with all your requirements in mind
    • Committed and attentive Santa Ana movers 
    • Access to professional moving equipment that ensures meeting all safety and security protocols

    Getting relocation assistance from trained professionals is always a good idea

    Maybe you decided to move on your own, but not sure where to find packing material. It could be that you just need storage for a couple of hours. Or you’re really not sure if you need moving assistance at all. Our Santa Ana moving team has years of experience in the moving business, so we probably heard it all. So you can simply call us and get friendly advice on your upcoming move. We can give you advice without any obligation. Additionally, we offer you a free moving estimate based on the number of bedrooms or items that you need to move. You can provide us with this information via phone, email, or you can fill out the form on our website. In this way, you’ll be able to calculate your moving budget in advance and plan your relocation with ease.

    In a pool of diverse moving services, you can benefit from choosing one of the following:

    couple packing
    Opt for some of the best movers Santa Ana has and take advantage of years of experience in the moving business

    Follow these easy steps to contact Family Affair Moving and ask about our range of relocation services

    • Once you decide to move, give us a call and tell us more about your moving schedule. We’ll help you make the best moving plan for your needs.
    • Alternatively, fill out our contact form and give us your contact information and moving details. You’ll receive a call or email from us as soon as possible.
    • Let us know if you have any special demands or requirements. Maybe you’re moving with children. You could be relocating an entire company and need to take some extra precautions for that move. Or maybe you need to relocate a bulky musical instrument, like a grand piano or organ. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out everything together.
    • You can even leave all moving preparations to us. From start to finish, we are here to alleviate as much stress as we can

    Call us today and schedule your move

    Once you decide that you need professional relocation services, hire our movers Santa Ana. Or even better, call us today and get a completely free moving estimate! In this way, you can plan your budget and schedule your move on time. A full range of relocation services will help you move any premises in no time so contact us at your earliest convenience and schedule your relocation!

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      Family Affair Moving team actually cares about each individual customer they service. Our move was smooth, and all our belongings were transferred professionally and with care.

      - Julie Clark

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