Southern California Housing Market Forecast 2023

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    The Southern California housing market is a complicated and ever-changing terrain, with various factors influencing property purchases and sales in the region. Understanding current market conditions is critical for both buyers and sellers since it can affect a property’s price, the speed with which it sells, and the overall success of a real estate transaction. Whether you want to buy your dream home or sell your current one, knowing the Southern California housing market situation is critical. You can make informed judgments that will help you realize your real estate goals if you stay up to date on the latest trends and developments. Right now, there are lot of data that you can find in numerous places online. Something that is going to especially change is the business mechanics for Southern California movers and the moving industry in general.

    Factors that could impact the Southern California housing market in 2023

    Mortgage loan volume for home purchases and refinances will fall to $1.8 trillion, down from Black Knight’s prediction of $2.3 trillion for this year. We’re down 47% in 2022 from $4.35 trillion in 2021. Few will refinance because practically everyone is locked into a 3% or lower fixed rate. It’s expected that first-time purchases are going to be overly popular. There will be no new COVID-19 mortgage payment forbearance programs from the federal government. In addition, no new eviction moratorium programs will be implemented in California. The total amount of mortgage funding for acquisitions and refinances will be $3 trillion. Black Knight anticipates a total volume of $2.3 trillion. The Federal Housing Administration, on the other hand, will reduce FHA mortgage insurance. FHA mortgage insurance, in fact, remains unaltered.

    A woman wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, that has also struck Southern California.
    The COVID-19 pandemic had a lot of influence on global housing markets.

    A supply-demand imbalance will continue to pressurize prices. Increased borrowing rates and a partial shift in the sales mix will likely restrict the median price gain. California Association of Realtors has decreased its 2022 housing projection in light of the current market movement. The median home price in California is expected to rise 5.2 percent to $834,400 in 2022, following a 20.3 percent gain to $793,100 in 2021 from $659,400 in 2020. Existing single-family house sales are expected to number 416,800 units in 2022, a 5.2 percent decrease from the estimated pace of 439,800 in 2021.

    Following demographic trends

    It’s hard to predict the exact demographic trends that are going to occur in 2023 in Southern California. California suffered a six-figure reduction in the resident population, with a population of 39,029,342. The state’s shrinking population was primarily attributable to the net domestic outmigration of 343,230 people. However, California was the best state in the country in terms of attracting international migration to the US. There seems to be a trend of local people leaving California, and others moving in. However, moving companies Santa Ana offers are reporting higher interest in moving into that area. Potentially, people are moving out of bigger cities and choosing smaller Southern Californian places.

    An airplane symbolising people coming because of the Southern California housing market.
    Lots of people are both leaving and arriving in Southern California.

    According to the United States Census Bureau, 49.7 percent of California’s population is male, while 50.3 percent is female. White (61.8%), Hispanic or Latino (37.2%), Some Other Race (13.9%), Asian (13.1%), and Black or African American (6.1%) are the top five races in California. Other than English, the top five languages spoken in California are Spanish (28.46%), Chinese (2.80%), Tagalog (2.20%), Vietnamese (1.43%), and Korean (1.08%). As may be seen, it’s not expected that this will change rapidly in 2023 alone.

    Historical performance of the housing market and moving industry in California

    Rising home prices and low unemployment rates have defined the Southern California housing market in recent years. A number of reasons have contributed to this trend, including good economic circumstances, cheap mortgage rates, and robust home demand. As a result, the value of many homeowners’ properties in the region has soared, while those wishing to buy a property have encountered increasing competition and rising prices. However, there wasn’t a significant drop in the business for local moving companies Southern California offers. Other facts you want to consider:

    • California is still one of the most popular destinations for immigrants in the US.
    • Low unemployment rates have also aided the Southern California housing market strength since more people have been able to purchase a home.
    • The region’s varied economy, which includes industries such as technology, entertainment, and healthcare, has aided in job growth and housing market support.

    However, the COVID-19 pandemic has left a serious impact on the economy. As the Californian economy continues to reform and get back on its feet in 2023, we can expect similar results in the future. Thanks to its strong economy, California will probably recover faster than some other US states. On the other hand, some purchasers have found it difficult to find a home due to a lack of housing inventory, while rising prices have made it more difficult for some to afford a home. This hasn’t stopped the kind of local companies, such as movers Costa Mesa, to continue providing moving services for people from all over the US. Despite these obstacles, the Southern California property market has stayed strong in recent years and remains a favorite location for both buyers and sellers. Locations such as Tustin, Whittier, or Anaheim are all popular destinations for immigrants from all over.

    Housing market predictions for particular cities in Southern California

    If you are thinking about relocating to California, you might be interested in learning about some of the best cities to reside in. Here we look specifically at four cities:

    1. Whittier,
    2. Diamond Bar,
    3. Anaheim and,
    4. Tustin.
    A nice looking house that, which is potentially in Southern California.
    Whittier, Anaheim, Diamond Bar, and Tustin are all excellent choices if you want to live in California.

    Each of these places has its own distinct personality and gives people a diverse choice of services and possibilities. One of these cities is guaranteed to satisfy your needs, whether you are searching for a family-friendly community, a dynamic urban atmosphere, or a more laid-back suburban lifestyle. So, these cities are ideal places to live since they provide a wide range of amenities and opportunities for inhabitants.

    Moving to Whittier, CA

    Whittier is the 218th largest city in the United States and is located in the state of California. Looking back over the last year, real estate prices in Los Angeles and Whittier City have climbed. Home values in Whittier will fall over the next year, according to Walletinvestor’s Whittier real estate market analysis. According to Whittier City real estate market analysis and report, sales prices are expected to rise by 24.938% during the next ten years. The value of homes in Whittier City has changed during the previous 12 months, increasing 12 times. Because of the low pricing in this area of California, it has become a popular tourist destination for many people. Furthermore, due to its excellent geographical location, many other wonderful towns in Southern California will be only a short drive away.

    Thanks to these trends, Whittier is a popular destination for people from all over the world, and domestically – as well. The median home sale price in Whittier is around $750,000, which is quite low for the area. Furthermore, with a population of roughly 85,000 people, the city is larger than some of the other cities on this list. Thanks to these reasons, movers Whittier CA offers are receiving lots of calls for moving quotes. Moreover, since it’s still significantly smaller than many other Californian cities, it falls somewhere in the middle. That will be an excellent alternative for individuals who do not wish to live in either a large or a small city.

    A family spending time together.
    Whittier may be a perfect city if you’re looking for relocating to somewhere with an affordable housing market with your family.

    Moving to Diamond Bar, CA

    Diamond Bar is a pretty popular destination in Southern California due to a variety of reasons. Let’s first look at statistics. According to PayScale, people make around $72,000 a year in Diamond Bar. Those are pretty good numbers! It’s easy to say why movers Diamond Bar CA has are not going to go out of business any time soon!  Diamond Bar home prices in November 2022 were down 15.0% from the previous year, with a median price of $740K. Diamond Bar homes sell after 41 days on the market on average, up from 38 days last year. In November of this year, 19 residences were sold, compared to 58 in November of last year.

    When considering relocating to a smaller area, keep in mind that the housing market will be much more affordable. There will also be more big houses with backyards. If you are concerned with Southern California housing market predictions for 2023, moving to a smaller place might be a good idea. Even when there are tectonic chances on the market, it tends to hit bigger areas. That’s why living in a smaller place can bring you the necessary peace and comfort.  For example, in its Spadra neighborhood, you may find houses for roughly half a million dollars. The typical house price in Imperial Parkhurst, on the other hand, is around $1,500,000.

    Moving to Anaheim, CA

    Anaheim offers its residents a good mix of urban and suburban living. Anaheim, with a current population of almost 400,000 people, is a major city with many options. It is still 12.2% cheaper than Los Angeles and 21.48% cheaper than New York City. Expect a monthly expenditure of up to $4,000 for a family of four living in Anaheim, excluding rent and housing fees. A yearly salary of around $80,000 is considered sufficient for a single person. With this pay, expect to take home roughly $5,000 per month after taxes. On the other side, the city’s average house price is roughly $860,000. These statistics are of vital importance when considering the local housing market. It seems that Anaheim has cheaper options compared to the rest of California.

    People visiting Disneyland in Anaheim.
    Even though the Southern California housing market was hit hard by the economic crisis, smaller cities such as Anaheim perform well.

    On the other hand, Anaheim also offers good salaries! This is a good combination you should not miss if you have your eye set on using movers Anaheim has to relocate to Southern California in 2023. The Anaheim Union High School District serves the city, which comprises high schools such as Loara High School, Cypress High School, and Katella High School. There are also a number of private schools in the area, such as Servite High School and Savanna High School. Anaheim is home to a number of schools and universities, including California State University and others. Anaheim is well-known for its strong economy, in addition to its educational institutions. Many large employers in a range of industries, including healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing, call the city home. Anaheim Memorial Medical Center, Disneyland Resort, and Honda Center are among the city’s significant employers.

    Moving to Tustin, CA

    Tustin has had a healthy property market in recent years, with growing home prices and low unemployment rates. Tustin, California, is recognized for its relatively low property prices in comparison to other sections of California, as well as its proximity to popular tourist spots such as Disneyland. The city’s robust economy, which is supported by a varied range of businesses such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, has contributed to the success of the housing market. Many people booking movers Tustin CA team are doing this for these reasons. The economy’s solid job market has made it easier for consumers to afford to buy a home in Tustin. The city’s low crime rate and strong schools are two more aspects that have contributed to its popularity among families with children.

    A group of friends spending time together in Southern California.
    Smaller cities like Tustin have a great housing market and can be a wise choice if the Southern California housing market is of concern to you.

    Tustin, for example, has a cost of living index of $2085. That puts it 324th out of 2202 in the United States and 118th out of 319 in California. While this isn’t the most economical or cheapest city in the world, it’s a steal when you consider everything. Tustin is still an excellent choice to examine because you simply cannot find super-cheap solutions in Southern California. If you enjoy the region but aren’t quite sure, try Santa Ana, a neighboring larger city that many people prefer.

    Choosing where to relocate in light of Southern California Housing market trends

    Due to the uncertainty surrounding the property market, deciding where to live in Southern California in 2023 can be a difficult decision. Economic conditions, mortgage rates, supply and demand, and demographic changes are all factors that might influence the Southern California housing market. Furthermore, the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the housing market is still unknown and may have long-term consequences potentially. Because of this uncertainty, potential buyers may be unsure where to begin their search for a new house. On the other hand, there seems to be an agreement that we’re in for a more stable housing market in the coming years.



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