Simple tips for being a good tenant

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    If you’ve been a tenant for a while, you already know there are good and bad landlords. But the thing is – if you show up and prove that you are a good tenant, your landlord doesn’t have to be your adversary. That’s why we at Family Affair Moving and our Southern California movers have compiled a few simple tips for being a good tenant!

    1. Read and respect your lease

    Now that you have waved your local movers Orange County goodbye and are ready to start fresh in a new apartment, there are a few things to consider. It sounds so simple and obvious, but the best way to leave a good impression is to know all about the lease. And to follow all the rules the landlord is asking for.

    A lot of people tend to disregard it and just assume the lease is the same as any other. But leases contain important information that can be of great value to you. How many people can live in your new home? Are pets allowed? Who takes care of any damages that happen in the home? The answers to these questions and more can be found in your lease.

    A woman signing a lease
    Read your lease agreement before you sign it is one of the most important tips for being a good tenant

    Respecting the rules of your landlord is, of course, mandatory. If some of the lease’s rules aren’t to your liking, you should seek another renter, rather than change what you want.

    2. Pay rent on time

    Another one of the important tips for being a good tenant is paying rent on time. Again, this can seem obvious, but a lot of people pay no particular mind to stick to the landlord’s schedule. This way you’ll show your new landlord that you’re not only extremely reliable but that you respect them and their time. This in turn will earn you their respect and you guys will be able to create a good relationship.

    3. Treat your new home like you own it

    A good way to show your landlord that you’re a good tenant is to take care of your living space. Act like you own the place and take care of it like it’s your own personal space. If you need help in moving some of your own items, moving supplies Orange County CA is here to help! This includes maintenance of appliances, keeping the home clean, and simply being mindful of how you handle items in the rental. 

    Cleaning your new home like a good tenant
    Keeping your space clean will earn you extra points.

    5. Arrange your move before even reading tips for being a good tenant

    Your landlord will be happy knowing they have no responsibility to help you move.  Our movers Fullerton are up to the task! We offer a lot of different types of services and are always up for giving you an enjoyable experience moving.

    6. Don’t call your landlord non-stop

    If there is a leak or the stove isn’t working, your landlord needs to know. Don’t hassle the landlord for smaller things like burnt-out light bulbs or a clogged toilet. These are things you’re capable of handling yourself and your landlord will surely appreciate not being called for every minor problem.

    7. Be friendly

    Your landlord is not your boss. You are allowed to be friendly and even joke around. We hope our tips for being a good tenant will help!


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